Friday, 3 June 2016

Five On Friday

Thank you all so very much for your kind messages and thoughts over the last week.  I am terrible at expressing how this makes me feel, but know that you have truly touched my heart and I am thankful for you all.

I haven't responded individually for two reasons, firstly there were so many messages and secondly just thinking about it makes me cry and I didn't think that I could get through writing so many responses.  I do hope you understand.  It doesn't mean that I am not grateful or thankful, it is just something that I cannot bear at the moment.

I still feel pretty terrible.  It comes and goes and if I just don't think about Benson I am fine.  Well, you know, whatever fine is.  So I am just trying not to think about him.  As a plan it isn't going that well...

Thank you so much for joining in and for your posts for Five On Friday last week.  Although I haven't commented on any of your posts, or really any posts, for the last two weeks or so I have read most all of your posts and certainly all of your Five On Friday posts.  I am still here and keeping up with your news.

Thank you thank you thank you!

Sorry that I didn't podcast this week, I just didn't feel up to it, I couldn't do it without mentioning what had happened and then I would have cried and you really don't want to see a video of that do you.  It would have made my crochet wet too and I couldn't have that could I.

My plan is to keep giving myself pep talks about pulling myself together with the hopes that I will be in a better frame of mind on Monday and then I will podcast again and try to resume whatever a normal life might be.

I have been trying to keep busy with work and other things.  I have got quite a few lovely brand new things made for my shop which I will show you next week.  I am planning a shop update probably on Tuesday or Wednesday.  I will let you know.

Yesterday I went out to buy a ream of paper and came back with said ream of paper along with a basket, three candles, two packs of cards to use to print up as business cards, some envelopes, a load of wooden pegs and two bread rolls.  Anyone know what that means?

You can see from all of this and from the way that I am writing that I am pretty scattered right now.

I better be OK by Monday because I have to have my first business meeting with the accountant about my taxes and I am terrified and I don't think she will appreciate me bursting into tears in her office!

So, I will put all of that behind me and try and pull myself together, get a grip and get on with this post otherwise you will all be running off in droves screaming about the crazy woman!!!!

Jumping right on in to Five On Friday. 


As I didn't podcast this week, I thought I would upload a couple of videos taken in two rooms at work so that you can see around a bit more!  I hope you like them.

First is The Bamboo Bedroom

Second is Lady Iliffe's Bedroom complete with the two shawls that you might remember I made to protect the furniture.


I haven't shown my blog readers my new blanket obsession.  Sandra at Cherry Heart started making a blanket earlier in the year called her Happy Scrappy Squares Blanket and now I am making one too!

Mine is slightly different to Sandra's because I am using all sorts of different yarn weights - I think Sandra is just using sock yarn - and each of my pieces is a different size with a different number of stitches to Sandra.  The principle is the same though.

Ta Dah!

It is only small at the moment, although growing each week.  I have decided that I will only work on this on Sunday and will keep it as my treat to myself.  The yarns I am using are a mix of the totally scrappy ends of balls that I have used up for other things - really, only the tiny bits that are left - and some tapestry wools that were given to me by a friend who had in turn been given to her by a friend having a clear out.

The idea for the look of the blanket is that it looks as though it was on the backseat of a Ford Capri in the 1970's.  So far I love it and I love that it is totally random and scrappy!


A peek at some new yarns for a new project.  Just thought you might like to see.


The Laundry Room renovations.  Nearly done!  I thought you might like to see the wall tiles that Hubby has now finished.  Isn't he a clever fellow!  I love how it looks.  Trouble is, as I expect you have experienced in your own homes, it now makes me want to upgrade everything else!  Don't worry though.  I am not crazy, I won't get into that!!


The garden looks amazing right now so just a few shots so that you can see it!

These troughs have sweet peas in (left) and sunflowers (right).  I will show them to you again as they grow!

That is for this week.

Thank you all once again for everything and for just being so great!

See you next week for Five On Friday and hopefully for some posts before then too.

Have a great weekend!




  1. Sorry that you're still feeling so sad, I'm sending you a cyber hug. He was a lucky dog to have been loved so much. So nice to see a little more of Basildon Park, and now I know how to pronounce Iliffe! The pineapple dish is grand indeed, what a novel idea. Excellent tiling, well done hubby, and how gorgeous your garden is looking. All the hard work pays off at this time of year doesn't it. I'm wishing you a better weekend. Look after yourself Amy. CJ xx

  2. You have a lot going on, Amy. I love the Happy Scrappy Squares Blanket in the making.

  3. Hi Amy, I'm sorry you've had such a rough week. Your new yarns look like sherbet colors - so fresh and clean. I'll be interested to see what you're making. Your garden is looking lovely - you already have cosmos blooming! Wonderful!

    It's 11 pm here and the linky still isn't up, so I'll link up tomorrow morning before work (I hope).

