Friday, 22 April 2016

Five On Friday


Welcome once again to Five On Friday.  It is great to have you here.  Sorry that I have been absent for most of this week, if you read my previous post you will get the gist as to why that has been.  The "conference" is arranged for next month...

In case you haven't read that post, I want to apologise once again for not commenting on your Five On Friday posts last week.  I am so sorry about that, I have been sick and just wasn't up to commenting.  I did though read all of your posts and I am, as always, so grateful and thankful to you all for taking part and joining in and of course enjoyed reading what you had to share.

Without you all joining in, visiting, writing posts and so on Five On Friday wouldn't exist and I know that some of you are very kind to say that it is down to me, and I certainly started it, but it is thanks to you all carrying it on that has made it a success!!  Thank you!!

My Five things this week are four actual "things" and then one other "thing", you will see what I mean...


There are so many things coming out, blooming and as you will see in a moment, flowering.  Here are just a few.

The "seasonal" cactus has decided that it is the season for flowering again...  I don't know why, but it is.  I will take any and all flowers at any time though!

Lots of buds on the clematis - above - and coming on the tulips.

The hostas are coming along nicely.  Not so pretty to look at right now, but they will be.

Above is one of the bleeding hearts and below is the peony.  I think that I need more peonies.  Might need to rectify that this year...

The grapevine is doing its thing.  I am always so happy to see it coming back into life each year.  You know how I worry about it!!!


There are flowers as well as buds.

Daffodils and clematis.

Wallflowers and - probably non native - bluebells.

Along with a tiny little purple geranium.  So delicate and so pretty!

Forget me nots - anyone know why some of the flower centres are yellow and some white?  I wish I knew.


Last week I received a letter from a friend who I have corresponded with online, but not by letter with, we are going to write good old fashioned letters to each other.  It was so lovely to get a real letter in the post and I really enjoyed reading it.  Until I started to write a reply I had forgotten the pleasure of not only reading, but writing letters.  So different to blog posts somehow and definitely to e-mails.  It was a real joy.  I look forward to more!


Someone asked me about my pineapples.  Yes, in theory I only collect brass ones.  Otherwise I would be overrun with them.  Although I do have one "gold" ceramic one.  So what this green candle pineapple was doing getting in to the house I don't know.  Any excuse really, but yes, in theory just brass pineapples!!


OK, so those were the four "normal things" and this one is the one that is a bit different.

I have written several times already about wanting to start a new venture with my social media "activities" and that I have wanted to start to make some videos.  After much trial and error and many tribulations I think - think! - that I am finally ready to start.  Today I am sharing my first video podcast with you today!!!!!

I am sharing it here on Five On Friday for a couple of reasons, I want to make sure that YOU - my bloggy friends - all know that I am not going anywhere.  My blog will still remain and so will Five On Friday.  I will also continue to blog during the rest of the week.  The podcasts will be shared here, which will be either once a week or once every two weeks depending on how things go.  You will also be able to find them on YouTube at my channel - Love Made My Home - and on Ravelry in the Love Made My Home Ravelry Group.  You can find these places by clicking the buttons on the sidebar of my blog and then you can join or subscribe to take part.  I hope to see some of you in these new places if you are interested.

Hopefully all of that makes sense.  The other reason for sharing this here today is that more of you read these posts than any others so this is a good way for me to reach you and let as many of you as possible know what changes I am making and at the same time that I am not leaving my blog or Five On Friday.

So to sum up, new stuff happening, old stuff carrying on, easily find it here on the blog and then go other places to find me too.  I waffle too much....

That is it really.  I hope that you will watch the video and will enjoy it.  Please please please let me have your feedback and comments, do you like it, will you watch, things you want to see.  All of that good stuff.

Here is the video, a bit more writing down below to read after you have watched it!

Thank you for the very kind comments and messages you have left me recently.  I so appreciate them and you have been so kind and supportive and caring too and that has really helped me.  Your kindness knows no bounds it seems and with all that is happening in the world today that really is an amazing and heartwarming thing isn't it.

