Thursday, 17 March 2016

A wondering walk - not wandering and not in the woods!

When I was sick I stopped my daily walking which was a shame as I had really enjoyed it, but there was no way that I could walk further than from the bed to the couch.  Now that I am better and back in the swing of things again I have been walking again and I am so pleased to be back to it.

Today there was a frost first thing, but by the time I got out for my walk mid morning the sun was shining and although it wasn't hot, it certainly wasn't that really chilling cold that it has been.  In fact, it was a very pleasant walk!

I decided to take my camera along to show you what I saw as yesterday I noticed that spring was finally starting to show some signs of springing.

I won't say too much, just leave you to enjoy the pictures.

Wasn't that lovely!  I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did!!  It is so good to see life returning once again and it is definitely making me want to go out and walk more and see more which is a good thing isn't it.

While I was walking I was thinking - which is one of the things that I do as a I walk.  I don't just mean watching where I am going, checking for traffic and so on, I mean really thinking.  Today I was thinking about my blog, where it is going, where I am taking it and how that is going.

I really want to move more towards the yarn direction.  However, I have noticed that if, for example, I post about a finished item that I have made you are all wonderful enough to say how much you like it, the style, colours and so on.  You know the kind of thing I am sure.  I have also noticed though that if I share a pattern, a tutorial or so on there are less comments.  That is totally fine, I am not asking you to comment.  It makes me wonder though if you find that stuff interesting or not?

So perhaps you could let me know.  Is it interesting, do you want to see it, is it of use to you - which is what I want it to be more than anything!

My pondering thoughts at the moment are that I will do some videos and they will be about my yarn pursuits and I will stick mainly to yarn matters in those videos.  Then I will keep my blog for other matters, walks, gardening, home, decorating, work and so on which are the other things I share here and which you all express interest in.  I will still no doubt show the odd yarny thing, but perhaps just keep it to finished items and leave the more detailed ins and outs to the videos.

So, what do you think?  What do YOU want to see here.  I really want to know your (kind and polite!) thoughts, but don't just say whatever you do is lovely and I like it unless that is really true.  The facts bear out that less people read a tutorial on how to make or do something yarn related than probably will read - even if they don't comment - on this post about my walk.

What do you think?  If you are a non yarn person do the yarn things bother you?  If you are a yarn person would you come and watch a podcast instead of reading my blog to find those things?

Most of all, is what I share with you yarn wise actually any good?  Am I wasting my time on this?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts so that I can mull them over on my next walk!!

Hope you are having a great day and that the weather is good with you.



  1. What gorgeous spring sightings on your walk, Amy! I love cherry blossom!
    Just yarn about it all as its your blog!

  2. Lovely pictures Amy. Isn't it wonderful to see signs of Spring.
    I enjoy reading your blog for the variety of topics you cover. Obviously I find some things more interesting than others, but the wide range of topics you cover means that there is always something interesting to read about. It would be a shame if you changed the nature of your blog too drastically. I love seeing your crafty projects.
    At the end of the day it should be down to what you WANT to write about rather than how many comments you receive. Don't make blogging into a chore for yourself. Just have fun and do what makes you feel right. Be Amy!

  3. Amy, I have to confess I am not sure what a podcast is so you would have to guide me in that direction. I suspect that there are less comments with a tutorial of any description because until you have done it, it is hard to pass comment. I am always interested in yarn in any form it is one of my passions. Hope that helps.

  4. Dear Amy
    Lovely spring-like photos. It is just round the corner isn't it?

    As far as your questions go, I am not a knitter or crocheter, so patterns are lost on me. However, for those people who are fans, I would think they would enjoy how tos and patterns. I suppose it depends what you want your blog to be - after all, it is your blog. You could always have your yarn-type things on a separate page/tab perhaps, if you thought that would be a good idea? I'm not sure that helps much...
    Best wishes and good luck with your wonderings

  5. We all take going for a walk for granted until we are laid low. I have had a similar experience and am slowing regaining strength to walk short distances. It was lovely to go along with you and your camera. Your photos are wonderful. I especially liked the daffodils and those little blue flowers, grape hyacinth?

