Friday, 8 April 2016

Five On Friday

The weather is still cold and is of course often raining because it is April so April showers and all that...

We have had some brighter sunnier days, but gosh, it is still cold!  Yesterday I was wearing gloves when I went out for my walk.  Hopefully it will start to warm up soon although April can sometimes be like this can't it.

So instead of worrying about the April showers, today I am concentrating on looking forward to the May flowers!

Seems more positive and fun right.  These are all out in our garden right now.


A little pot of pansies, so pretty!


Still lots of daffodils coming out, these are multi flowered with lovely orange trumpets.  I notice though that someone has been nibbling some of them...


We have a few native primroses in the garden and have been adding to the collection.  They are all doing well and look so pretty at this time of year!


The flowering currant is very odd this year.  Half of the shrub is in full leaf and with flowers, the other half just has tiny leaf buds that are starting to come out.  I don't know why, but perhaps it will prolong the flowering which will be a good thing.


We have quite a few bluebells in the garden.  I think they are the native English ones, although I cannot be sure.  There are also whitebells so I have a feeling they are some hybrid.  Pretty to see though.

Those are our April flowers!  Photographed in between the showers...

I have a couple of other things which I wanted to say, so this seemed like a good way to catch them all up with you.

Sorry that I haven't been around visiting your blogs as much lately.  I do always read the posts even if I don't comment on them.  I am trying to comment as much as I can, but lately I seem to have less time as I am getting busier with the change of time of year and more to do in the garden, doing things for my business - writing patterns alone can take several days work! - and so on.

I am quite organised, but there are still only so many hours in the day.  Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that I haven't abandoned you, I will be by, just perhaps not commenting on every single post.  You understand I am sure because no doubt you are in just the same situation!  Thank you though for your understanding and for bearing with me, I do appreciate it.

Oh, and one other thing for comments, I cannot seem to comment on blogs that have Google + comments any more, so if that is the case for your blog and I don't comment that is why.  Again, it isn't because I am ignoring you, it is just that the computer will not let me talk to you!  Sorry about that.

Thank you to new followers for joining in!  It is great to have you here, feel free to leave a comment and introduce yourself.  Welcome too to the newer people joining in Five On Friday.  I do come and visit everyone who takes part, but I wanted to welcome new participants here.  Thank you all for taking part and joining in!

On the subject of Five On Friday I have noticed that some peoples posts are not linking back to this post.  To be fair to those who do link back I am asking that everyone does so. 

Also there have been a few odd posts linked which do not seem to have anything to do with Five On Friday.  I have left them up to now, but in future I will be removing the links if you don't link back here and if your post isn't a Five On Friday post. 

If you have any questions about how to link please let me know and I will be happy to help.  Also if you read the About Five On Friday page - link below or in the sidebar - that will tell you all you need to know. 

This is just to be fair to everyone and so that we are all doing the same thing.  I hope you understand.

On to other things, yes I will be releasing the pattern for the "thing" I showed you the other day in the post about blocking.  I have nearly finished writing it up and I will of course let you know when it will be available.

Some of you asked what blocking does or why you do it.  If you look in the sidebar there is a tutorial about blocking under the heading of Crochet Patterns and Tutorials that will explain more.  As to the why, it is a way to "finish" an item.  It ensure that the stitches are shown to their best, it makes everything line up, spread out and just look really good.  Also it makes an item lovely and soft and flexible.

I have now set up a Ravelry Group which is called - funnily enough! - Love Made My Home.  There is only one member now and only one post from me, but there will be more to come in the future.  So if you would like to join please do, come and introduce yourself!

The first photo in my post on Wednesday confused a few of you and looking at it now I can see why.  The items of furniture are real full size ones, not miniatures as some of you thought.  Sorry if you were confused, I can see why as there was nothing to compare the scale too because of the way I cropped the photo.

Finally, to catch you up on a few things.  I am still walking like a crazy lady and my step count, miles, active minutes are all increasing and I hope will continue to increase as time goes on.  The weight isn't exactly decreasing at a rapid rate, but it isn't going up and I have been eating Easter Eggs so...  Not too bad.

The other catch up is about my Bullet Journal.  I am still using it and loving it.  It is the best system that I have ever used - and I have tried a lot of things.  I am not a slave to it, just because it says dusting on Tuesday or whatever on my list if I don't do it that day I don't stress, it will get done sometime.  It is a framework, not something to be obeyed.

It is helping me and I like it and that is what is important isn't it.  It will not be right for everyone and may not be right for you, but I am sure that you have your own ways of working that do work for you.  Plus I get to use all of my lovely coloured pens that were just sitting there otherwise so that alone gives me great pleasure!!

