Friday, 6 May 2016

Five On Friday

Gosh, here we are again!

How did Friday roll around so quickly.  Time is definitely getting away from me this year and I need to get it back in hand and get a firm grip on it otherwise the whole year will be gone.  I mean, May the Forth day has already been and gone...

This week has been an odd one.  Monday was a Bank Holiday (public holiday) but we didn't do anything special.

Then on Tuesday I went out to my car to go out and nothing.  Nada.  Wouldn't turn on.  Absolutely nothing.  So I called the AA (breakdown service) and they came out and started the car for me.  Turns out that a door had been left slightly ajar and so the battery had run down.  The door wasn't left ajar by me.  Just sayin'.

It didn't end up too badly though as the friend I had been due to meet for tea came to our house instead and I will tell you more about that in a moment.

Otherwise it has been almost exclusively work and more work.  I need to finish getting some things done and today (Thursday) I really must get my accounts done so that they can go to the accountant for her to file my taxes.  What a thrill hey.  You can see why I have been putting that job off.

It is a bit irritating actually as I am sat in my office writing this and the sun is shining, clear blue skies with just the odd wisp of cloud and one of the neighbours - yet another! - is having trees cut down so all I can hear is the sound of chopping and grinding machinery.  That is not going to help my maths for my accounts is it!!!

One lovely thing was that Hubby bought me a new "relaxer" as he calls them lawn chair and we have been sitting out in the garden after work with our cup of tea and enjoying the sunshine.  The weather has had a total 180 degree turn around this week after the winter weather last week it seems as though we have moved to high summer this week.  Very odd, but I am not complaining about sunshine and warm after snow and rain!

Well, that is enough wittering I am sure, so, on with the post!


With the wonderful warm weather the garden has been spurred into growth and flowering.

The clematis is stunning, all of the flowers seem to have come out at once and look so beautiful.  The leaves are coming out on the oak trees too and look so lovely and green.  I am very happy to see them after months of bare branches.


Crochet has, of course abounded.  The first picture is a sample that I started, but I am going to make this up into a complete item.

Next is another shawl.  It is finished and I wore it to work on Wednesday and got lots of compliments, which was most kind of those who said nice things.  I can't show it to you yet because I haven't written up the pattern yet and I have another one to finish first, but it will be coming.

The final crochet item is my long awaited wheel pattern which is now all done and you can find the pattern here.


This might look like more crochet, but it isn't.  Well, some of it is, but that isn't what this is about.  I am on a mission this year to go through the whole house and sort every single little thing out and decide if it is staying or going and if it is going then it has to leave.

The yarn is just some of what still needs to be sorted.

The good news though is that we did the rest of the office and when my friend came round on Tuesday we went through the pile of "to go" items and she took three bags and some other items away with her to be passed on to new homes.  Yay!!  More stuff leaving!


I just had to share this beautiful picture of Basildon Park with you.  When I arrived in the morning it was so quiet and peaceful.  Before the visitors got to the house.  The air was that lovely cool morning feel, but not cold and it was all quiet and just wonderful.

Sometimes I feel that I might bore you with this place, but I love it so much and I love it even more when I can pretend that I have it to myself.  That feels a little selfish though so that is why I like to share it with you!


This explains why we didn't do much on Monday.  I recorded the latest episode of the podcast on Monday and then spent the whole day (yes, really!) trying to upload it.  Eventually I got there, but oh boy was it a struggle.  I still haven't upgraded the broadband and it is my own fault, but this shows that I really must do it.

One fun thing though was making a sign/picture to share on Instagram - which I am loving by the way, those who said I would were right!  I used some little travel scrabble letters and then had fun playing with some of the IG filters to make this.  In my wild dreams I have thoughts of some sort of stop frame animation bringing the letters in and then forming words, but that is definitely not going to happen!!  This is more than enough for me!!

Thank you so much to those of you who have subscribed to the podcast on youtube and those who have left encouraging comments and said lovely things.  You really are so very kind.  I am loving making these films and I am so glad you are enjoying them.  It makes me very happy and I am so thankful for your kindness and feedback.