I will "leave you in peace" now to watch the video.  I wish you a great weekend with lots of fun.  I will be round to read your posts and comment and I hope that you will go and visit some of the other posts too.

Thank you for everything.


p.s. sorry for the rather abrupt ending to the video, I will "sign off" in a better fashion next time!  Thank you for watching!


Thank you - as always! - for joining in and for going to read others posts.

If you want to grab a Five On Friday Button or get more information about how to join in the All About Five On Friday page will tell you all that you need to know.



  1. Hi Amy, so happy to know you are feeling better. I really enjoyed watching your podcast. The basket you made is so nice! Enjoy your weekend and don't work too hard. My best to you, Pat xx

  2. Well done, Amy! I admire your 'get up and go'!
    You seem very natural on screen. I don't find that there is a constant glare on your glasses - a little when you put your head down.
    I wish you the best of luck in this new venture!

  3. How exciting Amy. Go you! Hoping you continue to enjoy and that get better soon. Actually thought your voice sounded good on the pod.

  4. Good morning Amy, congrats to the video :-)
    Unfortunately I don't understand spoken English - have my little bit learned only by blogging, writing and reading...
    Nice spring photos, all is coming out.
    My hostas in this year are very early, habe just leaves. Well, it's the sunny south side here...
    Have a wonderful weekend (I guess you even without comment)

  5. Lovely post Amy. No time to watch your podcast today but I shall look forward to viewing it tomorrow evening. Wishing you a pleasant weekend xx

  6. Way to go Amy, lovely to see and hear you, I have watched a bit of the video and will pop back and watch it all with a cuppa later :-)

  7. What a lovely post, Amy! There are already so many wonderful flowers in your garden and the video is very interesting. I too will come back to see it again later. I so love your accent! :)
    Thank you for hosting Five on Friday. Have a lovely weekend! xx

  8. Congratulations on your new venture, exciting times for you.

  9. I hope you're all better now Amy. Gorgeous garden photos, the clematis looks as if its going to be amazing. Nice to see your hostas up. I put a couple in the front garden last year and I've been waiting to see the shoots come through. Nothing yet though. CJ xx

  10. Well done on tackling a video... It is something I have shied away from mostly because I can't face the technology, although there are you tube clips of me out there from the DVD. Your garden is looking lovely as ever.

  11. P.s. I should have added that you come across really well on the video clip!

  12. Glad you are feeling better now and congrats on the podcast, you came through loud and clear and it was great to see you, aren't you brave! Your garden looks beautiful, how lovely to see all the flowers again. x

  13. Good luck with the podcasts. You're braver than me. I hate going in front of a camera. And I know I wouldn't have tried with this awful cold. You have my sympathy. I suspect from the way you are coughing on the podcast that we're at about the same stage! I wish it would hurry up and go away.

    I LIKE your candle pineapple and I think it deserves a place among the brass. Of course you can always burn it. That way you've had the enjoyment, but it won't take up space any more.

  14. Just watched and enjoyed your podcast. Well done you. It's good to challenge yourself to try new things and you are certainly embracing lots of new ventures this year. Good luck, I'm sure your podcasts will be very popular.

  15. Lovely. I have something to look forward to when I am in town and have fast internet, your podcast.
    Your garden is looking like it is waking up very nicely. Have a nice weekend. xo

  16. The clematis buds are full of promise.... Beautiful Spring!

  17. Glad to hear you're feeling better, Amy! Lots of exciting things happening for you and I admire you for undertaking a new challenge and making videos! Well done!
    Thanks so much for hosting!

  18. I have just watched your podcast, well done, I really enjoyed it and looking forward to viewing more soon. I wouldn't have a clue where to start but would eventually like to do something similar with all my crochet projects. xx

  19. Congratulations on the podcast. It was lovely to see and hear you - you don't look at all like I'd imagined you to! Hope you manage to get rid of your cough and get fully better. Good luck with the 'man' conference.

