Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Bits of things

A random collection of things that are on my mind right now.

I stopped putting xx after my comments.  It isn't that I don't want to send you hugs and kisses, but somehow it just felt odd to continue to do it.  No idea why.  Nothing happened.  So mostly I am not xx at the end of my comments right now.  Hope you don't mind!

When I see on someones blog something they bought from my shop and it makes me gasp.  In a good way, but I gasp.  That happens to me!

I must buy a new Persephone Book otherwise they will stop sending me their biannual.

I must read more books.  I really must.

I have started another new notebook - you know I love a notebook! - for my yarn bands and project information.  I know I should put all of this into Ravelry, but this is right there and I can easily refer to it without needing the computer.

Have you ever steam blocked something?  I need to and am scared.  Any suggestions?

Writing patterns.  Loads of detail and information or not?  Not sure what to do after I wrote it all out in great loads of detail and now it is really long - over 11 pages...  Actually it will be over 13 because I have a chart to add that is 2 pages...

It is summer and it is raining and grey.  Perhaps that is because it is England.

Watching podcasts while working is good.

Scared about setting up crochet classes.  Actually that isn't true.  Terrified.  What if it is a massive flop...  What if no one will employ me.  What if I am a rubbish teacher.

Feeling bad because I am taking a day off from my voluntary unpaid job in order to try and do some work on my own business working for myself trying to actually get paid.  Why do I feel so guilty!!!

Don't know what to have for dinner.  Pasta or salmon.  Salmon or pasta.  One will be today and one tomorrow, but I can't decide which one.

I am too hot not to have the fan on, but when I do I am cold.  Can't open the window in my office because of the direction of the rain.  It will come straight in the window.

Should I do my paperwork or get the pattern I am working on finished.

Or skive and do the ironing and housework.  Although is that then skiving off work - especially as I am feeling guilty about not being at my other work.

So confusing!!!

I am hungry already.  It is only 11am.

Should I order a book on crochet borders?  Or go and practice my knitting.

Or stop this ramble and go and do some work, any work, rather than feeling guilty about not working.

See.  Lots on my mind right now!

I will go and leave you in peace!!

Hope you are having a good day.



  1. Yes, lots of thoughts swirling your brain, too. Nothing like some entertaining randoms for a post. I am quite convinced that you will get everything sorted. Don't look now, but I see two hugs just there...

  2. Dear Amy
    Everyone has random thoughts like that going on - just breathe and have a coffee/tea/hot chocolate. It will all work itself out, I'm sure. As for the steam blocking, I am sure there are clips on youtube about how to do it.
    In the meantime, try to have a good rest of the day.
    Best wishes

  3. HI Amy! Oh, girl, you've got me feeling dizzy now! I do believe we are all like this so much. I have all of these creative ideas in my head but then I talk myself out of doing anything! ;) Thanks for popping in to see me and yes, I know Claudia and love her little minis! Hope you get it all sorted up
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. I do love a new notebook and of course writing in them :) I keep trying to read more books and sometimes I make that goal and sometimes I just miss the goal, but trying is an effort in itself. Your classes will be wonderful!!

  5. Like me, seems your brain is always in overdrive. Sometimes it just needs a walk round the block (maybe not in the rain), or a hot drink & biscuit with a magazine, pen/paper to doodle and let the mind rest & concentrate on the moment. Try not to let it all overwhelm you, breathe slowly & take it one step at a time. Just take care.

  6. Funny, Amy! You make me laugh! I'm sorry you are having a rainy day.
    The removal of kisses from your comments is funny, too. I love your straight forward honesty. (I mean funny in the best sort of way - lovable!)

  7. Ah... The trials and tribulations of working for yourself from home! And I still don't have the answer. Today I baked scones... Recipe development or just because I fancied scones because I'm always hungry when I'm working at home? And should I do some stitching... Or tidy up my work room... Again? At least you are not alone!

  8. Ah... The trials and tribulations of working for yourself from home! And I still don't have the answer. Today I baked scones... Recipe development or just because I fancied scones because I'm always hungry when I'm working at home? And should I do some stitching... Or tidy up my work room... Again? At least you are not alone!

  9. Oh Amy....look how far you have come here...remember when we first started blogging? You even know how to cut and paste! That still eludes me :o)
    You will get everything you always do.
    I wish some sunshine for you...and...send me some rain! We are having scorching temps here!
    Enjoy your day....whatever you decide to do! I am getting Miss V shortly...think we'll go in the pool!
    Linda :o)

  10. I love a new notebook but I always have to leave it untouched for a period of time just so that I can enjoy it in pristine condition. I must admit that I do like a detailed pattern, nothing worse than getting stuck on something, though these days lots of help can soon be found on the internet I suppose.

  11. When my head is full of thoughts I try to get them all out of my head and down on paper then try to sort them out. I too love notebooks. The prettier the better. Only problem I have is that I think they're too lovely to write in so I end up with drawers full of beautiful notebooks .. (where is the sense on that?)

  12. Slow down and stop worrying about it all, life is too short. Have some confidence in yourself, you have a talent so share it you will be a wonderful teacher. Take care.

