Monday, 18 April 2016

The Penny Dropped????


This is going to be honest, but may not be pretty.  Just sayin'.............

I still have my cold, the good news is that I can now sometimes breath through my nose again.  Small mercies!  Sorry for the TMI!

Sorry that I haven't been round visiting, I have been either in bed or asleep on the sofa for the most part.  Fortunately I managed to get some crochet that I needed to finish done last week because I haven't really touched my hook other than that for days now.

For the first time ever I haven't commented on all of your Five On Friday posts.  I am truly sorry.  Managing to read them in bed on the Kindle was one thing, but trying to comment just wasn't going to happen.  I really am so sorry, but I really did read all that you shared and I am, as always, so grateful to you for taking part and so enjoying coming round to visit.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

This week I will be back!  Really.  Although fortunately not like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but like me.  I might still sound a bit like Darth Vader which is what I sound like at the moment though.  I know, TMI again!

Anyway, on to what I wanted to say and to the meaning behind the title of this post.

You know that on Friday I shared about Man - who isn't my Hubby, but is another close relative - and how he recently had another fall through a glass door.

Hubby went round and has removed all of the remaining glass from the door and made everything as safe as he could do.  He tried to remove the rugs but he wasn't allowed to.  I didn't go because of the stinking cold, not a good idea to pass that around really.

For those of you who have been following along with this situation you will know that we have had concerns about Man for several years now, and that the rest of his family have been quite happily going along in their own little bubble worlds insisting that Man is absolutely fine, just normal, old age, it is how he is etc etc etc.  Although, trust me, the things that have been happening are far from "normal" or "fine".

We have battled with them, but they have refused to listen and to make matters worse, in our view, have been backing up Man who also thinks that he is fine.  This has made things very difficult indeed.

This weekend though, THE PENNY DROPPED!!!!!  Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It seems that, while falling through a glass door (he was unscathed) is never ever a good thing, in this instance it has been because finally the rest of the family have sat up and taken notice and admitted that there might just, possibly, be the start of something happening - not my words by the way....

Really.  You think.  Just the start???????????  Maybe???????????

Anyway, after Hubby literally screamed when he read the e-mails about this and I then calmed down after spending a good 10 minutes walking up and down ranting and waving my arms around - yes, my arms waved - and considering how sick I was and still am that was quite something let me tell you, we both breathed a massive sigh of relief - me through the mouth as my nose was bunged up...

One of the other family members has decided that perhaps a "family conference" is needed.  Whilst, if I am totally honest with myself, do not hold out much hope of actually achieving much, if anything, at least there is finally an acknowledgement of the issue, then, perhaps, from little acorns and all that.

The e-mails that Hubby received had some mention of not knowing what to do or how to start, well, I have a list as long as my arm and am more than well aware of what needs doing and how to do it - and at least half of it will be repeating things that I have already tried to do in the past - but perhaps we will get somewhere.

We might get nowhere at all, but as I said, to finally have the issues acknowledged after a struggle of 3 years is amazing.  I cannot tell you the weight that we feel off of our shoulders to know that we are no longer banging our heads against a never opening brick wall.  At least this way there might be some cracks starting to appear in the wall.

So, to sum up, sorry for not visiting, still sick, sorry for burdening you with this, but I did think you might like to know and frankly I just had to get it out.  I will update more as and when.  I did go to take some Vitamin C as some of you prescribed to me in the comments, but they are out of date, I will get some new ones.  You are probably right, I just need a boost in the vitamin department.  In the meantime it is back to the sofa now for me.

See you soon and thank y'all for bearing with me!


  1. That's good news, I hope you get something sorted out for Man very soon. Hope you're feeling better soon too.

  2. Take good care of yourself and don't forget to take long deep breaths!

  3. I've got a burning throat right now thanks to hubby who picked it up in Dubai. I managed to stay germ free for a week and then bam! Only the throat but enough to make me feel pretty icky. A cold normally has to just run its course. You can ease symptoms, but that's about it. One thing I'm really enjoying right now is turmeric milk. Yummy and has many antibacterial and healing properties.