In case you don't know a podcast is kind of like a home movie television show - well, mine is! - talking in my case about crochet and yarn things and then a bit about life in general.  I am not doing tutorials or teaching on my podcast, it is just chatting.  I wanted to explain as I know that this is a new thing to some of you and some people have asked what it is about, so I hope this explanation helps a bit.

So, that is it.  Five things from this week to share with you!

Thank you all as always for joining in Five On Friday.  I really am so grateful to you all for taking part and for visiting the other participants even if you are not doing a post yourself.  Thank you too for the kind things you say about Five On Friday, you really are all so lovely and I do appreciate you a great deal!!

I hope that you have a great weekend and have fun taking part today.  Here's to a great week ahead for us all!!




  1. I'm just closing down the computer and heading off to bed on Thursday night on the West Coast of Canada. My post went up and I thought I'd check to see if the linky was up yet - there it was! I'll be back later to read and comment more. Nighty-night!

  2. A fun and busy week Amy. I knew you would love IG. It's pictorial and instant what's not to love. When you've finished in your house, fancy doing mine?!???

  3. your trees are a lot further forward than ours, we still have lots not bearing green, I looked at Instagram and decided against it needed an app on my phone cant be doing with that sort of stuff, my phone just sits there for phone calls and text oh I use the timer on it to remind me I have something in the oven and occasionally the camera when mine is not to hand :-)

  4. You have been busy! But I very much like the sound of a relaxer lawn chair, I think you could get some use out of that this weekend, the forecast is good. I hope you have a good one, with at least a little well deserved time off. CJ xx

  5. That's a lovely Five on Friday, Amy, lots for us to think about! Of course, I love best the photo of Basildon Park ... what an elegant house it is. However, although I'm not a crafter I do admire your lovely crochet, anyone who can make such pretty things from some yarn and a hook is a clever girly (or boy) to me!
    The weather has been fantastic here in Torbay, too, and our clmenatis montana is also bursting with blooms. Also we didn't venture forth on the Bank Holiday - living in a holiday area we try and keep well away from the main roads and what are known as 'tourist hot spots'.
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Margaret P

  6. Good morning Amy,
    what a beautiful clematis. I have not luck with clematis and gave it up a few years before...
    We have sunshine here, but still cold air, well, that's spring.
    I know the familiar feeling with wonderful places, seems that it is my own...
    Must sort out my books too, about that next week.
    Have a wonderful weekend

  7. What a turn around in the weather. Isn't it gorgeous! I can feel how lovely it is at Basildon park just from your photo. So beautiful. Enjoy your relaxer chair this weekend. B x

  8. I admire your determination to declutter. I've been trying, and I have decided some things have to go, but somehow they get as far as boxes under the stairs but never make it to the charity shop! Well done for letting go.

  9. I admire your determination to declutter. I've been trying, and I have decided some things have to go, but somehow they get as far as boxes under the stairs but never make it to the charity shop! Well done for letting go.

  10. You could never bore me with your posts about Basildon Park - you've inspired me to try to visit it later this year.

    Sorry, I can't manage a Five on Friday post today. I have to teach double lessons because of SATS next week and when I get back home I've been warned that the electricity will be off for most of the afternoon.

  11. Our clematis is not flowering yet but I can see it is getting ready. Doesn't it feel great to clear out clutter we no longer need? For once it creates space for new stuff :-) Have a lovely weekend. x

  12. The weather has changed for the better hasn't it? It is lovely to see the leaves and blossom on the trees and to be able to sit out in the sunshine. Your five are lovely:)

  13. Congrats on the podcast! It's nice to see that flowers are blooming everywhere right now! Spring and summer is finally here! I'm so glad about that!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. Lovely to be joining in this week Amy. Hasn't the weather been just beautiful... it makes everything more enjoyable. You have remeinded me I must get on with my decluttering once my foot is mended.

