Friday, 20 May 2016

Five On Friday

Hello, and welcome once again to Five On Friday!!

It is great to see you here, thank you so much for joining in and for stopping by. 

Five On Friday is open to anyone who wants to take part, you don't have to be special, or invited to join in.  Just read the information at the bottom of this post and as long as you stick the "rules" such as they are you are welcome to take part.  We would all love to welcome you!

As I wrote earlier in the week, you are my tribe and I am glad to be part of yours!

Speaking of that post about tribes, sadly no, it wasn't any of the posts you suggested, I went and had a look around again at various blogs.  I should have said, it was something I came across when poking around and was on a blog that I don't normally read - which is why I can't remember which one it was!  Thank you so much though for the suggestions.

Thank you too for your kind words on that post.  I am glad that we have found each other and that you are too!  It is good to have people to connect with in different ways isn't it!

I like to mix up my posts with a bit of writing at the start some weeks and at the end on other weeks.  So today the round up of the last seven days is at the start of the post.

Beginning with last Friday, well, that turned out to be a disaster for me as I wrote about on Saturday.  My knee is healing though, and I have a lovely bruise to show for my efforts as well as the big gash, but it is healing and that is all good.

There has been some further fall out from our family meeting on Saturday in so far as Man is very unhappy, but sadly, what has to be has to be.

In case you didn't read my round up post after the meeting, I wanted to say thank you again to those who sent good thoughts and other good things our way.  I am sure that it helped a great deal and I am very thankful to you and for you all!

Sunday was a lovely day, I met up with a friend to go for a long - over 10K steps - walk.  We had a great time, I will show you some pictures in a bit.

Monday was podcast recording day.  Thank you so much to those of you who watch and comment and like and all of those other good things.  There is a podcast group on Ravelry if you want to join in - search for lovemademyhome in the groups tab.

I also released the pattern for my Beth Shawl on Monday.  I was so nervous I cannot tell you!!  There are pictures below if you are interested in seeing more and a link in the sidebar under Patterns and Tutorials if you want to know the story behind the design.

On Wednesday gosh, it rained like crazy here.  We had some very wet visitors at work.  I have to say that I am glad I work inside not outdoors when the weather is like that.

Yesterday was an adventure out to The Range, Dunelm Mill and Lidl with a friend of mine - we know how to live!  It was good to get out though after a morning of working!!

That is my week, busy, not too exciting, but not too too terrible either so that can't be bad can it.  So now I better get on with my five things to share!


As I said I met up with a friend to go for a long walk.  We met at Polesdon Lacey which is about halfway between us and walked and talked for several hours.  It was so good to see her as it has been ages since we met up.

The weather was beautiful as you can see.  Blue skies, some clouds, but just the right temperature and perfectly dry.  You couldn't have asked for better in fact.

We went up and down and round and round and thoroughly enjoyed it.  We will go again!


One evening this week I spotted this hot air balloon flying over our house.   It was very far away, but I still managed to get some pictures.  The photo below is cropped and so is the one above.  My camera did a good job of photographing it though and it was lovely to see it flying overhead - well, drifting really!


There have been lots of flowers in my life this week.  These lilies are coming out in the kitchen.

With some beautiful alstromeria on the sideboard.  There are also lots of wonderful flowers in the garden.  It is so good to be surrounded by such beauty at the moment.


I have been doing a little fiddling in the house, but haven't had time for much.  My needlefelted hare and his foxy friend are happy hanging out beside this mirror.

When I was sorting out my yarn bins I found these hearts buried in one - no idea why! - so they are now hanging up and looking pretty.


Crochet!  I thought that because I am showing my crochet more on my podcast now, if you are a blog reader only you might think I had abandoned it.  Well fear not, I haven't!

This is a little round up of recently finished things as well as some of what I have on the go right now.

I made up this bag out of my own head - no pattern will be coming!  I have yet to find a use for it, but it was a good use of the yarn which is Patons Smoothie.

There is a solid base and a pair of handles for holding it.  Overall a good piece of work.  Even if it doesn't have a purpose!

Next up the Beth Shawl that I mentioned earlier.  If you go back to Mondays post you can find out more information and get pattern details and so on.