    Sometimes folks don't want to acknowledge a family health problem because it means they have to be involved in helping, deciding and caring for. I hope that you and hubby take control of the family meeting and let everyone know that you've done all the research and now they just need to be on board with following through with the necessary. It's not easy but if everyone works together, it will be for the benefit of all.

    Good luck. Take care,

  4. Thinking of you and hope you are feeling better soon. Hopefully a family meeting will help Man get a diagnosis and the relevant help that is so obviously needed. Look after yourself.

  5. May the meeting happen and be productive. Praying for you to get over this boomerang cold once and for all!

  6. I am pleased to hear at last you have some family acknowledgement some is better than none and a step in the right direction, all this added stress wont be helping you in recovery hope it all works out for you all

  7. Hello Amy, so sorry to hear you were sick. I do hope you get well and feel better soon! :)

  8. sorry to hear you have been so poorly but let's hope your are on the mend. Fingers crossed for your other news! Xx

  9. I will pray that his family will widely open their eyes and Man's safety in the meantime.
    I will continue to pray for your recovery. You have been stressed over Man for a very long time. Stress breaks your health down too.

  10. Awww get well soon and good luck with educating the ostriches with their heads in the sand

  11. I can so feel for you Amy! I have had the same starting from January, cold after cold, two antibiotics and now some mouth and salivary gland infection. Damned! The next week I get to see a specialist.. Me too am fed with this! The only thing with a consolation is that the next winter you and I are totally free of all this viruses! I hope.

    Let's hope the situation of the Man gets solved in the best way.

  12. Feel better soon, my friend.

  13. You are great at leaving comments and don't have to apologize to me when things hinder your ability to do so. Life and illness happen and we all should understand that. Now I understand more about who Man is. I do hope that the family conference will go well with the truth acknowledged and whatever steps can be taken are. Hope your head clears up soon and you leave this lingering cold behind you! Blessings...

  14. I am so glad your friend is finally going to receive some help! Sometimes people just don't want to deal with the obvious and it takes non-family members who are caring to bring things to light sometimes. So sorry he had to be injured too before they finally woke up! Hope you were feeling better also. That's hard to deal with! Take care of yourself. God bless!

  15. Amy, so sorry you've been ill, hope you're better soon. Aging parents can be so difficult even when everyone else in the family agrees that something must be done. My husband's family just went through this with his older brother and it wasn't until he landed in the hospital that they were able to convince him that he couldn't live on his own any more.
    Hope things get sorted for your husband's family.

  16. Concentrate on getting yourself well again, those colds are hard to shake sometimes. And bless you and hubby for carrying for Man. Finally the family is taking action.

  17. Glad the light when on in somebody's noggin!

  18. I am with you on being sick, me an my entire household actually. Just trying to hold it together for the past week. Looking at a computer screen still hurts a bit, but I decided I needed a visit.
    I'm glad to hear the conversation is at least starting. Hopefully it will be productive, and everyone can come together from a place of love and understand and Man will feel that.
    All my best to you Amy.

  19. My dear Amy - just keep resting up and taking good care of yourself. We'll all be here whenever you're feeling better. Just take the time you need so you fully kick this nasty bug!!

    I'm so happy for your news! I think it's wonderful that you and your hubby are finally getting some acknowledgement and agreement about Man's issues. You both have been amazing and tolerated enough of it on your own. It may need to be baby steps at the start, but I pray it will lead to far less stress for you both in the future.