  13. Enjoyed the ramble through your thoughts, no advice though, I'm much too indecisive.

  14. I'm sharing some of those same random thoughts...especially, "it's 11 am. and I'm hungry?" LOL!

  15. I agree with others that we all do this from time to time. When I get like this I just choose at random one of the items you have listened and just start doing. Close your eyes and point at your screen and what ever you land on start there. Once I have started, things just start getting done. We tend to overthink and then doubt our decisions. You're in my prayers for a peaceful mind.

  16. Your mind sounds like mine. I have days where I'm jumping from one thing to another and overthink.

    I don't think it's bad that you take time off your volunteer work to work on your business. If I was closer I'd take a crochet class from you. It would have to be a beginner's one - a very, very basic class lol. Thanks for sharing your random thoughts. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has them. BTW I love the 'it's 11am and I'm hungry already'.

  17. Ha! Love this rambling...and very! Lol ;) I can't respond to some of the craft things you're talking about since I"m not a knitter or crocheter. However, here is what I'm able to respond to: you should totally do the crochet class because you don't know what will happen unless you try! And you know you'll regret it if you don't at least try.

    You should have salmon tonight and past tomorrow as salmon will be one day fresher today.

    You should work on the housework and ironing as they're good tasks for calming your mind.

    You should leave the fan on, but wear a light sweater too.

    You should NOT feel guilty about not going to a VOLUNTEER job where you always give so much time. Take today for you, own it and feel GREAT!

    Blessings to you and I can't help myself and must leave the - xoxo's!

  18. 1. Make a list of all the things you need to do in your new notebook.
    2. Number them in order according to (a) deadline or (b) by what's weighing on you most.
    3. Work on number 1.

    This works for me every time.

    Patsy in Nixa, MO xx

  19. I commiserate re the guilt about working/ doing housework :-). Glad your day picked up xx

  20. I've just come home from 7 weeks in hospital after what should have been a routine outpatient procedure. On july 1st I have to go back to have the same thing done all over again, with no guarantee that it will go OK this time. I'm not moaning about that, if it has to be done, then that's that. But I was 7 weeks without being able to stitch (too many wires and and tubes probably TMI there.) but I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I'm one of those thoughtless people that read your every blog, but very rarely comments. (my bad) but I'll miss your' xx.' It means a lot to us that are disabled, and feeling isolated. Sorry, not to have told you before how much your blog means to so many of us. Blessings

  21. How about Salmon pasta and make enough for tomorrow? I have a lovely new notebook for my next knitting project but I'm not starting it until I've used up my others and finished my knitting! I'd pay to come to your crochet class! Not sure I could afford the train journey to get to you!

  22. You make me giggle! I enjoyed reading your thoughts! x

  23. Don't worry Amy - all of us have days like this, when our minds skitter about unable to settle. Just remember, the world won't end if you don't do it all today!!

  24. Have you kept to your programme, the diary you had with set dates for set jobs? Has it worked for you?
    Margaret P

  25. I LOVE this post!! It is exactly what swirls around in my mind whenever I have a day at home to do what I want. The subject matter may be a little different, but the back and forth questioning is the same! Sometimes those days turn out to be very productive and other times not so much!

  26. Amy, this is exactly how I'm feeling today! At times like this I try to remember the words of Scarlett O'Hara, "after all... Tomorrow's another day"!

  27. I'm glad you posted about the way most of us think all day.. lol. Eventually you'll have to decide on dinner.. :-) I'm just going to head off to swim and call it good. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  28. I can so relate to you. I do have to make myself a list before I go to bed and then add to it in the morning. It helps to keep me on track.

  29. Hi Amy hope you're well! I love these kinds of random posts - those days we all have from time to time. Sorry I've not left any comments here for so long. I find it hard to find much to say about crochet related things but I have been reading. I've been a bit rubbish on most blogs lately actually as I've been so busy and a bit tired/ill too!

  30. I bet it's all still swirling about now it's nearly 11pm! Will it all still be there tomorrow? Probably. What you need is a sunny day. x

  31. Lol love this post! I feel these random thoughts all the time! Have a great night!


  32. Your brain is busy! You will do great at that class - I am not worried at all!

  33. Delightful! Isn't it amazing when you realize how many choices you have? I'm cheering you on as you sort your priorities and move forward! xx

  34. Oo, love this insight into your mind Amy, just shows how many thoughts and decisions we have swirling around, hope you enjoyed your dinner whether pasta or salmon. In fact I have just woken up and was thinking already " I think we'll have salmon for tea tonight"!
    Caz ( and my two xx's but entirely up to you if you don't want to add a x, I'm not offenders!)

  35. I always have those kinds of whirling thoughts going through my head, too! Women have too many "tabs" in their brain open at once, lol.

  36. Oh no I hope your mind has calmed down a bit, sometimes I get unsettled like this too, I didn't realise it happened to everyone ha! I hope you decided what to make for dinner and didn't just skip it ha! I usually write a list (in a new notebook ha!) then that helps to clear the way. Take care lovely xx

  37. I love a rambling post because that is how my mind works most of the time.

  38. Dear Amy XX - Ha had to add those in!!! I loved this post and seeing your massive to do list. Never feel guilty when you are not able to contribute with your voluntary job, you do so much when you are there but you never know one day like mine it might turn into paid work!!
    Wren x

  39. I think starting a new notebook is good, like you say sometimes you don't actually need to switch on the computer and then when you do you get distracted, so info being on hand in a book is a good thing.
    If I lived near you I;d go to your crochet class.
    Lisa x


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