Sunday, 3 April 2016

The Feast of Flora

The Feast of Flora is a wonderful painting by the artist Georg Platzer who loved from 1704 to 1761.  This picture is unusual because it is painted in oil onto a copper plate.

That makes it very hard to photograph because the painting is highly reflective, but it also gives it a great luminosity which is wonderful to see.

Platzer was born to a family of painters who lived in the South Tyrol, and he studied in Vienna where he became influenced by the Hapsburgh collections.  Because of this Platzer chose to remain living and working in Vienna and he specialised in painting on copper plates.

This is a photo of a photo of the painting.  It doesn't do it justice, but you can see more of the detail of the wonderful work.

Copper plates were used for book printing and engraving, but became a popular surface for painting on in the early seventeen century due to their very smooth surface, rigidity and durability.

Plazters works were unusually large for this medium, paintings on copper panels were usually very small cabinet pieces.  This wonderful painting is though about 55 x 75 cm's which is quite large.

Here you can see the whole painting, although the reflections prevent you from seeing much of the detail.

This painting is currently on display at Basildon Park as part of the At Home With Art Exhibition which shows some of the collection of Sir Brinsley Ford.

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  1. How unusual. I didn't realise artists could paint onto copper plate. I would live to see the real painting. Many thanks for joining in again with Paint Monthly. B X

  2. How interesting. There seems to be some wonderful exhibitions at Basildon Park.

  3. Really interesting information on the painting Amy. I had no idea painting were done on copper plates.

  4. Thanks for sharing I've never seen a oil on copper before
    Clare x

  5. Thank you for your kind thoughts and message on my blog. Lovely painting and I read back to your 5 on Friday.. so lovely to have good friends.

  6. Very interesting and such a spectacular painting. Thanks Amy. Take care.

  7. Beautiful painting, I don't think I've ever heard of one painted on a copper plate. Have to ask Mac what he knows.

  8. I love paintings, majored in Art History, and did not know about this painter who painted on copper. It would be good to see it in person.

  9. What a gorgeous painting Amy - I love it. This is an interesting technique, the painting on copper. At our gallery we have some contemporary works, forest scenes, painted on aluminium which also gives a glow, and a hint of sunlight as seen in the forest. It is fascinating what artists come up with. xx

  10. I expect the copper gives the painting some extra warmth as well. I would never think of painting on copper but them I'm not an artist! x

  11. Thank you Amy for sharing this. I have never heard of painting on copper before. Very interesting.

  12. Painting on copper...who knew!

  13. I enjoy the little lessons you give on paintings and other antiquities.

  14. Never heard of oil on copper! A beautiful & decorative painting.


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