    To answer your question I like reading about your home, cooking, walks and life in general.

  6. Hey Amy,
    As you know I am not a yarn person, and so I probably wouldn't comment on those posts. However I am always interested to read about and see pictures of your latest yarny pursuit. You have a large following, which I suspect is down to the variety of subjects you post about. However, at the end of the day, it's your blog, so if you want to take it in a particular direction, go for it! I'm pretty certain lovely posts such as this will still crop up. Funnily enough I was pondering a similar thing on my walk this morning. And then I got distracted by a Kestrel. My blog meanders. A bit like myself. Whatever direction you find yourself going, you won't lose the essence of your blog. And that, my friend, is you!
    Leanne xx

  7. I love reading everything on your blog. You could have a blog just for your yarn if you like. I have seen people with more than one blog for some of their subject matters.

  8. as a none yarn person I can say that the yarn things don't bother me, I appreciate anything creative that people make themselves and have a passion for, although I am less likely to read those particular posts when they show up in my reading list. Also I've notice now that a lot of the allegedly "random" blogs that come up when I use the "next blog" button are now all yarny blogs because blogger has obviously noticed a pattern of yarny people due to my participating in 5 on friday, so that made me chuckle as blogger is convinced I now want to read exclusively yarn blogs!

  9. I enjoy the variety of your posts, but I like the patterns too. I'm a very unskilled crocheter so I enjoy the work of others. When the patterns are simple I can follow them, a little harder when they're not.
    But at the end of the day it's your blog, so post what you like. That's what I do, my least read posts are my posts about books, but that's ok, I enjoy writing them anyway.

  10. I enjoyed seeing your beautiful photos of the spring blooms there. So lovely to see as I look out at a fresh snow this morning on the brown grass that was yesterday's view. I know it will soon be gone but I'm longing for warm and sunny spring days now. Regarding your question on your blog - I enjoy seeing your finished knitting projects but not being one who knits or crochets, I don't bother with those posts with patterns. (just being honest) I enjoy your gardens and such though and your little chats. :) Have a beautiful day! xx Pam

  11. I do so love waiting and watching for the buds of leaves and flowers. Such an inspirational time of year!

  12. I enjoyed the lovely photos from your walk.I really miss my walks allot too but this knee is still too swelled and touchy
    I used to think too much about my blog-I started blogging back around 2004 I think it was, and my conclusions over time are that I do want to share things-recipes, herbs, all my crafts and doings in my retirement etc with my readers-but I post mostly for me now.
    blogging has really changed over the past several years-so many of my close blogging friends only want to be on facebook now, they tell me cause it is simpler--I have always had a difficult time connecting with friends on this platform but I have not found another one that I like and if I did that I would be starting all over again finding readers.
    I do have a friend that has set up several blogs-a general blog, one for her art, and one only for her garden. So that might be a nice option for your yarn and patterns.

  13. Hi Amy, thank you for taking us on your lovely walk! I love the daffodils with the blue hyacinths - such a beautiful combination. Spring is certainly making a lovely showing there. I am thinking that perhaps you could include your yarny bits in a diversified post including some other things, too. That way, there is something for everyone! Maybe with a link for the directions so the post is not all tutorial. But, with saying that, I think you should write what you feel like writing. That is the beauty of having your own blog! Hugs xo Karen

  14. Wonderful set of photos, loving the change in light and weather.
    As far as your blog posts go I think you have to post about what you want..and if it means loosing a few people on the way, so be it. You can't please everyone and I find if you try to hard it becomes a problem and you can loose your blogging mojo.
    Hope this helps a little.
    Amanda xx

  15. Thank for the beautiful spring photos. Gives me hope, we will see signs of spring soon. I am not a knitter or crocheter, so wouldn't use patterns ect, but do enjoy seeing finished products. Alway amazed,to see what creative people can accomplish.