I wore it again yesterday and my friend that I went out with said that some people might be scared that it is hard to make, but it really isn't.  You work it a bit at a time and then join it on, so don't be put off!

Next up are two things that are the same, but in different colours.  Sorry that I can't share more with you right now, but they are for a design I am working on.  More to come though!

I can tell you about this though!  It is my happy scrappy squares blanket from Sandra at Cherry Heart's pattern.  I am really enjoying this and looking forward to doing some more at the weekend.

The last crochet thing I have for this week is this basket which I have just finished and which is now in my Etsy shop.  I have some more yarn to make more and am looking forward to getting those finished over the next week.

Then I must get on and use some of this yarn rather than just using it as photograph props!!

That is it for this week!  Days out, balloon spotting, flowers, decorating and crochet!

Thank you once again for joining Five On Friday, for visiting other people taking part and for your lovely comments to me too.  We all appreciate it a great deal!

I wish you all a good weekend filled with great things!

See you next Friday if not before.




  1. Greetings Amy, it's such a joy to know you and have you as a friend via blogland. I do hope your knee is getting better. I loved the lovely photos from your walk; such beautiful countryside. And, your crochet designs are amazing. I really like the bag and the basket. Wishing you a wonderful day. Hugs, Pat

  2. Hope things settle down for Man. Love all the crochet but I was particularly impressed with the bag, a great shopper for the market for fruit and veg. Lined with a plastic it would make a great beach bag. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. You have a wonderful lilium orientale! I don't have many lilies, mainly Lilium martagon but the scarlet lily beetles are attacking them again this year. Killing them every day :) Happy weekend Amy!

  4. How I wish I could come walk with you for several hours in such a gorgeous area. So dang hot here. :( Love all your projects.

  5. Love the yarn basket, what a great idea. I'm glad you had a couple of trips out with friends, Polesdon Lacey looks amazing. I'm wishing you both a lovely relaxing weekend. CJ xx

  6. There's nothing boring about your week, twas rather busy I think. You will have enjoyed catching up with your friend and having a good walk.
    Thanks for hosting once again.


  7. A great 5 Amy. Have missed a couple of your posts it seems so I will go back now s d read them. Sending love as always think your Beth shawl is truly stunning my friend x

  8. Lovely five things Amy, beautiful flowers and crochet as always. Hot air balloons always make me think of summer. Not sure why, maybe its more of a summer activity. Snap with the knee injury, i have one too, knee and ankle. Hope yours heals quickly, take care of yourself.

  9. What a busy week for you. I'm so glad your knee is healing. Your crochet is gorgeous, I love the shawl and the basket particularly. Polesdon Lacy looks intriguing, I will have to look that one up. Have a good weekend. B x

  10. It looks like a busy week. Hope the weekend is somewhat more quiet for you. x

  11. It sounds as if you have had a busy and mostly enjoyable week apart from the worries about your knee and the family meeting. I hope your knee continues to improve and that you can get out and about on more lovely walks. Have a great weekend:)

  12. So many lovely things - I love your yarn basket; so useful. It sounds like you had a great walk with your friend and Polesdon Lacey looks well worth a visit. Hope your knee is better soon. xx

  13. That's a very pretty basket, such colourful wool. Great to have a trip to Polesden Lacey, a nice house with delicious things in the café. Have fun x

  14. Well, if I'd had a day out to the Range and Dunelm I would be broke by now. I spent enough at the Range on Wednesday (having discovered a taste for upcycling furniture I'm spending a fortune on chalk paint!)

    I adore your needle felted hare. I was given something similar for Christmas and he now has pride of place on the table next to my end of the sofa. And your shawl is wonderful. I'm not good with things that lacy though - I'd only get it caught on something and end up ripping it.

  15. Oh that does seem like a good week full of gorgeous flowers, crochet, hot air balloons and time spent with friends. Your day out with your friend sounds great, I love The Range and Dunelm. Glad your knee is getting better, it looked awful on Instagram. Thank you for hosting and have a good weekend xx

  16. I still haven't got round to having a go at needle felting and I was given the same hare kit for Christmas 2014, it will get made one day. I like the basket you've made, it's a lovely colour too.