  4. So sorry that you are still so sad. Am thinking of you. Good luck on Minday with the accountant. I know you, you'll be nervous but remember You are the customer she is there to help you. Sending love xxxx

  5. Your garden is looking lovely. I bet you are loving your new laundry room. It feels good when you redecorate part of your house. Hope you have a better week :) B x

  6. Your garden is looking beautiful. I hope you have a happier weekend x

  7. The laundry room is lovely! I am having a little laundry room envy.....
    I hope you have a better week coming up.
    Thanks for the link party. I will come back to link in the morning as it is nearly midnight here and the link isn't there. See you in the morning!

  8. Such a beautiful garden, lots of lovely colour. Take care, sending you a hug and hoping all goes well with the accountant.

  9. Ahhhh - just about to shut down and up popped the link! This also gives me a chance to say how much I love the yarn colours - yummy!

  10. Hi Amy, I'm sorry you are feeling sad; it does take time and it will get better. I loved seeing the beautiful flowers from your garden. And, your new yarn looks delightful. I hope you can rest and relax for weekend. Hugs, Pat

  11. It's all looking very smart at yours isn't it. Hope all goes well with the Accountant. It's such a good idea to use up all your snippets of wool like that. x

  12. I am thinking of you Amy and sorry that you are having a not so nice time. Don't worry about not commenting, we are grateful that you are still hosting Five on Fridays and come when you feel like it x You have colour in your garden, wonderful. I am waiting for my roses to bloom. the only thing shouting colour in our garden are the chive flowers.

  13. What a sad time for you so do take care and look after yourself. I remember having a similar sort of shopping spree when we lost one of our cats - a bit of comfort I suppose - I went out for food and came back with a fluffy bunny - a toy not real. Your garden looks lovely and the tiles on the laundry room are wonderful:)

  14. Hope you're feeling happier soon, Amy. I love your scrappy blanket - your design must be working because my first thought was that it would be just perfect as a cosy car blanket. Your wall tiles are gorgeous - didn't hubby do well - and your garden is looking lovely. Enjoy the weekend. xx

  15. It's terrible when anything happens to our pets, they are one of the family and the loss is so great. Lovely to see a little more of Basildon Park, the videos bring it to life a little more than photos. Love the tiling in the laundry room.

  16. You will begin to feel less sad in time, Amy. It does take time to get over the loss of much-loved pets, dogs, cats or, as in my case many years ago, the little which was son Eliot's pet.
    Loved the two videos! What a pretty house Basildon Park is. I love the pineapple dish, too! And your garden is looking very summery now.
    Your husband has made a super job of the tiling in your laundry room.
    Margaret P

    1. I meant the little hamster ... how did I manage to not put that in?
      Margaret P

  17. Your garden looks lovely. I wish mine was so tidy! What are you planning to do with those gorgeous new yarns? Such pretty colours.

  18. It is lovely to see more of Basildon Park and explore it virtually! What a great idea the happy scrappy blanket is and I'm sure yours will bring many happy hours in the making and using of it. Your garden looks beautiful and it will be fascinating to find out what you plan for those lovely sorbet coloured yarns. Have a good weekend.

  19. Your assorted shopping may mean you had a nice lunch, you absent mindedly want to try new crafts and your mind is trying to work its way out of sadness. Lovely garden shots xx

  20. I'm sorry you are still struggling. I enjoyed seeing the scrappy blanket. A great use for left over yarn. I enjoyed the videos of the house where you work. Take care.

  21. Sorry to hear about Benson. I wish you a happier, more peaceful week! On a happier note, your garden flowers look amazing and just scream summer. I love it all!

  22. I am sorry you are still feeling down which is perfectly understandable. I love your scrappy blanket and what a great idea to use up those ends of yarn that we all accumulate. Your garden is looking fantastic. xx

  23. So very sorry to hear about Benson. As a dog owner/lover myself, I know how difficult a time like this can be.

    In other news, I am glad to have found your blog and am linking up for the first time.

  24. I might have to try Scrappy Squares ... great way to use up the stash. Love the new yarn colors. Beautiful garden. So many pretty blooms. Benson is always in your heart. Give yourself a hug.....

  25. Hi Amy! The laundry room looks so good! Your garden always looks great!

  26. It is lovely that your shawls will now form part of the history of Basildon House - the new blanket is going to be stunning, and I particularly love the grey tiles chosen for your laundry room.
    I was sorry to learn about Benson, hope all the sunshine and blooms in your garden will give you a cheery happy tonic.

  27. Keep plodding along is all you can do. Maybe one day the memories won't quite hurt as much.

    Thanks for the videos on the Basildon Park. The house looks marvelous. I love the Sailor's valentines. Those are so beautiful. The garden is looking wonderful. I finally have some wildflowers growing - yeah! The blanket looks great. I love the colours.

    Hope next week is a little better - good luck with that tax meeting.
    Sharon K

  28. Getting through the days are the best you can do for now. You seem to be quite busy even within your sadness! Can't wait to see what comes of that list of items you brought home. The scrappy blanket looks wonderful as does your garden. I'm jealous!

  29. You are so talented! :-) Love the garden pictures and big hugs to you for Benson... it is a very difficult thing to go through.


