Thursday, 18 February 2016


Yesterday in my post I mentioned that I would prefer that my images are not pinned to Pinterest and some of you asked questions about that, so I though that I would answer your questions today and explain my reasons.

Recently I posted a tutorial for one of my crochet makes.  Shortly after I noticed that the chart that had written for this item had been pinned.  This surprised me, but I didn't think anything further of it.  However, a very short while after I noticed another pattern that had popped up on a blog for the same item and the pattern bore a great similarity to my pattern.

This could well be a total coincidence.  However, it appeared very shortly after my tutorial, and did appear after mine.  If you hadn't asked about it I wouldn't have mentioned it, I thought that I was being subtle in what I said!  Subtle as a brick being dropped on my foot it would appear!

The reason I therefore asked people not to pin is that I am hoping that it will perhaps be a way to try and keep my work more mine.  Those of you who post tutorials in particular will know just how long it takes to work through making the item, taking photos of each stage, editing them, uploading them, writing out the pattern or instructions etc.  It also takes time to work out how to make the item in the first place and make notes of what you did and then to write charts, even for something small it all takes quite a lot of time.

I am firmly of the belief that there is very little which is totally new.  For example there are, I am sure, thousands of tutorials and patterns of how to make a crochet granny square, no one can claim that theirs is the original, but I took the time yesterday to write and make MY tutorial for how I do things and I don't really want someone else to just "borrow" that, certainly not straight away.

Of course I accept totally that I put something out there, someone else will copy it, take it, probably claim it for their own, but that doesn't mean that I can't at least try and deter that.  I am not na├»ve, I am realistic.  I am though hopeful too that it won't happen!

I used to have a little widgety thing installed to stop photos or anything else being copied, but it didn't stop pictures being pinned and it also meant that I couldn't copy anything that I might want or need so I took it off.  If you have installed a widget yourself to allow you to easily pin things, if you hover over almost any picture online it will allow you just to pin it.  That isn't something that I have installed on my blog, or computer, from what I understand it depends on the computer user, or blog owner having installed it themselves - the widget is something that pops up on Pinterest suggesting that you install it to allow you to pin any pictures.

That is the answer!  I don't want anyone to feel bad for asking or to feel that I am pointing any fingers or having a go at anyone who has pinned anything in the past.  What is done is done.  I firmly believe in not having regrets, just trying to learn from the past and not repeat things that didn't go well.  So that is why I asked that things are not pinned now.

Hopefully that makes sense!  Please don't feel badly or thing that I am getting at anyone at all.  I'm not, I am just answering your perfectly valid questions!

Of course I want you to use and refer to the tutorials and patterns and so on.  That is what I make them for, I just don't want someone else swiping them.

All of that said I will shut up now!  I will be back later today with a book review - I finally finished another book!!!

Hope you all have a great day.  Thank you for understanding, and for asking, I appreciate that you are interested!



  1. I totally agree with you Amy X feel assured id never pin it because I don't do Pinterest - I don't get it! Also I can't say the word! AND I don't need another excuse to sit on my bum in front of a screen! X

  2. Your reasons are very very reasonable. Thank you for the time and effort you put in making tutorials.

  3. I think that there is a way to block your photos from pinning.

  4. You have every right to not allow the pinning or your things. Would it work to add a little snippet to your blog saying "please don't copy pictures or pin to Pinterest without my permission". I don't know, just a thought.
    Thanks for poppingi nt o see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. You have every right to protect your intellectual property, Amy. I do believe there is a way to prevent your tutorials from being pinned. Pinterest should be able to help you with this. Good for you, my girl!

  6. I don't blame you. I have an account but don't really understand it x

  7. HI Amy.....
    Just read your seems I have been doing my granny square wrong!
    I always put a ch 1 between outdoor clusters, but I do the ch2 on my corners....
    I have already spent a week on an afghan for my daughter....changing colours etc....
    Ain't gonna rip all this out! Hahaha!
    Great info for the future.....
    Enjoy your day...
    Linda :o)

  8. You should be able to protect your work, it's a shame that some folks have no shame.

  9. Oh my! I will delete them right away.

  10. Hi Amy - I once received an email from someone thanking me for a tutorial, as they were now making the item and selling lots of them!! I guess we just have to accept that while most people will respect copyright, there are others who will simply help themselves.
    Anne x

  11. Amy I'm sorry to hear that you have been taken advantage of in this way.
    There will always be those who want to take the easy way out by using someone else's hard work and creativity and then try claim the glory for themselves. I'm a firm believer in what comes around goes around. People who 'borrow' other peoples hard work will never be able to sustain it long term. For someone to succeed in whatever they do it needs to be something they are passionate about, if they are hoping to 'copy' another persons success it often comes across to the reader. It's a bit like someone trying to 'be' something or someone they are not - the true colours eventually shine through.

  12. Amy, you can request that a pin or pins of yours be taken down. There is a form to fill out and they are usually prompt at removing them.

  13. Amy, you WERE being subtle, and discreet. The fact that some people are rude/selfish/arrogant enough to pollute lovely Blogland by taking advantage of your generosity beggars belief and makes me sad. Thank you for yesterday's tutorial: I learnt to crochet last year, very basically, and am hoping to get to grips with it, with your help, this year. Sending you a grateful hug. x

  14. Amy, I'm still confused about Pinterest and even though I have an account, I dan't seem to be able to pin any of my stuff to it let alone others, so not sure how any of it works. All my pins are from what comes up when you open up. I was going to have a board of my own quilts, but it didn't work, but thanks for all that information. It's great to know that some things are good and some bad. Take care.

  15. It is the downside of the digital age that it is so easy for anyone to use anyone's content and get away with it. Many of the popular blogs in decorating, for example, post nothing but photos they have 'borrowed', which makes me furious. I would never follow such an unethical blog. I sometimes wonder whether is it really possible that so many people are too ignorant to understand that publishing someone else's material is stealing. Nevertheless, there will always be the dishonest kind among us who will not respect anyone's copyright but will try to benefit at other people's cost. There is little a single blogger can do but be ethical in his/her own blogging. The only precaution I'm taking is that I always resize my photos so that they cannot be stolen at least for printable commercial purposes. As for Pinterest, to me the whole concept of being able to pin any photo sounds, if not a violation of copyright, highly arguable and outright unethical. It is frightening to think where this age will take us in the next 10 to 20 years.

  16. Thank you for posting this. I totally understand your reasoning. It's too bad that people take advantage like that.

  17. I'm not on Pinterest and have never used it but I can understand how you feel about having your work/ideas etc appropriated by others as it happened to me once on a Family History site when someone took a few family photos and some transcriptions from newspapers I had taken ages to do and added it to their site without asking permision or giving any acknowledgements to me for the work. It made me angry and then disappointed so for ages I didn't share anything:)

  18. Good for you lovely, its your work and you want to protect it. Personally, Pinterest flummoxes me completely but there are some beautiful things on there. I am determined to get to grips with it. Good luck with everything Amy xx

  19. I seem to have missed these last two posts, it must be quite tricky keeping hold of everything especially as you want to sell patterns etc. I haven't joined Pinterest, too many things to check as it is!! x

  20. I think it's such a shame when you put so much hard work into something and somebody uh hum borrows it (or nicks it). The hours these things take it certainly seems very unfair. You make up your patterns and tutorials for others to use but not to claim as their own that is just plain rude. Hope people will this on board.

  21. Well said. I don't mind someone pinning my projects, as long as it gets directed back to my blog. But a tutorial or a personal pattern, well that is another thing entirely.


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