  17. I love that crochet basket perfect storage solution. Its so lovely to be able to pick flowers from the garden for the home.

    You did do lots of steps, I once visited Polesden Lacey when my sister used to live down south - such a lovely property.

    Have a good weekend.
    Angela - Garden Tea Cakes and Me

  18. Oh oh oh that basket! It's lovely. I'm admiring the fine work in your crochet. I've been enjoying so many crochet photos lately that I think I'll learn how next winter.

  19. Sounds like a busy, happy week. It is so good to spend time with friends and catch up. I love all your crochet, although my list of things to try keeps growing! Your market bag reminds me of one my Grandmother made when I was small, which was in purple cotton. It was used daily at the Lyons store and greengrocers. Happy memories! Have a good weekend.

  20. Amy I enjoyed your post today--beautiful flowers and a gorgeous place to walk. I had to look it up! Love your big crocheted basket for yarn. I have a smaller one where I store smaller balls of yarn. Love all the colors. Have a lovely weekend.

  21. So many lovely things.
    I remember the most glorious day out at PL and it's a treat to see a picture of it.
    Love your fox and hare, what a handsome couple.
    Lisa x

  22. Haven´t been to Polesden Lacey for years, always enjoyed the visits though. Some lovely projects you have been busy. Hope your knee heals quickly, enjoy your weekend xcx

  23. Good Morning, Amy. So many pretty things to look at today! Love all the different yarn projects. Your hare and fox are too cute. Looks like a marvelous spot for a walk with a friend. Your flowers are so pretty. Have a lovely week!

  24. Oh, i don't know, i think photo props is a good reason to keep yarn too. Lol Beautiful basket and i love the bag!! Your out and about with a friend sounds wonderful. You have so many interesting and fabulous places to visit over there, and all so close together.

  25. How nice to meet up with your friend and have a nice walk together. Your flowers are beautiful. Spring is so lush. The colors in your crochet bag are a lot of fun. Great idea about the handles. The fox and hare are quite charming, too! Have a lovely weekend.

  26. Love your Friday Five. How great to spot the hot air balloon. All we seem to get here is the (very noisy) police helicopter. Happy weekend! (PS Have been experiencing difficulty leaving comments but hopefully resolved now.)

  27. Hello again Amy! I've finally found time to put together a post today, so thanks for continuing to host!
    The house at Polesden Lacy looks familiar from Salvage Hunters, I wonder if it was on TV?
    Its a gorgeous place! Your flowers are so beautiful and do brighten up indoors! Great work with all your crochet!
    Have a happy weekend!

  28. A nice chatty post, Amy. Your flowers and crochet are so pretty. What a gorgeous place for a walk. It's so lovely to get out into the open air on these spring days. Have a good weekend.

  29. Good post Amy, as always your crochet is so pretty and practical--love the basket. The Lilies are so pretty.

  30. Hi sweet Amy! Ah, what a joy to pop in for a visit this morning :) I sounds like you had a nice and busy week :) Your photos are simply lovely! How I would enjoy walking in such a pretty field.

    Have a joyous weekend. Hugs!

  31. Great post full of lovely things. Beautiful flowers...those alstros are a gorgeous colour, I love your felted fox, (I've never tried it as I fear it would be too fiddly for me)....and your crochet is superb Amy. Have a good weekend. x

  32. You are fantastic at crochet. I tried knitting which I understand to be similar but couldn't get my head round it at all.

  33. I am a bit late joining in and often wonder what on earth can I share for 5 on Fridays that can be interesting for your readers, but here i am. I love, absolutely love the crochet bag that you have made without a pattern and without purpose - I am sure many people like myself would take it off your hands, but no you treasure it - its truly fantastic. I love the colours too.

  34. Hello Amy, it sounds like you had a nice week. I love your crochet projects.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  35. Your crochet bag would be perfect for taking to Pollensa, to fill with all the bright fruit and veg in the market!!

