Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Podcast Episode 2

The second episode of the Love Made My Home Podcast is now live!

For shownotes see the Ravelry Group Thread which can be found here.

Thank you for watching!



  1. I enjoyed watching again, you're a natural in front of the camera.

  2. Way to go, Amy! I hope your number switches over!
    I like your WIP.

  3. Had a watch, you are very brave to do this. Hope it all goes well for you.
    Amanda xx

  4. it is fun to hear your voice!!! Crochet is just beautiful lady!

  5. You looks so relaxed in front of the camera, I feel like I am sitting across form you chatting.

  6. what a great idea, I will wait till I have different Internet to watch, 2 hear ur voice, that will b fun!!! ( ;

  7. You do seem more relaxed on this podcast number 2. I do so admire you for doing this Amy x

  8. I loved this Amy! It was great to see you on video and to hear your voice! I'm the same about rules. :) You are very talented!

  9. Lovely to see your 2nd Podcast and that David Hockney peeping over your shoulder is just gorgeous. xx

  10. I hope to watch your podcast once the son leaves after visiting us for a week! it's been a little busy around here. I cannot wait to watch :)

  11. LOOK at you! Now you can add Movie Star to your resume!
    I could NEVER do this!
    Bravo Amy...
    Linda :o)

  12. You are very good at this Amy. I listened while doing some hand quilting. Half an hour of quilting is my limit otherwise I have sore fingertips so your podcast was the perfect accompaniment. The Hockney print is lovely and your blue top looked especially good next to it.

  13. Just been enjoying this podcast while knitting the heel on some socks :) Looking forward to the next one, love the green shawl you're crocheting

  14. I just love how "real" you've become to me now that I see you and hear you on your podcasts! I love seeing the projects you've been doing. I"m so impressed that you can come up with patterns on your own!! I didn't realized you did so many of them that way. You're not only creative - you're a rebel!! Lol Love it!!

    Blessings sweet Gal. xoxo

  15. You are brave Amy! I enjoyed your podcast. Your 'real' voice and personality are very much like your blog coice and personality! X


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