Thursday, 31 December 2015


It is New Years Eve, and tomorrow will be New Years Day which is, as we are all more than well aware the time for New Years Resolutions.  I can "resolve" to do all kinds of things.  Like many though, my resolve soon dissolves.  Rapidly into thin air.  As I am sure that many of you find as well.

Some people have words for the year.  Although I don't exactly do that, for 2015 my motto to myself, along with "let it go" was "onwards, upwards, positive, stronger".  It is easy to say these words and things, but harder to actually live them and do them.  I do feel though as though I am more positive and stronger than I was 12 months ago and I will keep going onwards and upwards.  At times I have to remind myself almost by the second to "let it go", but "let it go" I do and although others might not see such a difference on the outside, I most certainly feel one on the inside.

There is also the option for personal challenges, walk a certain distance, complete a run, read so many books - change your mantel each month! - along with many other possibilities.

So for 2016 do I make resolutions, invent a list of challenges or have a word - or phrase - for the year?

No is the short answer, the more correct answer is no, but...

I am keeping "let it go" and "onwards, upwards, positive, stronger" because I think they are good and have helped and as they say, if it ain't broke don't fix it.  So no new words, but staying with the ones that I already have.

After two years I am also letting my jar of thanksgiving go.  I look for the thankful things and often record them in my Five On Friday posts.  I don't need to do that twice.  So I will find another use for my big jar.  Sweeties on my desk perhaps....

Resolutions are not for me.  Somehow they seem to be quite a negative thing, people make them and just as quickly break them so what is the point, and they are usually about not doing something.  Instead, I am going to try and have some aims of things to achieve.  Rather than stopping something, I am going to be starting something.

The list/thoughts/process is still a work in process, but here is where I am at so far.

Keep the words - as I said - and get rid of the jar.

2016 will be the year of the needle.  I will sew this year along with my various needlepoint, cross stitch and tapestry projects that I have waiting to be done.  I will also learn to put in a zip.  I will make some things with all of the fabric that I have stashed and saved.

That doesn't mean that I will not be crocheting because I surely will!  I am going to finish my hexi blanket for one thing.

I am going to write up patterns for the things that I crocheted last year and there are other thoughts and ideas in the pipeline regarding that, which are still in formulation.

I will formulate the plans for the thing that I just alluded to and see where it takes me.

My fitbit - I call it my little guy - has confirmed that I do not take anything like enough steps in a day.  So I will walk a lot more than I have been doing.

I will also continue to work on confirming to myself that I am not a bad person and that despite what anyone else might think or say or do I am good and nice and am not "common" or bad or not good enough and if they don't like it, well, then that is their problem isn't it!  I mentioned another recent breakthrough with this in regard to Christmas cards, not only do I not care any more what they say about our cards, I can honestly say that I don't even care why they might have said it.  Earlier this week I had the misfortune to have lunch with the card person and I really didn't care what they thought or said about anything!

No doubt many things will happen to knock me down off my peg a time or two in the next year, and that is quite normal, but I have learned to keep going and to move on and not be stopped by it.  I don't talk about it here, but things aren't always the easiest for me.  Especially on the inside, but, by working hard to try and be what I want to be on the outside - which is a lot of work let me tell you! - I am gradually becoming it on the inside.  Not so much fake it till you make it, but be what you want to be until you are what you want to be.

I will also write more, not necessarily here and in what way I don't yet know, but I will write and get better at it.  I will also continue to read more.  Especially as I added to my book count at Christmas!

I will - I really will!! - sort out ALL of my photos, blog the ones that I am going to blog, file and archive and back up everything that I want to keep and delete everything else.  This will also mean that I won't have a load of posts sitting in drafts - although I expect that most bloggers have a few of those!

We also have more garden plans afoot and other house plans too.  No doubt there will be travel and trips and more things happening at work too.  Plans are already being made for one trip that will be very special to us.

So, I am not resolving to do anything, but I hope that I have a direction to point myself in with a few things to complete during the coming year.  I will follow the compass on the path that I have set and see where the route takes me.  I am aiming to keep up the achievements of the last year and hoping they will continue to take me to good places.  What more can you ask.


Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Retrospectives - Warwick Castle

When I started blogging, I shared a series of posts which I called Retrospectives, they were looks back at photos that I had taken between getting a digital camera and starting my blog.

You can find the series of posts here.

I still have a few to do!  In fact, quite a few.  One of my aims - not resolutions! - for next year is to get all of my photos sorted out and organised, and as part of that, I will be sharing a few more Retrospectives posts.  So today I have the first of this new batch to share.

Some years ago we visited Warwick and Warwick Castle.  You can find out more about the Castle here.  From what I remember, and from looking back at the pictures, it was a great day out.  A lesson learned though, sort your pictures when they are fresh in your mind as I have sadly forgotten anything that would help add any words to this post!  I hope that you will enjoy the photos though.  If you want to find out more, I recommend a visit!


I hope that you enjoyed the look around.