  36. Oh pink lilies, my absolute favourite Amy! I love your basket and have been waiting to get my latest blanket finished before I start to make one of these. A wonderful five my lovely xx

  37. Wow you have been busy, looks like a good week to me, and I love the bag with no purpose and the storage bag
    Clare x

  38. Hi Amy - Some beautiful photos and love your crochet projects. Joan Jepson

  39. Glad you got out on two occasions with your friends. Walking and talking is very therapeutic as well as good exercise. An outing to The Range and Dunelm even if it's just to browse is enjoyable when you're with a friend. Seeing a hot air balloon reminds us it'll soon by Summer! The beautiful lilies must be giving you pleasure. Satisfying to be designing your own crochet patterns and items. Especially love the bag. Hope you have a nice quiet weekend.

  40. Looks like you have had a beautiful and colorful week my friend.

  41. What a lovely week you describe. I'm glad you had such a nice time at Polesden Lacey. II'm looking forward to starting a new knitting or crochet projects soon - I splurged on a few skeins of Mrs Moon Plump DK from my local yarn shop this week and am thinking of making a watm shawl during the tennis watching season! Have a good weekend Amy.

  42. Lovely post Amy. You certainly have lots going on, but glad to see you taking time out of the busy schedule for walking with a friend and some great camera workouts. Such a lot done with your crochet and I love seeing it. Have a good weekend and take care.

  43. You sure keep yourself busy! So many directions...let's see what do I remember? Ahhh...the lily and its beautiful soft pink color...lovely.

  44. Dear Amy
    It looks like you made the most of your week!
    Love the hot air balloon.
    Your handiwork is always inspiring Amy.
    Have a happy weekend.

  45. What a busy week you've had! So glad your knee is healing up. Love the crochet projects. You've been as busy as a bee.

  46. Beautiful pictures. I love your crochet - the blanket looks like it's going to be wonderful. The colours of your wool are just gorgeous.

    I love getting out and walking. People don't tend to do it a lot over here in America. You don't see people out and about walking - perhaps only those powerwalking or walking their dogs! There are so many wonderful places to go that it is such a shame.

    Have a good week

  47. Wow, you've sure been busy! Love all your projects and your outing.. that building looks amazing. And I drooled over your pink lilies.. me wantie! Have a great weekend! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  48. I really like your crochet basket, Amy. Lovely and chunky. Polesden Lacey is a lovely place, isn't it? When we lived in London it was halfway between me and a friend's place and we used to meet up there for a walk and lunch. I have fond memories of our children running around and enjoying the garden. Have a good weekend. Glad the knee is healing. Sam x

  49. Beautiful photo's here Amy - love every one of them.

    All the best Jan

  50. All the pictures are beautiful. I look over you crochet bag very much!

  51. What a lot you've packed in, Amy! Your basket is great, and the flowers look so cheerful around the house, aren't they? Have a good weekend.
    Cathy x

  52. Hi Amy! I am just now "discovering" you and starting to follow your life adventures from where I live in Boring, Oregon, USA, near the base of year round snowcapped Mt. Hood. I have been posting some photos of my flowers and stitching and crafting and sightseeing since after my husband died in 2009. As I have read about what you have shared in your most recent posts, I have sensed that we have common interests and experiences we might chat about even though I am 65 and you are so much younger. I admire your stitching and pattern designing skills which are far more advanced than mine! Wishing you a good weekend and week ahead :) xx

  53. Sorry I am late in replying to 'five' posts this week, had a busy few days. I am loving reading and viewing your crochet projects, you are so creative. I wish I could just invent things and be more free with my crochet, I tend to stick to patterns. I am hoping to catch up with your latest podcast later, I am loving watching them. xx

  54. You are a hive of industry! Polesden lacy looks fab! xx

  55. We used to live just around the corner from Polesden Lacey! Isn't it a lovely place to visit. I hope the hare and fox are getting on well together there! xx

  56. You have been busy! I am so behind on blogging I will watch your podcasts once I have more time on my hands! Sarah x

  57. So many fun things. I've never seen alstroemeria in that color. Beautiful. I think your multi-colored bag would be great for the beach if it's washable. I'm not familiar with the yarn, as I'm a non-knitting Yankee. I do crochet a bit, but I usually get some thread or cheap yarn at Walmart.

    I do have a question for you. Do you ever sleep? You must go at a full gallop every day. I'd be happy if I accomplished half what you do.


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