  15. Friday does seem to have come round impossibly quickly! Your clematis is beautiful and the shawl looks very interesting. Have a good weekend. x

  16. Thank you Amy!
    I'm just off to bed after a busy day - I'll be back tomorrow to check out all the posts!

  17. The color of the clematis is stunning...such a delicate color...lovin' it.
    I know this is cliché, but when you're done decluttering, come by my house?!!!

  18. Lovely clematis and glad your weather is warming up. You seem so busy with all you do and now you are going through the whole house? Have a good weekend, enjoy that sunshine and smell the roses for a while. Take care.

  19. Another great post. Well done on having a clear-out, I am attempting the same thing but still have a long way to go! Cannot wait to see your shawl, I have purchased some wool to crochet one but am thinking of leaving it until I go on holiday and having it as a holiday project (as a change from my CAL and charity blankets). You never bore me with stories of Basildon Park, I really must get there one day soon, it would be good if I could go on a day when you are working so that I can meet you in person. xx

  20. The weather has certainly lifted my spirits, amazing what a little sun can do. Beautiful clematis, such a stunning colour. I always enjoy pictures of Basildon Park, we are hoping to visit this summer. Take care.

  21. Glad your weather has changed for the good. It just makes you feel better sitting in the sun. Good job on decluttering.

  22. It sounds as if you had a productive time in the office. Hopefully the sun will continue to shine this weekend and you can get out and about or enjoy relaxing in the new sun lounger! Thank you for hosting Five on Friday.

  23. I'm on my last bit of decluttering now, it's taken the best part of last year and what we've had of this year so far. I've taken it slowly, a drawer, a cupboard or a box at a time, it's seemed manageable doing it this way. I've managed to sell lots of things on eBay and the charity shop has also done very well out of me and the house is so much tidier now that it's emptier. I'm sure you'll feel just as good about it as I do once you've finished.

  24. We have Summer here too, how lovely! Your clematis is just amazing!!! Here only c. atragenes are forming tiny buds...

  25. Your clematis is looking gorgeous. Well done on having a good clear out - we could definitely take a leaf out of your book round here! Looking forward to seeing your shawl. Enjoy the weekend - I hope this lovely weather lasts. xx

  26. We've been watching for a clematis to plant on a trellis, and yours looks great. Really? A podcast? I have enough trouble keeping up with the blog!

  27. Clematis are so pretty, ours are late bloomers, not till August. You're so brave doing podcasts! I would freeze up. I'll bet the shawl was gorgeous.
    I never get tired of seeing photos of Basildon.

  28. Glad to hear you are enjoying warmer weather and that you are able to get out and have tea in your new comfy lounger. I don't knit or crochet but I can appreciate the accomplishments you make. That wheel pattern is nice. Enjoy your weekend.

  29. Getting rid of extra stuff is not easy, but the experience we're having with the cousin's estate is motivating me to have a more critical eye to my 'stuff.' I have never raised clematis, but I think they're one of the most beautiful flowering plants! Hope you have a good weekend, Amy.

  30. Sounds like you had a really busy week! Basildon Park looks/sounds like a lovely place. I have places like that, those that make me feel peaceful and I revisit. Sometimes it's just nice to relax and enjoy.

    Your crochet looks wonderful. I love the shawls. Unfortunately I can't crochet. My Nana was great at it. I remember her trying to teach me. Unfortunately I didn't keep up with it or even quite get it in the first place. It is on my list of things I want to do!

    Take care and have a great week!

  31. Thank you for hosting Amy. If it makes you feel better the people next door are having their tile roof replaced. All week when I have been home I have heard tiles crashing into a truck, hammers and voices shouting over the noise. I can't even take a shower in my bathroom, they can see in from the roof. Big Bummer!

  32. It's so lovely and sunny isn't it, it makes a joy out of every task. Basildon Park looks great. I'm glad your podcasts are going well, I'll get round to watching soon hopefully. Have a great weekend x

  33. Hi Amy, the weather here has been cold and rainy for the last two weeks! I need sun. I too have been decluttering and given away to church 12 bags of stuff I don't need anymore. Still more bags to leave the house. It sounds like a good week for you. I will be joking your party next week. Hope you enjoy the weekend.