  16. Amy, the images from your walk are stunning, Spring is definitely springing. I guess that tutorials are useful for beginners to the craft but for people with more experience they probably are not so useful. Personally I really do love the mix of yarny topics interspersed with other things. I think you just have to accept that some topics are going to appeal more than others and therefore receive more comments. However it is your blog and you should do what makes you happy and not worry to much about how many people comment on certain posts. Keep up the good work. xx

  17. Walks are great for mulling things over, aren't they. I find a lot of inspiration from blogs, I'm taking part in a stitch along and a crochet along though strictly, that's finished now, I'm just way behind, but I find tutorials and patterns interesting so I'm quite happy for you to continue with this on your blog. I don't watch so many podcasts at the moment but I can't see a reason why I wouldn't watch them if you made them.

  18. I'm glad you were able to enjoy your walk again Amy. It's your blog so you need to follow where your heart leads it to. I always read but if I'm reading in work I can't leave a comment xx

  19. Your spring is a bit more advanced than ours!
    I enjoy your blog as it is, with its eclectic mix of topics, but I can understand that you want to concentrate more on the yarn side - good luck with your video project!!

  20. Glad you are back enjoying your walk and enjoying the gorgeous sunshine. I love your blog and I know what you mean by the posts that are more or less popular. I think clearly labelled podcasts is the way to go with yarny how to 's . If people want to find out more they can. You could always add links in your posts. We all like to see your finished ta dah is good to share! You have such a variety of posts that are great to read :) B x

  21. Your walk must have been interesting with such a lot of beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing. As for your blog, you must take it in the direction which has meaning for you. I'll always stop by and read and usually comment, though I've had some go into the nether lately. I just like seeing what you've been up to in general, whether it be yarny, gardening, cooking or whatever. Don't stress about it as commentors come and go, and it's like a digital diary for you as well. Take care my friend.

  22. I love your blog much as it is, Amy. I'm not a crafter and maybe not all those who read your blog are crafters, although I suspect a lot of them are in one way or another. I love to see what you have made but I take no other interest in making thing other than admiring the skills of others (what I mean is, I'd not wish to take it up as I'm hopeless with any kind of need) just as perhaps you'd not want to settle down at your PC and write 1000/1500 words on the history of wallpaper which I will be writing shortly for a magazine or something on the restoration of London after the Great Fire, which has its 400th anniversary this year or even how to clean your house before putting it on the market, such as the short piece I've just done for the local paper. People might want to read these, but not do all the research - so admiring your craft work is much the same for me. I like to look at the finished article.
    So I think you have the mix right - home affairs, i.e. things that not only please you but trouble you - we all have our off days! Walks in the countryside, much as you have posted today; your craft work, and of course, your work at Basildon, which I'm sure we all enjoy seeing or reading about.
    So if we are put to the vote, I'd say keep it as it is, a lovely mix of all that you do.
    Margaret P

  23. Hiya, I personally would put any tutorials separately as when people look for these, they are looking for something specific. Maybe show the results on this blog and link in to another blog which is yarn/tutorial dedicated?
    Regardless, I love yarn and anything you decide won't put me off ;) x

  24. When I had a decision like you honey, and posted about it , all my comments by my lovely followers told me it was MY blog and that I should always remember that. I am sure that like all readers of blogs some posts you read and others might not interest you so much and you might skip that post but return for the next post. Be happy and do what makes you happy.....I try to think if I interest just one follower , give them a giggle, smile, interest them in some way that is a great post for me, and if more than even better. Maria xx

  25. I'm quite happy to read whatever you want to write about as we seem to like the same range of things. It's your blog so you can do whatever springs to mind! x

  26. Your photos tell it all - it's a lovely feeling to know that the winter is now behind us again.

  27. Ah Cherry Blossom is a sure sign of Spring! Lovely pictures Amy. I fall into the non yarny camp but I still like those posts and love the colours yesterday, but I don't comment because I don't have anything to say. However, it is YOUR blog and I think you should write exactly what you like when you like! Your blog is lovely!!! xx

  28. It's good that the weather is so much better and we can enjoy getting out for a walk. Suddenly Spring has arrived and you've captured that so well today in your photos. I'm quite happy with whatever you blog about, Amy. I like lots of visuals because I get eye strain when there's too much writing, but I'm sure your readers will enjoy whatever you have to share.

