Wednesday, 13 July 2016

More garden...

Part 2 of the garden extravaganza!!  Lots more lovely plants and flowers to share with you!

I hope that you enjoy the photos and flowers.  There are lots of beautiful penstemons in this post and I have a question for you about the name of one plant.  I hope you can help me out with that!

Sweet peas doing their best.  They are still a little short, but they were sown late.  That is OK, they will just extend the flowering season right!

The sunflowers are doing really well though!  They are quite tall already.

The everlasting sweet pea is doing well though and has some very pretty flowers.  I am torn between picking them and leaving them in the garden.  Right now leaving them in the garden is winning.

Normally these lilies have nothing around them but space.  I had actually forgotten they were there though because everything else has grown so much.  They have done their thing though and add some more colour!  I wonder if all of the plant growth will have discouraged the lily beetles.  I can't see the leaves to be able to tell!

The penstemons are incredible this year with masses and masses of flowers.  The only trouble is that I want more of them!  Oh well, it is a nice problem to have isn't it!

See, more penstemons doing really well and looking beautiful!

These daisies are volunteers which have come through from next door.  No complaints though!

Can you believe that we still have pansies.  I can't!  As long as they keep flowering they can stay!

I am pretty good at plant names in terms of the type of plant, even if not the actual variety.  However, this plants name escapes me.  Can you help?

This slightly odd picture is looking up from underneath the plant.  It makes an interesting silhouette doesn't it. 

Finally for today the beautiful continus or smoke bush.  You can see why it is called a smoke bush from the way the flowers and stems puff above the leaves a little like smoke. 

The final part of the round the garden trip will happen tomorrow.  I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am!


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  1. You are fortunate to have such a gorgeous, lush garden. I'm awful with knowing or even remembering the names of plants and flowers.

  2. More gorgeous flowers. I do envy your sunflowers - the slugs ate all of ours except one! Sorry, I can't help with the plant name; I too am a bit rubbish like that! xx

  3. Beautiful post, you have a delightful garden with a stunning array of colourful blooms. Mine really does need a good sort out, weeds are taking over. Take care.

  4. I have a lovely rose from next door that comes through my fence, I love it, it is a very welcome visitor X

  5. Dear Amy
    Your mystery plant is a Phygelius (Cape Figwort/Cape fuchsia) I think. I am enjoying the tour of your garden - it's looking lovely!
    Best wishes

  6. I always enjoy a tour of your lovely garden. Looks like all that hard work is paying off.

  7. Beautiful! How uplifting, thanks for posting. I mistook your sweet peas for an orchid at first glance.

  8. I just love your penstemon Amy. Unfortunately ours have disappeared this year. I think they have been swallowed up by other plants. Not sure what your mystery plant is. I look forward to finding out :)

  9. Gorgeous flowers. It's so true that whatever the weather there will be something in nature thriving on it. I guess this year that could be penstemons! Xx

  10. It is far more interesting than a walk around my garden!

  11. Your garden is beautiful Amy, so full of colour. The penstemons are just wonderful. The pale pink and purple ones are my favourite. They have done well in my mothers garden this year too. I think they have enjoyed the combination of rain and some brighter days.

  12. Your garden flowers and photos of them are fabulous Amy! Glad that you shared at FW. I have that bright neon pink Lychnis coronaria too (growing in that grey box with salvia?)

    I have not forgotten your Five on Friday. It's only that I'm mostly in the garden nowadays - and suffering some infernal back pain... I do wish this pain goes away and the moist weather too!!!

  13. I love seeing your garden, so much going on, I really love the Lavender hedge,it must smell so gorgeous when you brush by it xx

  14. More loveliness from your garden. I'm glad a blogger came through with the name of that plant. I've gotten so many good answers from bloggers through the years. Hope you have a great day!

  15. Everything looks lovely! It's so tidy and healthy, your garden!

  16. Wow, wow, WOW! My dear Amy, your flowers took my breath away! They are so vivid and beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us. Hugs to you!

  17. I've enjoyed both parts, Amy, your garden is a true haven.

  18. Beautiful colours and textures to your plants, such a lovely variety, hope your enjoy them. xcx

  19. It all looks fabulous - so much colour!!

  20. You have so many beautiful flowers in your garden! I'm sure it's even more stunning in person!

  21. Such lovely, vibrant flowers Amy! You truly have a green thumb. I'm terrible at naming most plants, but I see you got an answer.

  22. So pretty! DO you know what the tall yellow flower is in your 10th photo? We have the same plant, it was given to us and we never figured out what it was.

    1. Sorry, no! I have asked lots of people and never been able to find out myself. We will just have to enjoy the flowers with no name!

  23. I'm definitely enjoying the flowers - several I've never seen before - beautiful. Love that you are growing sunflowers in a planter - I'm going to have to give that a try next summer.

  24. Such beautiful flowers! Some I'm familiar with, some not. Isn't summer wonderful?

  25. Had a nice time in seeing all the flowers. All looks beautiful. I think you have lot of area around your house to have these many flowering plants...

  26. Wonderful! I didn't recognise the flower you were asking for, but I just read that Ellie knows the name. All your flowers are beautiful and I'm goign to tell my dad about your garden because he's found of penstemon. He had some varieties in his garden and luckily they survive each winter ( though it's not evident overhere in Belgium ).
    Enjoy your garden,
    I'm enjoying it too :-)

  27. Poppies, sweetpeas and sunflower, plus the tiny flowers of a verbena.
    What a delight to see.
    Lisa x


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