  34. Nature sure is lovely and it's great to day dream about a place even if you don't own it. Decluttering is also great for the mind.

  35. Hey Amy,
    I had to look twice at the book entitled 'Thrust'....
    What a busy week you've had! I like the idea of making a podcast, but I hate my voice. I always thought that it would be funny to do a kind of real life family fly on the wall series to share on the blog. And you certainly don't bore me with your sharing of Basildon Park.
    Have a lovely weekend. Here's hoping there's plenty of opportunity to relax in your new chairs.
    Leanne xx

  36. Lovely post, you have been very busy! I love the photo of Basildon captures the beautiful early morning atmosphere of the wonderful building. Your house sorting out sounds like such a good idea.....I need to do some of that too. Happy weekend Amy.
    Helen xox

  37. You are so right Amy the time is flying past so fast it's scary, I wish I had the time to spend more time reading blogs I haven't had time to see your number 3 podcast yet but I will I loved the first two it's lovely to see you almost in person, your clematis is so pretty the weather has been lovely here too but like you ive been working and unable to enjoy it, today when I'm off it's misty and cold here. Have a great weekend. :) xx

  38. I know how you feel about the noise in your that spring is here, several of my neighbors have been very noisily busy: cutting down trees with chainsaws, then having the chipper/shredder trucks come and grind up all the branches; another neighbor had a small tractor (a "Bobcat") digging in their yard yesterday evening; and now our neighbor across the street has been using a rototiller type of machine to dig up his front lawn. All the noise gets very unnerving at times and it makes me wish we lived way out in the country where there's no neighbors!
    Good for you for getting rid of more stuff. I know how good that feels! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  39. I'm back with a "real" comment this time. Basildon house looks like a lovely place to work - I know I'd love to visit it! How brave you are to do podcasts. I haven't looked at one yet - I'm hoping to have a little more time after school winds down at the end of next month. Hope you've had a lovely weekend. Now I'm off to visit others.

  40. Winter comes next month to us and things should be becoming dormant in the garden but it is so warm and sunny here we still sit out in the sun with a coffee in the afternoons. I enjoyed your post.


  41. Hey! Even when you are busy with your work, you seem to manage to get a lot done! Me, I am like a dang zombie when I get home from work! (I just manage to eke out a crocheted dishcloth now and then, that's all.) Happy May to you!

  42. Amy, I have just watched your 3rd podcast which I greatly enjoyed. However I am being totally thick because I have searched under groups on Ravelry for Love Made My Home for your podcast notes and it is coming up 'not found'. I also cannot figure out how to subscribe to your podcasts, sorry for being dense! xx

  43. Weather is directly related to taxes. The more time you have to spend on your receipts and forms, the nicer it is outdoors. Remember I just went through this same thing last month! What a pain that the battery died in your car. My van's battery died last month also when we brought my daughter's stuff back home from university. The back interior light was left on when we unloaded the van at night ... it wasn't me either! Glad you're enjoying the podcasts, I think they're fun to watch! And your weather has improved :) the best part in springtime. Ours is still up and down and today was only 5C this morning ... chilly! Have a great week ahead Amy!
    PS love the photo of Basildon and it does look so serene and beautiful

  44. Hi Amy! I watched part of the podcast and now I shall remember to watch the rest. I haven't been at my computer much but I hate to miss out!
    Your photos are lovely today.

  45. Sounds like you're busy but having fun which is the best kind of busy xx

  46. Good luck with the clear out - they're liberating but hard work. Have a fab week and thanks for hosting x

  47. I hope you got the tax task sorted. Wonderful being able to sit out and enjoy the garden in the warm evenings. Always a good feeling to have a sort out and know things are going off to a new home to be enjoyed.
    Lisa x

  48. Love your laundry room re-do and that garden! Both are lovely! The blanket is coming along great and those new yarns are so pretty. When we lost our Penny it was very painful, so I know what you are going through. It's so hard. Bless you! Hope the pain is lessened a little soon, but of course it will never go away.


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