  29. Wow Amy I love those photos of the flowers and spring. I love whatever you like to talk about on your blog!
    Enjoy your Friday and weekend.

  30. Such beautiful photos Amy! I loved "our" walk together. ;)

    I'm a "wanna be" someday yarn person (still catching up in my paper crafting life). I plan to learn to crochet and knit in the future though - so I'm always intrigued by your yarn crafting and don't mind seeing it at all Hon.

    Blessings and Happy St. Patty's Day! xoxo

  31. I am a yarn person so naturally I enjoy posts about yarn. I also love fabric and other types of crafts. I think sharing a variety of things in good balance keeps things interesting. I see blogging as a creative outlet. A representation of me and what I love. So basically just share what you love.
    xx Beca

  32. Spring is so welcome! Your photos tell me that our spring and yours are about on par. Regarding blogging direction - do whatever you want. I have put up a few tutorials (in the past) and those posts have the most hits and some of the fewest comments. I think that people who are looking for things to make do a google search and arrive at your blog that way. They pin and possibly make, but rarely comment.

  33. Post your yarns and your wondering or whatever you want. I don't knit or crochet but I'm happy to see creations. I'm always wondering that's why my blog is called the Happy Wonderer.

  34. I love seeing the things that you make Amy, whether they are in progress (which is actually nice to see the progress of someone's work) or the finished item. As you know, I don't crochet, so I give a miss on the tutorials as I just don't understand the jargon. I know this doesn't offend you. If you have posted just the tutorial, then I most likely wouldn't have commented. If you had included the tutorial with a regular type of post, then I would comment. You have lots of followers, so all those people are following you for their own different reasons. Some like the gardening, some the crochet, some the historical posts. You have a really nicely rounded blog of varying topics, and I'm sure that's what draws in a lot of followers ... variety is the spice of life! The crochet tutorials will only appeal to those people that do actually crochet of course. I don't think you should stop posting them, however. That's all a part of YOU! Just because you may get fewer comments on those posts doesn't reflect badly. I doubt you will lose followers when you post a tutorial though. And I'm sure the people that crochet enjoy and make use of your tutorials. It just shows that non-crocheters are not going to read a post that makes no sense to them. I very rarely post a knitting tutorial (since I haven't created very much on my own), but I enjoy sharing them for a post and afterwards just put them all on separate pages that are listed in my sidebar. Don't over think this, just do what makes you happy.

  35. Loved the pics from your walk!
    And lots of other things on your blog too :-).
    Just do what you love!

  36. First of all the yarn in your last post is delicious. I am in love with the colors. Yarny posts are just fine with me, I love tutorials and patterns and just seeing what you have made. Glad you are feeling good enough to get outdoors and walk.

  37. It's your blog; therefore, a recorded history for you to look back on. We just have the privilege of getting a peek into your "diary". We enjoy your posts, no matter the subject. I just feel lucky that I found you and the other Five on Friday ladies to enjoy. Post away! We love it all.

  38. I think you should blog about what YOU want to blog about--that's what I finally decided to do and am glad I did.

  39. My own blog is an eclectic mix of things so I am drawn to blogs that do similarly. You can blog about anything at all! I think that is perfect and who cares about the'll know that those who commented wanted to and that's enough. Course some bloggers get so specific that they start multiple blogs to focus on that one thing. I'd find it exhausting.


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