Thursday, 25 February 2016

They Came to Baghdad

Today is an odd sort of day so far.  I have been all off kilter from my usual routine.  I was supposed to be going to visit Lady today, but I have Hubby at home sick with a coldy flu bug type of thing, so I don't want to go and see Lady and give the bug to her.  We have talked on the phone instead and she is OK.

My normal way of doing things has gone.  That is OK, it will come back and I am glad that Hubby hasn't gone to work and is working on getting better instead.  He will be fine.

I got up early and did some work as I normally do and then went to keep Hubby company for a bit.  I didn't realise until today when my normal routine was interrupted that I had actually already developed a routine for working as it has only been a few weeks really since I started with doing things the way that I am now.

That is a good thing though isn't it - that I have a routine - it must mean that I am doing something right. 

I don't mind having my routine interrupted by a sick husband, or a visit to Lady, but I did mind the other interruption I had this morning.  Someone telephoning claiming to be calling from Microsoft to help me out...  I pointed out that they were a scam artist and that their call was illegal and told them the police were monitoring our phone line.  I have found from past experience that the police monitoring the line bit is the quickest way to stop scammers from calling!  Not my idea, I borrowed it from someone else.  Hubby said I was a bit "fierce" with them on the phone.  I said that I wasn't sure that it mattered with a telephone con artist!!

Anyway, now I am trying to get back to it and get some work done!!

I decided to tidy up my very messy desk - did you see the photo I posted earlier in the week! - and found this book waiting for me to write my review of it, so here goes!

This year my reading has been off to a slow start, I have only finished two books so far - although that does make me ever so slightly ahead of schedule for reading at least one book a month I suppose!

As you know I have many Agatha Christie books to read and the latest one I have finished is this, They Came to Baghdad

It was totally different than any of the other Agatha Christies that I have read before which have either been Poirot or Miss Marple stories or books of her short stories.  This was a whole story in one book, but neither Poirot or Miss Marple featured.

The story centred around Victoria Jones who doesn't actually feature right at the beginning of the book though.  I found the start hard to get into, but once Victoria came into the picture it was easier to follow things as she carried the tale along.  There is a great mystery, no one really knows who is behind it, but people keep disappearing and being killed, is the mysterious Anna Scheele behind it all, or should we be looking for someone else.

What does Dr Pauncefoot Jones have to do with the story, or is it Mrs Hamilton Clipp that we need to be wary of.  The culprit surely couldn't be anyone else.  Or could it?

Victoria meets and falls immediately in love with Edward who is travelling to Baghdad for business, Victoria must find a way to follow him.  As she does she finds that she has landed in a mystery and intrigue that will not be resolved until the very end of the story.  No one is who they appear, and what is actually going on.

Once I got into the book and figured out who all the main characters were it was an interesting read and an enjoyable book, although until I had read the first 40 or so pages I wasn't at all sure about it and considered abandoning it more than once.  I had no idea "who done it" or how or why!  So I was pleased when it was all resolved at the end.

I would recommend it as an Agatha Christie read, just bear with it!  I am pleased that I have read this book, and I am now embarking on another Agatha read which is a book of short stories.  I will report next month no doubt!!

I will not be keeping this book to read again because I am passing all of these onto the charity shop when I finish them, but I am sure that someone else will enjoy it.

Having written this I feel much more into my routine again so I better go and do some work now.  Don't forget that today is the last day to either include your Five On Friday post for the anniversary giveaway or to go and read at least three other Five On Friday posts, leave a comment and then come back and leave me a comment telling me that you are joining in.  There are two prizes on offer.  Entries close at 7pm this evening, I will announce the winners in my Five On Friday post tomorrow.

Hope you are all having a good day and are settled into your own routines!


p.s. I forgot to say, you can find all my book reviews by clicking on the Reading My Books page which is at the top right of the sidebar.


  1. I'm really enjoying working my way through all the Agatha Christie books, she writes a good tale and keeps the reader guessing right till the very end. Hope your husband is on the mend very soon.

  2. Agatha Christie is always a good read. I hope your husband gets better soon.x

  3. Hope the hubby is better soon, and everything gets back to running smoothly.
    And thanks for the review, it sounds like a good read. Have a great day!

  4. I know exactly what you mean when your usual routine is interrupted for some reason. I haven't read that many Agatha Christie books but one which I read and greatly enjoyed recently was 'And Then There Were None'. Like the one you read it doesn't feature Marple or Poirot and it was televised at Christmas time not long after I had read it. It features ten people who were lured to an island and one by one they were found dead - but who was the murderer? xx

  5. I haven't read that Agatha Christie book - I must look out for it. Love the way that you dealt with your con artist - I must remember that next time I'm pestered. Hope hubby gets well soon and that you don't succumb. xx

  6. Good morning, sweet Amy! As alwways, it's a joy to visit you and your lovely blog.

    I am so sorry to hear your husband is not feeling well.... I hope he is back to himself in no time!