I think that is all of the catch ups and things that I wanted to share with you.  If you can think of something else let me know!

I hope that all is well with you all, that you have had a good week - or even a great week! - and that you will have an even better weekend and week next week!  Take care of yourselves and your loved ones and have fun and be nice!



Thank you - as always! - for joining in and for going to read others posts.

If you want to grab a Five On Friday Button or get more information about how to join in the All About Five On Friday page will tell you all that you need to know.



  1. Well here I am awake at this late hour for me again since I had to stay up to see the final episode of American Idol. Love the flowers you have blooming. You and I were on the same theme this week. Thanks for clarifying about that first photo you shared. The way they were displayed made them look like miniatures in a photo. I better go hit the sack now. I'll visit link ups tomorrow!

  2. Wonderful spring flowers, Amy!
    Don't worry about commenting. We all are busier now when spring arrives and we know the amount of hours in the day doesn't change.
    Thank you for hosting Five on Friday! Have a lovely weekend! xx

  3. Your April flowers are lovely indeed. With these we have to wait a bit... I wish no rain to your weekend.

  4. Good morning Amy, what nice garden impressions...
    The primroses grow her all over in the grass and in the ways, they have seemed by themselves...
    Such bulb-bluebells I know a "Rabbit bells", they will come a little later.
    Here is cold again too, after three warm "summer days", luckily we haven't frost again.
    Have a warmer weekend

    It's good and normally in this season to spend more time for gardening, than for Internet.

  5. It is still cold isn't it? My gloves were on again yesterday. Your garden flowers are lovely such a super seasonal selection. I can't wait to see the first bluebells in the woods. Have a lovely weekend:)

  6. Thanks for all the news, you do sound really busy which is a good thing! It's always a joy to see such beautiful flowers, a real tonic. Have a good weekend x

  7. I do love spring flowers, I was admiring the primroses in the verges yesterday we seem to have an abundance of them here :-)

  8. Lovely Five on Friday, Amy - love the promroses and violas, my favourite spring flowers. Thanks also for all the 'catch up' information and for explaining the reason for blocking. Also, sometimes I can't comment via Google.
    Have a lovely weekend, it is sunny here in Torbay but my goodness, it's cold.
    Margaret P

  9. Your garden must already be so colourful with all those flowers Amy, I love this time of year full of hope and usually for me lots of seedlings growing, but I have not even started yet this year!!!

  10. You have a nice selection of spring flowers in your garden. I like the whitebells - I haven't seen those before.

  11. Gorgeous spring flowers, especially the flowering currant, that's one of my favourites. I agree about the cold, it's been SO chilly here, I'm ready for some sunshine now. Please don't worry about commenting everywhere, it's just an impossibility. I read a lot more posts than I comment on at the moment as well, time is being squeezed a bit. But it's good to be busy isn't it. I'm wishing you a lovely weekend. Let's hope it's a bit warmer! CJ xx

  12. Your flowers are lovely. I particularly love the primroses. Weather is freezing here too. I always find the wind tries to spoil these lovely Spring days. Definitely a time for lots of layers. Have a lovely restful weekend. B xx

  13. You have bluebells already! I have several of the others in my garden but my bluebells are still green clumps. :) I love your primrose. I have one in a hanging basket but it can't be a native because it's been flowering non-stop since last spring.

  14. Your flowers are lovely Amy. The weather here in Cumbria is very cold at the moment. I think it was warmer in Winter. Joan.

  15. I just love flowering currants, they are so happy. The pink is amazing. It seemed rather warm this morning here but I may have just walked very fast... I did notice a couple of 'different' posts on Five on Friday, it may be that the writer didn't link to the actual post but the blog as a whole? Who knows. Have a lovely weekend and, as always, thanks for the link-up. x

  16. you have so many beautiful flowers, the bees must love you!Right, I'm off to do my visiting, the list seems to get longer every week! have a great weekend Amy,
    All the Best

  17. Beautiful flowers, a great five. It is cold here too and typical April intermittent rain, although I would call them downpours rather than showers. More rain predicted for the weekend. Take care.

  18. Such lovely springtime flower blossoms. Of course, purple....those pansies are my favorites!!!

    You mentioned crocheting? I love to crochet!!!

  19. Lovely flowers Amy. I enjoy visiting the blogs on the link up too but sadly there really isn't enough time to comment all the time. Your posts of your flowers always make me want to visit England more and more.

  20. Lovely Spring flowers Amy - it's so exciting seeing what pops up each day!
    I have trouble keeping up with all my friends too - I do the best I can.
    I'm still working as well so time is precious.
    In a way my blog is a journal for my overseas children!
    Thank you for hosting

  21. How lovely your garden is looking. I love the pot of pansies and the primroses are beautiful, one of my favourite flowers. xx

  22. Native primroses are one of my favourite flowers at this time of year, I think it's because they're understated, it makes them so pretty.

