Monday, 22 February 2016

What I did this weekend

I didn't actually leave the house this weekend!  I seem to have been so busy though and I have got a lot done on my latest tapestry adventure.  Mostly I have been reading and commenting on your wonderful Five On Friday posts!  Thank you so very much for joining in, it was really wonderful of you to take part, to comment, to go visiting and commenting!

I really am so thankful and so grateful and do appreciate all of your efforts.  I know that we all have a lot of demands on our time, so taking time out to do this is a commitment I realise and I do appreciate it.

So far 55 posts have been linked up - the most ever! - and you still have until Thursday evening to join in with your own post - which must be about five things and must link back to my Five On Friday post - or to go and visit other posts and let me know you have done that.  Then you will be entered into the two giveaways for my heart garlands.  Which I must get crocheting!!

Thank you!!!

Going back to the tapestry, currently I am working on my Hug cushion by Emily Peacock.  You start in the middle and work outwards, so the first letter to be completed was the U.

This weekend I finished the G.

Then I started on the H!

This is a slightly wonky view of where I am so far with it.  There is a lot of background still to do and a border, then I have another one to go with it which is the Kiss.  So I am a way off finishing, but getting there and really enjoying it.

I am not enjoying the counting of the stitches though, I am finding it really hard and keep having to go back and fix bits which is very frustrating.  For the Kiss I might try and work out a better way of doing it.  Up to now I have had threads marking points running all over the place and that got me more confused so I might write onto the canvas in my disappearing ink pen instead.

Hubby has still be busying working our (his really because I just say what I want and he is doing the doing!) current DIY project.  The dryer has now moved upwards - which is so much easier to get into now! - and there is a new bottom cupboard which is great and gives a lot more space.  Plus, my vases can live on top of the dryer - when I move them that is.

There is still a way to go, but I will keep showing you the progress as it happens.  One thing I really need to do is to buy a new doormat!  This one isn't washable...

Today I am late posting - it is 11.15 am as I have been busy working this morning although that wasn't what I intended to do!  I sat down to check e-mails and then started to fiddle and before I knew it I had made this!

This is headed for my Etsy shop, when I have the other three made - today perhaps? - I will update the shop and let you know that they are in for sale.

While I am talking of my shop, I wanted to mention something else.  I realised when calculating the price for these that I made a mistake on the other items in my shop in the pricing, and more specifically to do with the postage.  I will be correcting it.  So if you looked before and thought the things were expensive, I will be revising the prices to correctly account for the postage, so perhaps that will entice you more!  I hope that my error hasn't offended anyone.  It is all part of the learning process for me.

On the subject of apologies, I started out by mentioning that so many of you have been lovely enough to join in Five On Friday.  Because of that I have just been overwhelmed with post reading and commenting myself and going back and forth on various things.  So please accept my apologies for not commenting on your other posts.  I have read all of the posts on all of the blogs that I follow, but I just cannot always comment on every one.

I follow over 300 blogs - because I try and follow all of your blogs if I can! - so it just isn't possible to comment on them all all of the time anymore.  I wish that I could, and it really upsets me that I cannot do it.  If I did, I would do nothing else all day than read and comment on blogs - which would give me no time to do anything to blog about!

I will continue to read your posts and will always comment when I can, but if I don't, please don't think that I am ignoring you, I'm really not!  This isn't to say that I am stopping commenting, but please bear with me if I don't get to comment on every one of your posts, that is all.

Also, in the past I have talked about replying to comments, again, time prevents me from replying to every comment, and often bloggers are - because they want to retain some privacy I imagine - no reply so I cannot reply directly anyway.  I wanted you all to know that if I don't reply it isn't because I haven't read or don't value your comments.  I read every single one and I value every single one too.  You are all so lovely to comment.  Thank you!!  Instead of replying, I try and visit all of your blogs and comment - which is why I follow so many blogs!

That is a very long explanation, but with new followers lately, thank you for joining in here!, I wanted to explain to you and also to remind any longer term readers who might not be sure how I handled things.

I will shut up and now and go away!  I have things to do and get on with and I am sure you do too.

Hope that you all have a wonderful week ahead!

Today I am linking with Karen at Pumpkin Sunrise to share what I did this weekend and Julies Lifestyle for Cooking and Crafting with J&J.



  1. Your tapestry is gorgeous Amy. I have done several counted cross stitch...the one on linen was a total mare! Never again!
    Re your commenting, I can't reply to comments left on my blog as there is no facility to do so on my Blogger's v. annoying. I suppose I could change templates but I am worried I would get in a pickle and end up with no blog. Me and technology are not compatible. x

  2. You have a nice area for doing your laundry, mine is in the unfinished basement :( I think if I put vases on top of my stacked machines, they would eventually get shaken right off! Your "hugs" is so cute, and I love the details in the lettering. Lovely spring-coloured Easter buttons on your button egg. You have been busy in Chez Amy this weekend! I decluttered (ho hum).

