Tuesday, 28 June 2016

More bags

Thank you so much for the bag love yesterday.

I promise to all my regular blog readers that this is not going to become a regular thing, but I have a few more samples that I have offered for sale on Instagram and I needed somewhere to put more info for people to get to purchase the bags.

In the future all bag sales - and anything else! - will just be on Etsy or Ravelry with just the odd mention here and on the podcast, this really is a one off so please don't run away screaming!

For those of you interested in bags I have a few more.  These are my last samples which I made today to do some more tweaking here and there with my method of construction.

So if you missed out yesterday here is another chance to purchase.  As yesterday all bags will be
£9.50 plus postage which is just 96 pence for the UK!  In future they will be £12.00 each plus postage.

Updated 30 June 2016 - the Floral Dots and Floral Drawstring are now sold, the Owls and Zippy Floral are still available.

These bags - with an exception that I will mention! - are not 100% perfect, but they are 100% useful, useable and very pretty!  They are approx. 9 by 9 inches and have a drawstring - or for one a zip - and will hold about 2 balls of 100g each of yarn.

There is one of each bag, shown standing and flat.

One - Owls - pretty perfect.

Bag two - floral dots - this one is pretty darned near perfect!

Three - floral drawstring - this one actually is 100% perfect in every way!  I am so thrilled with it.  Same price as the others though!

Finally - four - zippy floral.  This one is a perfectly good bag, but the zip sewing in didn't go as I intended. It was an experiment.  Still works, holds lots, stands up, looks good, well sewn, just a slightly wonky top!

If you would like any of these bags PM me on IG or email me lovemademyhome at gmail dot com and I will send you a paypal invoice with postage cost included.

Thank you everyone.

Normal service resumes tomorrow!



  1. Even the imperfect one looks fab :) I do love sewing and only learnt at Christmas how to put in a zip!

  2. You are so talented Amy they are lovely. :) xx

  3. They are beautiful Amy, stunning fabric.

  4. The bags are very pretty, I sometimes have a twitchy time with zips. I now use one of two methods depending on what style of bag I am making. Love the owl fabric and the floral with dots. I see no issue with you selling bags, or anything else come to that, on your blog. Instagram is foreign territory to me.

  5. wonderful looking bags. love the mixed fabric especially.

  6. Well done with persevering, especially the zip. I've not put one in anything for years and to think I made all my own clothes at one time and the kids, oh and also school uniforms for some non-sewers once, when we lived in the country. I should remedy all that, shouldn't I? They are all pretty. Take care.

  7. Beautiful bags Amy, I love you choices of fabric xx

  8. So pretty, I like the flat bottoms.

  9. You've created some wonderful bags to sell Amy, I like to see what you've made on your blog and hope you will continue to show us.

  10. These are so lovely and the owls are just adorable!!!


  11. Oh they are so pretty, they will make lovely gifts for crafty sorts xx

  12. beautiful!! I love how you pair up different fabrics and make them all "go" together! Such a talent :)

  13. You have reminded me that I bought some zips in a charity shop to have a go at making zipped bags ...... so that's another thing on the to-do list - sigh!!)

  14. Oh look at the roses, isn't it pretty.
    Lisa x

  15. These are so sweet, Amy! Love them all! x Karen

  16. Amy, Your bags are lovely you have so many talents! Sarah x

  17. Amy your bags are absolutely "perfectly" lovely. I'm crazy about your color combinations-- love your choices!! I love being able to follow you on IG 💕

  18. You are so talented. Very original and sweet bags!

  19. They are all so beautiful, Amy!
    Have a lovely day! xx

  20. I am in love with those bags!


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