  23. Lovely to see your post as always, and I really enjoying joining Five on Friday!, I will have to look you up on Ravelryxx

  24. Thanks once again for hosting this great get-together. I've discovered some fantastic blogs through Five on Friday.

  25. Those are pretty spring blooms. We only have crocus at the moment. I'll pop over the Revelry and check out your group.

  26. Happy photos as always, making me smile, thank you x

  27. Gorgeous spring flowers, Amy. Wishing you a good weekend. Sam x

  28. Hi, I posted Five on Friday and I would like to put the Five on Friday button on my blog, but I don't know.

    wow, the flowers are gorgeous and we don't have them in Brazil. The pansies are so amazing and Shakespeare would love to see your primroses! All of them are beautiful!

    Sandra xxx

  29. Pretty spring flowers, Amy. Not sure why you can't post on Google +...I'll check it out.

  30. Beautiful spring flowers, it is lovely when the garden starts to awaken and produces such pretty blooms. xcx

  31. Flowers dotted here and there and also on your blog are making me smile. Spring it here, yay. I hope to join in, but either time gets the better of me or I feel that I just don't have anything interesting to share for 5 on Friday, or I feel others would find just boring. I will have a peek at the other blogs and see if I am inspired. Hope your well.

  32. Your spring flowers are lovely, Amy, and sure to add brightness to the colder spring weather you've been experiencing. I hope it warms up for you soon. When the seasons change, life does become busier and commenting falls off. No need to worry. Thank you for hosting this lovely link up.

  33. Your spring flowers are so pretty! Lucky you! Life is busy -- time flies (especially as one gets older, I've found). Happy Friday!

  34. So sorry, I accidentally deleted this! Anyway, here it is!

    Dear Amy, you are doing so well, as always, to organize this lovely 5 on Friday!
    You don't have to apologize for anything, I think we all understand how busy you are!
    Anyway, I loved your spring flowers; they are so sweet and fresh, aren't they?
    Have a great weekend, love from Mirjam.

  35. Your flowers are all looking very pretty Amy, I can't post on the google plus blogs either sometimes it's very frustrating because I type in a comment and press send and an error message comes up. I'm trying to up my steps too but I find it very difficult to manage the 10,000. Have a great weekend. :) xx

  36. Wow! Your garden must be beautiful! I'm not much of a gardener, I try to keep it tidy but that's about as far as it goes. I sometimes plant flowers or fruits. We've been walking more since we got our dog two years ago. I also lost weight over that period, I cut out carbs and with the extra exercise managed to lose 2 stone, not easy to keep it off though! Have a lovely weekend x

  37. Thanks for posting your spring flowers! They are beautiful and bring joy to the day!

  38. Lots of lovely flowers in your garden Amy - sadly I think that your bluebells are the Spanish ones - I am doing a post soon on how to identify them, but basically if they flare at the bottom of the bell and have pale blue anthers then they are Spanish. British ones have tube like flowers which curl right back at the bottom and have cream anthers. Your white ones do look like hybrids as they have got the more tubular shape.

  39. What lovely flowers. We don't have a single blossom here in the Northwoods, but I'll enjoy looking at yours. I didn't even know what primroses were until I first saw them in Richmond, North Yorkshire one spring. I hope you have a good weekend. I keep wanting to join the Five on Friday, but it's been absolutely hectic lately and it just doesn't happen. Soon, I hope! I always enjoy reading the entries.

  40. Your flowers are so pretty Amy! Your primroses look so sweet, and the little pansies in their pottery pot are adorable. I still have had only snowdrops here, and they keep being covered with, well, snow!! Poor things. Bleeding hearts, tulips, lilies and iris are all trying hard to break through snow, ice and cold winds. I think we may warm up in May :)
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend!
    Wendy xox

  41. Beautiful photos of your Spring blooms, our garden is a jungle and needs serious attention so I enjoy seeing what others have in theirs. Those daffodils are so pretty.
    Well done on the tapestry make, it's stunning and the Kiss one will be a perfect companion.
    Lisa x

  42. I love your flowers Amy my Girl! I'm sure they make you happy - but right now they make ME really happy while I continue to wait for bloom season over here. Lol

    I can't believe how many blogs you follow and how you find the time as it is Lady! I never expect you to comment on everything and just love your visits in any way. ;)

    Good for you with the walking! I've been working away at it here too and I'm excited as I have a new "program" I'm going to be following starting next week. If all goes well over time I will be sharing info about it and my progress in future posts.