    Have a beautiful and blessed day. Hugs!

  7. I'm a big Agatha fan and this is one of my favorites. I'm rereading some Miss Marple short stories and enjoying them.

  8. I'm sorry that your hubby has a cold and is feeling foggy. It is best to stay home with a cold like that. Some days really are wonky. You're right that it's a positive to have the ability to identify those wonky days!
    Scammers are a huge frustration. Way to be fierce, Amy!

  9. Agatha Christie is good for reading and re-reading. I haven't read that particular one yet and will keep an eye out for it. Hope everyone is soon healthy around your place.

  10. Yes always beware of the phone scams . Sorry to hear hubs is ill hope he gets better soon . I have a routine to I find it easier to get things done that way .I like the TV shows and the books from Agatha Christie . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  11. I must have had about ten of those scam calls. Goodness knows what your husband would think of me, I just tell them to eff off and put the phone down.
    I've never read any Agatha Christie, I ought to give them a try.

  12. I love Agatha Christie! Haven't read this particular one but many many others. The colds are nasty at this time of the year. Rest and quick recovery for your husband.

  13. It's hard to stay with a book that doesn't present itself until the middle of the book. I'm reading Invisble now by James Patterson and it's that way. Hope the hubby feels better soon. Mr. H just came in from the snow and I don't know what do to when he's home.

  14. Hope your husband is feeling better soon--and without sharing. :)

    I enjoyed that book as well. Our library has pretty much all the Agatha Christie books on audio, which I love for when I'm busy with gardening or cleaning or canning or other "busy-hands" stuff. Always fun books.

  15. I'm definitely going to remember 'the police are monitoring my line' when I have a scam it! Your book sounds intriguing, not sure I've read that one. Don't you hate it when a book takes a while to get into! B xx

  16. Oh thank you for the reminder that I need to get back to reading Agatha mysteries! I've read a few and then just simply gotten side-tracked. Our library system has just about all of them I think so it's back to it! Hope Hubby mends quickly.

  17. After 'Microsoft' phoned you, they phoned me and I was equally unimpressed! So irritating. Hope Hubby is feeling better, thanks for your messages I'm not keeping up very well this week. x

  18. Wow - you did have an interesting day. Lol And good for you getting tough with the phone scam person!! Ggrrr!!

    Sounds like an interesting read. I don't think I've actually ever read an Agatha Christie book, but I'm sure I'd like her work.
    Blessings xoxo

  19. Oh those crept scammers! Your reply was quite brilliant! Well doneAmy!!! Routines are great but I find there are always interruptions, sigh. Thanks for the review of the Ahatha Christie book, hope your hubby is well by the weekend

  20. I'm glad your husband recognized your fierceness! Let scammers beware! I hope your husband feels better soon too, which I'm sure he will under your care. You always write such good reviews Amy. I've never read Agatha Christie, but keep meaning to as everyone seems to enjoy her books. I'm off to read now ... Toodles!

  21. Those scammers are horrible. I'm on our DO Not Call register yet they still call. The most recent batch are for solar panels here. I give their marching orders too.

  22. Hi Amy,

    We have the same scammers here too - they often call about dinner time and telling us about our Microsoft system. - we don't use Microsoft as we have an apple computer.
    Hope your husband is feeling better and enjoy the weekend

  23. I got the Microsoft call too and was a little fierce, but not smart enough to say the line was monitored!
    Hope hubby is better quickly!

  24. I had those same scam artists call here yet again today after I have asked them multiple times to put me on their do not call list. I will use your trick next time. ;)

  25. I think I read all of Agatha Christie's books when I was in my teens, although I confess I don't remember this one. Working from home is always peppered with interruptions and there always those who don't really consider it real work. For years I was torn between feeling pleased that my parents had just dropped by in the middle of the day and feeling I needed to get on with other things. But an advantage of working from home is that an hour or two lost in the middle of the day can always be made up at other times. Nuisance calls are another matter though.... We tend to leave the answer phone on if we are busy.

  26. I can't be doing with a book that takes that long to get into, but the trouble is you keep thinking "I'm sure it will make sense in a minute" so it's often hard to decide to give up on a book!
    We've had those scammers too! Such a nuisance! Love your idea!
    Barbara xx

  27. I quite liked this book. If I remember correctly, Agatha Christie went to Baghdad with her second husband, an archaeologist.


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