  20. Hi Amy, I finally made it to Five on Friday! What fun to see your podcast! Things in our yard aren't nearly as advanced as yours, but my daffodils are just opening up and that is thrilling. Thanks for Five on Friday. I hope to visit again.

  21. That was fun, Amy! You are so good at attending to detail in a very orderly manner. I so enjoyed your podcast. I didn't know that Sugar 'n Cream came in so many color ways. You're so cute when you just give a glimpse of the shawl you are working on. I DO want to see more of that.
    Well done! You speak so gently and clearly. I'm looking forward to the next podcast!

  22. Good for you Amy. I've only watched a few minutes (will watch when I have more time), lovely to see/hear what you have to say and I'm sure it'll do well for you. Have a good weekend. Sam x

  23. Five lovely things, Amy. Your buds are further ahead than ours and your garden is looking lovely. I'm listening to your podcast as I write this and it is lovely to see you and hear you voice, good luck with the podcasts, I'm sure they will be very popular and look very helpful too:)

  24. Hi Amy - loved joining you today and on your podcasting adventure, how exciting! You would not have known you had a cold!
    Have a great weekend
    Wren x

  25. I really enjoyed watching your podcast and putting a face to the name. I know you've posted photos before but this shows you as you really are, if you know what I mean. How lovely to be corresponding with your friend through actual letters, letter writing is a dying art nowadays but it's so lovely to see a handwritten envelope land on the doormat, isn't it?

  26. Your garden looks lovely. I always enjoy seeing bluebells. It's so nice you are beginning a "snail mail" correspondence. There are many pluses to writing and receiving a hand written letter. Good for you with the podcast … you did well.

  27. So nice to see you and hear your voice. Fun. Good job on the video! The spot you are recording from has good light for your face, etc. You have a voice and style of speaking that is easy to listen to which is good for podcasting! Happy to hear Five is staying on. I've enjoyed the new blogs and bloggers I've met from this meme you've started. Thank you. Loved seeing all your photos of plants budding and blooming. Looks like your climate is close to ours here in the Seattle area.

  28. Hello dear lady, congrats, it is very brave of you I still have not managed to show a picture of myself. I feel so self conscious. It is lovely to meet you, if you know what I mean.
    Have a lovely weekend

  29. I had a nice cup of tea with you this morning, thank you for the wonderful podcast, you did fabulous!

  30. Enjoyed the podcast, nice to finally see Amy. Love the candle pineapple.

  31. Glad you will be continuing here with the blog . I will check out your podcast later this weekend! how fun to SEE you and hear you!

  32. Hi Amy, lovely to put a face and voice to your blog! Thankyou for the podcast, how brave you are! Good luck with them on a regular basis, look forward to seeing the next one.
    Lots of Spring growth in your garden, its such an exciting time of year seeing the first flowers and then suddenly everything seems to start blooming.
    Hope youre feeling better now, have a good weekend!
    Gill xx

  33. lovely to see you on video! It helps us get to know you better. And you shared some very interesting things in this first podcast. Love the beautiful flowers you shared..especially the wallflower and forget-me-nots. Glad you are keeping the blog! Have a great week!

  34. Love all the flower pictures and great podcast, was so nice to see you in person :-) Have a lovely weekend!


  35. You have so many lovely things growing at your home! I hope you have finally recovered from that flu bug. I'm going to have a look at your video podcast right now. You are very brave to attempt doing one. I would never have enough courage!

  36. Hi Amy, how lovely to see and hear you on your podcast. Well done; I was very impressed. No wonder your friend wanted you to make her a basket, the one you showed is beautiful. Gorgeous flower photos too. Enjoy the weekend. xx

  37. Hi Amy Pleased to hear you are on the mend. I love the photos of nature you've taken and I was amused by your musings over pineapples. Now off to watch your vt.