    Blessings to you and the Mr. for a wonderful weekend Lovie!! xoxo

  43. Amy, your photos are gorgeous, really stunning!

    We have a lawn full of primroses as every year DH has been moving those that are growing in hidden away places to positions where they will be more visible. Tomorrow, weather permitting, we hope to take some photos of a whole field of primroses!

    I too comment when I can but it is hard to find time for everything one wants to do!

    Have a super weekend!

    Barbara xx

  44. Hi Amy! Oh, your flowers are so pretty and look healthy too! It's cold here too. We had snow, then heavy rains with high powered winds and now it's snowing again! My little tulip leaves are beginning to poke out of the ground and I know spring is coming! Don't apologize for not visiting much. I know you're my friend and you'll come when you can and I always appreciate your visits! Good luck with your patterning! Is that a word? :)
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  45. Wow your flowers are beautiful. We had sleet, snow, hail today! And it's getting below freezing now so the roads are going to be slick. Horrible April weather.
    Hey I tried to "grab that button" but I couldn't get it to work. I know it's something I'm doing wrong but I don't know what, and I don't have a 10 year old to help me! I did link up to your post the old fashioned way though, but clicking on Five on Friday in my post. Hope that's ok.

    Cindy Bee

  46. Hi Amy, I love all your beautiful flowers. It makes me anxious to get out into my gardens, that is if it ever warms up. Right now everything is under snow again although it's supposed to get warmer on Monday. Can't wait! Enjoy your weekend!

  47. Hello Amy
    It's a wonder you have time to blog at all, you're a busy lady. I've knocked back on my blogging and commenting as are many people - especially with the gardening season starting.
    I was surprised when I took over the Mosaic Monday meme how many bloggers will link without a mosaic, not link back to me or even visit myself or others with a comment. Rather discouraging and I encourage you to do what you have to, I've had to block one person from linking for various reasons.
    Have a great weekend.

  48. What gorgeous flowers, perfect little English happiness Amy. It is still too hot here for me to start on the pansies, let alone produce a daffodil :( But maybe soon...
    I don't get a chance to comment on everyone's posts either, but know that I am also reading and respond to your fantastic blog whenever I can. Happy weekend Amy. xoxo

  49. Ahh, primroses and pansies just scream spring, don't they! I love them. We also have a few blue bells in the garden - although my daughter keeps trying to pick them! Thanks for hosting, Amy. Xxx

  50. Your photos of the spring flowers in your garden really lifted my spirits, they are so bright and jolly aren't they? Have a good weekend Amy
    Caz xx

  51. Good evening!
    Japan time is 9 pm on Saturday.
    Always thanks to a nice message.
    It is covered in Japanese cherry tree.
    Welcome to Okayama, the Land of Sunshine! Https://

  52. Lots of lovely blooms around there. Glad to hear you are still walking. It is a wonderful thing. I only signed up for Google+ because I couldn't leave comments on certain people's blogs when there was a Google update some years ago. But you've been leaving me comments, so maybe it's something else. I really do dislike being forced to continually do updates on all my tech devices because companies feel the need to constantly upgrade. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  53. I think my favourite are the primrose blossoms. But I am dying to see anything in bloom. Still under snow, but a lot promises to change in the next 2 weeks!

  54. I hate the cold and look forward to some warmer weather, but the plant world seems to have sprung to life at least. Lovely photos. Have a great weekend. Jane xx

  55. Such lovely photos Amy - and how odd of your currant berry - I'm going to check ours later to see if it's behaving so strangely. This week our forsythias have really got their colour going so that's good to see. have a lovely weekend and thanks for hosting xx

  56. Your garden is full of spring colour which is lovely to behold. I agree, it's very chilly indeed and I do not appreciate it! I was all geared up for spring and warmer weather. Have a great week Amy. xx

  57. How lovely you have so many flowers, we had snow showers so it's nice that blossoms exist somewhere, ha ha. I love that you are busy with outside stuff! A true aign of springtime :)

  58. Dear Amy,

    Lovely to see all your pretty Spring flowers and pansies are really my favourite and all you other wonderful photos.
    Happy new week

  59. Sorry I'm too late to add my link, but so enjoyed seeing your spring flowers. Very pretty. :)

  60. Your flowers are beautiful. Pansies are my favorite spring flower. I'm hoping to buy and plant a container full of them later this week. It's been cold lately, but finally a warm-up this week. You're the second person I've heard mentioning the bullet journal. I saw somewhere else online where someone was talking about it. I took a look into it and it's not for me, though I can see why it'd be helpful to some.

  61. I have just discovered five on friday! Sounds like fun! Great idea Amy X


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