    Prayers for wellness and prayers for some positive & healthy changes ahead! xoxo

  20. I hope you get much better soon Amy, family dealing with family situations can be very frustrating indeed xx

  21. Feel better soon!!! Hope you have a great week


  22. Hey Amy,
    Firstly so sorry to hear that you are still poorly. Secondly, perhaps there will be a resolution of sorts finally. I can just imagine you wheeling your arms around, as sick as you were.
    Here's to a week free from the lurgy.
    Leanne xx

  23. Sorry you've been so unwell Amy. We've had something similar here, it's really hit me and the middle boy quite hard. I hope you're on the mend now and that you're back to full strength very soon. I hope things start to change on the Man front and that people will help you tackle that list of things to do. I can imagine how frustrated you have both been. I'm crossing my fingers that others will step up and help now, or at least acknowledge all that you and your husband have been coping with. Bestests, CJ xx

  24. Hope you start feeling better soon, though this sort of thing isn't helping as it is stressful. Sometimes these situations are a long hard battle and government issues also don't help at times. I'm still on a long stuggle with my brother because policies keep changing, so I sympathise with you fully. Keep your chin up and I'll be thinking of you. Take care and lots of huggles.

  25. I hope you are feeling better soon.
    I'm glad the rest of the family are finally taking notice. I hope good things for all of you come from it.
    Take care xo

  26. I'm SO SORRY that you have such a stuffy cold, Amy! Yay for FINALLY some understanding and hopefully more support for Man.

  27. I am sorry you are sick and I hope you feel better very soon!
    I'm glad the rest of the family is finally seeing the light - hope something good comes from this.
    Vent away my dear - We all need to sometimes!

  28. And with that "thank y'all" you just became an honorary USA Southerner. Now I shall teach you the plural of the singular "y'all". It's "all y'all".

    Now if you want to be an honorary USA Hawaiian, you wouldn't call my family "all y'all". We'd be "Patsy-Folks".

    I'm cooking for all my sick friends. If I were there, I'd make you some medicinal chicken noodle soup. It cures a cold in no time.

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Praying for you. I'm glad there is at least some acknowledgment that there are some things that need to be talked about regarding "the man". We are dealing with something similar but the other "parties", even though they acknowledge that there is a problem, don't want to make the needed change for the safety of our aging relatives. It's so sad really.

  31. Hope you feel better soon
    Julie xxxxxxx

  32. Hope you're fighting fit again soon.

  33. I sure hope you get to feeling better Amy, how horrible that you have been so sick again. How people can live in a bubble I just don't know. They just look the other way because they don't want to help or be part of the solution, if they look the other way they can pretend nothing is wrong, then the rest of us have to clean up the mess. Good luck as you deal with all of this,

  34. Glad to hear that you will be getting some further support with Man. It must have been so frustrating for you as you could see all the problems and difficulties where others couldn't. Take care of yourself Amy as you have had one or two colds over the winter. Hope you feel well again soon:)

  35. Sorry to hear you've been sick. But good news on at least a start with extended family re. The Man!

  36. Amy I'm sorry to hear that you have been poorly. A simple cold can really put a spanner in the works for us busy moms and wives. I'm glad that you are beginning to feel better, hope the rest of your recovery is speedy.

    Dealing with aging family members can really be hard - I know, we've had to deal with some issues too. It's not easy, especially when that family member is adamant that they don't want to be a burden and want continued independence but that it actually is not 'real' independence at all because they are dependent upon you. (just personal experience ;)) I really hope that your first family conference will be one where everyone comes together and shares an agreement on the best way forward. All the best for everything.

    Sending hugs.

  37. I hope you will soon be well and yourself again. It is crummy being ill. Even out of date Vitamin C is better than nothing, it just won't have the same potency. As for your family, it is a hard road to be on. Obviously, your car has been going in a different direction than the one everyone else are headed. I hope things improve for you and your husband's sake soon. Be well, from Iowa

  38. Just realised I had not gone back to comment on this post Amy. Blame my flu! I am so pleased that the 'penny has dropped' in the extended family, and I do know how important this is. Years of frustration can go by while you feel you are the only person who can see what is happening, and the relief when you get a breakthrough is huge. Hasten slowly - everyone comprehends at their own pace and level. I have seen families suddenly want to 'fix' the whole situation, everything, all at once. It does not work that way, particularly as the patient in question will work through different stages. But anyway, the very best of good luck with your conference, and hopefully a plan can be agreed on as to the way forward. Love to all. xx

  39. Not a burden. Really hope that you feel better soon and that the family conference proves useful


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