Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Podcast Episode 5 - Beth Shawl

Episode 5 - can you believe it, five!!! - is now available to watch!

Shownotes can be found below, links for everywhere else you can find me are in the sidebar of this blog.

My pattern shop can be found on Ravelry search under people for lovemademyhome and you can then find the link to the pattern shop for the #BethShawlLittleWomen pattern which is now available to purchase!  Or just use the links in the sidebar!

In case you didn't see my previous post, this is what it looks like!

There is a thread in the Ravelry group - search in the groups tab for lovemademyhome - for the shawl pattern if you have any queries or want to share your shawl!

Let me know in the episode thread on Ravelry what you think of the episode and if you have any questions leave them in the questions thread I will answer them in an upcoming podcast.

Thank you as always for watching!



Links of where to find me - see the sidebar of this blog, top right.  Click the buttons and you will go to the relevant places.

Beth Shawl (grey shawl) see above.  Find the pattern here.

Bag.  No pattern.  Yarn Patons Smoothie DK Colour 02020

New Blanket.  Happy Scrappy Squares Blanket by Sandra of Cherry Heart.  Find details and pattern here.


  1. How exciting, it was good to 'meet' you and your shawl is just beautiful xx

  2. The scrappy blanket is a great way to use up leftover yarn. I've got bagfuls of the stuff, I should have a go at making one myself.

  3. Hi Amy, you have been very busy I love your podcast I watched it whilst having a cup of tea. Your shawl is stunning .Keep going you are doing a fabulous job

  4. I'm waiting in the Subaru service waiting area while my car is being serviced so I watched your very entertaining podcast, Amy. I love the way you read from Little Women and show your lovely Beth shawl. I've been listening to Little Women on my walks and I might listen to it now that your podcast has come to the end. I laughed about your shoe!
    I love the scrappy blanket!

  5. Beautiful :-)


  6. You are doing a great job, the shawl is lovely.
    Amanda xx

  7. I've so enjoyed your podcast which is the first time I've viewed. Thank you that there's something here for everyone. I would dearly like to make a shawl, but I'm at the stage where I can make a blanket, so thanks for highlighting a variation using scraps of yarn. Every day last week was trying for you I know. The traffic accident (I think it was the same one) must have caused disruption over a wide area as our daughter told us on the phone how difficult it had been for her school work colleagues and the children to get into school. Anyway, moving forward I hope you have a better week and your knee is healing.

  8. Another great podcast Amy, I feel like I am sitting across from you chatting about your beautiful makes and of course your tough Friday the 13th. Hopefully tomorrow, friday will be much better for you.

  9. Gorgeous shawl Amy, that's my favourite shape for a shawl/wrap. Lovely to see you in podcast form, I really enjoyed it, and a great idea to keep your yarn on pegs so that you can easily arrange them. CJ xx


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