  38. Lovely flowery photos, but I'll have to watch the podcast on my PC, not this laptop, so will probably email a comment as well. The bluebells are the sort we purchase over here (Spanish) not your native ones, which I think are much darker and more delicate looking and we can't get at all. I have many bulbs showing through already here, just as yours are flowering. It's strange in some ways talking different seasons. Have a great weekend and take care.

  39. Your blooms are just lovely...but even lovelier is YOU! It was so nice to "see" you and hear your voice. I can't tell you just how much I love British accents. Even with your cold, you have such a beautiful voice. :-)

  40. Best of luck on your new adventure in cyber-land! So much fun! Love seeing your video and all the flowers in your garden. It's a good time of year for a new adventure! Hugs xo Karen

  41. Amy, what gorgeous floral photos. Delights for the eye and soul. And, what a great pineapple candle.

    Want to add my congrats on your new venture. It's exciting to try new things and I'm glad you are steppin' out to do something you've been longing to do. Wishing you all the best.

    And wishing you also a wonderful weekend.

  42. Lovely April flowers and the promise of more to come. And congratulations on filming and uploading the first podcast, you came across so clearly in face and voice so very well done to you.

  43. Hi Amy,
    Missing joining in again, I need to look at life with more optimistic eyes. I just had a long not so good week at work and was waiting for it to end for the w/e. I love your post, we have tulips in the front porch bit of the garden, but they have not bloomed yet. And the plum tree in the garden is blossoming though. I will TRY and join in next week, though my MIL is coming and we are taking a week holiday to Cornwall.

    I wish you the best with your new tentative steps into the broadcasting bloggy world, I have absolute confidence in you that it will be a success, but still wish you luck. x

  44. Beautiful plants and flowers Amy. Your garden is much further advanced than mine, so it is a treat to see things yet to emerge here. Good luck with your new venture and hope the "conference" goes well too. X

  45. I have just discovered the world of podcasts and listened to yours. Well done! You are off to a good start. I love yarny talk and will check in to listen again. Thanks.

  46. Hello Amy, nice flowers in your garden. Wow now you are making wonderful videos. All the best with that! Enjoy the weekend.

  47. Bravo with the podcast Amy, you did really well, very natural! Great garden photos, things are springing up :-) Thanks for hosting Five on Friday. xx

  48. Hi Amy my Girl!!

    Sorry I'm still playing catch up in blogland and didn't get anything prepared for 5 on Fri this week - but I had to come pop by and say hello anyway!! I love seeing your flower updates and I definitely think you should do more peonies. They're so pretty and I'm partial to them as my MIL has always loved them and they make me think of her.

    NOw - to your podcast...LOVED it!! Great job Lady!! You're so adorable and I know you can't hear me but I was talking right back to you. Lol!! I love how you talk and your sweet giggle. I think it's a wonderful new creative outlet and it will be so fun to follow. So just had to give you a pat on the back. ;)

    Happy weekend to you and blessings Hon. xoxo

  49. Well done Amy I love the podcast!! So nice to see all your work-in-progress, I adore the blanket and can only hope that one day my skills will have improved to create something so wonderful.

    But silly me has realised I linked to my blog and not my blogpost, my Five on Friday post is the one about my favourite garden photos.

    Angela - Garden Tea Cakes and Me

  50. Look at all those pretty green shoots! Wow! And, so many pretty blooms. I love that your cactus is blooming again. Love that you collect pineapples -- that "old" symbol of hospitality. Well done on the podcast and good luck with your new adventure! Have a lovely week.

  51. Hello Amy,
    Such beautiful photographs of your flowers!
    Congratulations on your first podcast. You must have been so excited making and posting it! You sounded very natural. I look forward to seeing future podcasts.
    Barbara xx

  52. Lovely photos Amy, I do like clematis. And well done on your podcast, for a self-confessed technophobe you do incredibly well, it doesn't show at all!!
    Caz xx

  53. It is lovely watching the garden come to life in the spring isn't it.

  54. How odd that the seasonal cactus is flowering again - clearly it's also put out by the weather! Have a fab week and thanks for hosting x


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