  30. I'm sorry to hear about poor Benson :( Sometimes losing a pet can send you a bit sideways, but I hope you feel happier about things very soon. You'll be fine with the accountant. I'm sure you keep all your records in good order, and you're only just starting out so there won't be a lot of paperwork. Your scrappy blanket looks like fun to make! I enjoyed the videos of Basildon ... I can hear that tour guide coming out in you ;) What lovely bedrooms! I'm quite envious of your new laundry room. It looks so sharp and crisp! I have a spider-webby corner in the basement aloted to my weekly laundry ... blah. Your husband is very talented and did a wonderful job on it. Love your garden photos. Wow! Everything is exploding in colour!
    Enjoy your weekend Amy, take care my friend,
    Wendy xox

  31. Sorry the loss of Benson has hit hard, but feeling that way is quite understandable. The laundry room is looking smart with those new tiles and the garden is full of lovely plants. The cosmos in the pot which I love myself for its feathery leaves will be shooting up and producing pretty flowers and you have the sweet peas to look forward to. Wishing you a good week ahead.

  32. Grieving is such personal experience and takes time, don't apologize for stepping back. The colors for your new project are so soft and cozy, can't wait to see what you do with it. I know what you mean about finishing one project and realizing it just leads to another.

  33. I visited Basildon last half term and when I saw the blankets I had a "It's a crochet blanket!!!!!" moment! I didn't know they were your work. Well done, they look fabulous and are very in-keeping with the decor too.
    Your garden looks beautiful - very cheerful.

  34. I went to Basildon not long ago and had a "It's a crochet blanket!!!" moment. I didn't know at the time that you'd made them. Well done! They're in-keeping with the decor and are well made. I'm sure they will keep the furniture good for a looong time!

    Your garden looks beautiful - so cheerful and colourful.

    Best wishes

    Eleanor x

  35. Your pots in the garden are looking lovely.
    The new yearn is in some very sweet summery shades, looking forward to seeing what you are going to make.
    Your stripy blanket is truly wonderful, what a great project.
    Good luck with your meeting next week.
    Take care
    Lisa x

  36. I'm really sorry to hear about Benson, that is really sad, and it's understandable to feel the way you do.

    Your scrappy blanket is looking good, what a great way to use up leftover balls of yarn. I always try to use up yarn in blankets but then end up buying loads more which kind of defeats the object! I hope the crochet us soothing and comforting for you. x

  37. The bread rolls mean you had sarnies for lunch.

  38. Lovely to get a peak at the manor rooms. Thanks for the tour. Everything is blooming beautiful in your neck of the woods. Was sorry to read about sweet Benson. Take care, Tammy

  39. Oh, Amy. I am so sorry about your baby. I've been so busy playing catch up this week, I haven't read blogs. I'm still crying every single day over my kitty Tiki who died on January 24. It takes a long time before grief becomes loving memories. My heart goes out to you.

    Maria, in The Sound of Music, said that when God closes a door, he opens a window. At your age, you can get another puppy-dog, but at my age, I can't get another kitty because she might outlive me and there's no one to take over her care. But God opened the window. When I visited our local thrift store, I found that they've adopted a kitty who walked right in and adopted them one day. Now I can go get kitty pets when I feel the need.

    I'm sure God will open a window for you very soon. Know that we're all crying with you and send our love.

  40. Hang in there Amy - it will get better as days go by. I love your new blanket and your laundry room!

  41. Hello,Amy
    This is my first time to join" Five on Friday". Thank you Amy.
    Your new yarns are beautiful in different colors. The wall tiles are wonderful. How talented your husband is! I hope you have a better new week coming up.

  42. I'm sure you've had enough advice from us all, but here is something someone once told me that I found true. Sometimes when you try to avoid thoughts of something sad it just prolongs the pain. You might find it will help you overcome the sorrow by embracing the thoughts fully. Pragmatic advice, no doubt, but helpful I hope.

  43. Love the blanket and the wool and the garden especially. Sending you a hug xx

  44. Love your flowers. I am sorry for your loss. We lost one of our horses this week- had her for 27 yrs.

  45. I for one don’t think you are a mad crazy woman I just think you are going through a rough time at present. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Thanks for hosting Five on Friday it really does inspire me seeing all the creative creations people have made and their gardens.

  46. What a good idea the scrappy blanket is, great to be able to use up all those ends. The garden is looking fab. I hope you have a good week ahead, Amy and best of luck with the accountant. xx

  47. Hi Amy,

    First of all sorry to hear about the loss of dear Benson and it is hard to say goodbye to a beloved pet. I enjoyed seeing your five on Friday and such lovely photos of your flowers in the garden.
    Have a good new week

  48. Hi Amy, reading back over a couple of posts and I sympathize with your deep loss of Benson. Furbabies in the family become such a part of us that it's hard when they leave for the rainbow bridge. Topaz will be 13 this year and I see him slowing down and become clingy to me.
    When I see all your pretty colours of yarn I want to get back to my crochet lessons but will wait until after the garden tour this Sunday.
    Wishing you luck with your accountant.


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