  3. Your Hug cushion is coming along well. Tapestry is something I've never had a go at but I quite fancy giving it a go. No, I mustn't start anything else at the moment, I've got so many things waiting in the wings already.

  4. Sounds like a nice weekend, sometimes only home will do :o) xx

  5. Don't worry about commenting, just keep posting, always enjoy your posts.

  6. what beautiful tapestry, I wish I had the patience for something like that, far too fiddly for me haha
    I love your little laundry room too ,what I'd give for something like that, in my dreams lol xx

  7. I love nothing better than staying home.
    Your handwork is beautiful.
    I need to go back in my stash and find a project.
    What a blessing to have so many interesting things to do, right?

  8. You have been busy with your hands and at home. Brilliant idea putting the dryer up high, saves room and is more efficient.
    Hugs to you Amy,

  9. We were in the house all afternoon on Sunday, so have been writing and crocheting. I'll show what I'm working on when I'm finished.

  10. I love your cross stitch and the button design is so cute. We spent time in the house this week too, just relaxing.

  11. If you don't have time to comment or reply to my comments, please don't worry especially as I am being very annoying in writing something most days!! I know you are there so thanks very much for that. Glad you are finding things to make for the shop, I wouldn't know where to start.x

  12. You've made an excellent start on the tapestry, it looks lovely and colourful already. With all the blogs you follow I'm amazed you can find time for anything else. Your comments are always appreciated on my blog whenever you get the chance.

  13. It sounds like you had a very productive weekend.
    Thanks for sharing your projects with us at Cooking and Crafting with J&J.

  14. I love the way you stacked the washer and dryer! Your red Crocs are cute!
    I love the needlework. Hugs and Kisses. So sweet!

  15. Tapestry work is just wonderful Good job

  16. Hello dearest Amy! I'm back!! Sorry was off traveling last week so that's why I haven't been around. I see I can hook up late for 5 of Fri this week - so I will work on a post for tomorrow!! I definitely don't want to miss a chance to win one of those garlands. ;) I love the 5 on Fri posts - so thanks for all you do to make those happen. I can't believe you follow that many blogs. Absolutely astounding!!

    I love your button creations!! An Easter egg if a perfect idea. I may have to visit that shop of yours soon.
    Blessings my Friend. xoxo


  17. A weekend at home sounds like a lovely thing. We stayed in on Saturday, unheard of for us, and I really enjoyed it. So glad Five on Friday is such a success, and please don't worry at all about not commenting and replying to everything. That way madness lies! I love the tapestry. I've seen that design before and loved it, so I shall look forward to seeing your progress. CJ xx

  18. Gosh Amy, you are racing through this. It won't be long before you are onto the more relaxing background. They are going to look fabulous together. I think you are doing the smaller counted cross stitch design so I'm wondering if you will make them into decorative cushions or frame them.

  19. The Tapestry is going to look wonderful, have done some in the past. Had to many operation on my hands and it now hurts to much to hold a needle.
    It's nice sometimes to spend a weekend at home doing stuff..
    Amanda xx

  20. What a great tapestry Amy, so modern yet quirky. I love it. Counted cross-stitch can be tricky, and so easy to lose just one stitch and it changes everything. The Easter button picture is gorgeous too - a beautiful idea. And speaking of laundries, I think I'll have to borrow your hubbie to come over here and give mine a much-needed makeover - ha ha

  21. that is a lot of blogs to follow, wow wee!! you go girl. i can not imagine??! i love the button design. i have seen similar ones online and have always thought they were super awesome. wondered how difficult they would be make? love it! ( :

  22. I love the design of the HUG cushion, well worth investing the time. Happy Tuesday.

  23. My dear Amy, your tapestry is simply lovely and the colors are fabulous!

    Love your button egg - so cute and sweet for Easter :) And I love your pretty Etsy shop. You are very talented, my friend. Hugs!

  24. I love the details in your tapestry!
    Your etsy projects are so cute too. I have the sae probelm with commenting. You just can't get to everyone!

  25. Counted tapestry requires a lot of concentration, but it's worth it. I can never manage with tapestry pieces where the pattern is printed on, it actually confuses me more! Yours is coming along beautifully. X

  26. Ah the tapestry is beautiful and will make a fabulous cushion I am sure. I understand the difficulty in keeping up with comments, I have been wandering myself about my fastidious replying, I wonder if anyone even cares ha! I would love a weekend just in the house - sounds like bliss to me xx

  27. My, but you have been busy! I love the little button-egg. Very sweet,
    Please don't worry about replying to comments. I don't do it unless there is a question or something that I'd like to follow on with.

  28. Your new tapestry is coming along really well. The egg is so cute, what a wonderful edition to the home for Easter.
    Lisa x

  29. I love the desk shot, the creativity is bursting forth there :) Love your stitching and that diy project looks like it is closer and closer to being finished :)

  30. That HUG cushion is already looking fantastic Amy x

  31. Looks like you had a busy weekend! :)

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!


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