Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Reading my books - Bridget Jones Mad About The Boy

Wow, this blog break thing has worked wonders for my reading!  Although I did start reading this latest read in the car on the way back from holiday.

Today I finished another book.  My October read and we are not even in October yet.  That means that I have read 11 books this year and have nearly finished listening to another.  For me, that is a massive amount of book reading compared to the last few years.  This project of selecting six books at a time is really working for me and is much easier than facing the whole giant pile all at once.

The read my books project is going very well so far!

The book I finished today is the third in the Bridget Jones series by Helen Fielding, Mad About The Boy.

I am not totally sure where the last book left off, or the last film for that matter.  However, Bridget has indeed been married to Mark Darcy and has had two children with him.  Billy and Mabel (aged seven and five respectively).  It is giving nothing away to say however that sadly, Mark is no longer alive.   

In her own special way Bridget is trying to get back into life once again and is ready to start dating again.  Of course everything has changed since she fell in love with Mark.  Texting and Twitter, plus all of those dating sites!  You never know who or what might turn up on those.

By the end of the book it has all come together though and things are once again rosy in Bridget's life and you feel happy for her that things have come full circle and life is good.

This book is the usual round of ups and downs, trials and tribulations, hilarious laugh out loud moments that will have you sobbing if you are not careful you will laugh so hard.  Bridget is struggling with Twitter, no one wants to follow her, and then all of a sudden she has 50,000 followers, then poof! they all disappear.  The spambot has taken them away!  I know how she feels, my Twitter followers go up and down all over the place, some days there are lots and then I go back to about 35 or so.  I could totally relate!  Not that I have ever had a spambot bring me 50,000 followers!!

Usually my finished books go straight to the charity shop bag, but this one will stay.  Not that I have a place for it on the shelf right now, but as I am only two books away from the selection of the next six I think that I can wait and then tuck it in somewhere.  At this stage for me to be keeping a book, it has to be a good read and this most certainly is!

If you have read the other books, seen the films, or not, you can pick this up and enjoy it and laugh and be transported away from your normal life to a happy and funny place.  Do I recommend it?  Oh yes!  Can you not tell that already!!

Oh, and if you are a fan of the films, a little internet searching has revealed that the newest film has started filming and the main filming starts in London in October.  Something to look forward to for us Bridget Jones fans!

Next on the list is another Danielle Steel - sorry those who are not keen on her books!  I have loads of them to get through - then I am on to something a little higher brow with another Persephone book.

You can read my other reviews from earlier in the year by clicking the pictures of the books in the sidebar on the right of this page.  I have though sorted of bagged another blog name for a book blog, but I am tossing around the idea of doing it or not, so at the moment the blog is deleted.  What do you think of the book reviews being on another blog?  I know that is what several of you do.  How do you find it works for you?  I would be interested to know if you have the time to share.


Tuesday, 29 September 2015

A walk around a garden

On holiday we stayed in a cottage in the garden of a house.  The owners were kind enough to allow us to wander around and use the garden ourselves, so one evening we went for a stroll around.  It is quite a large garden - they have gardeners!  You could see that it was coming to the end of the summer, but it still looked great.  It must be spectacular in the summer.

This is the house whose garden we stayed in.  We didn't get to stay in there!

The detail on the front of the house.  I imagine the initials of the first owner or the builder of the house.

This clematis was stunning, the colour of the flowers was amazing and there were masses of them as you can see.

There are lovely lawns with beds around the edges and lots of paths here and there too. 

This Hypericum had loads of berries, black and red.  I was very envious as ours never have berries!

There are some great views from the garden as it is higher than the surrounding houses and the road.

Some of the paths are used to mark the different levels as you can see here and then there are other areas with steps to take you up and down like these steps.

I think that this is the start of an orchard.  The trees look quite young.

Another path that led to a large - but quite overgrown - pond.  It was pretty, but I would give this area some attention.  Perhaps that is something for the gardeners to attend to over the winter.

There were many lovely pink and blue plants, and the hydrangeas were especially lovely and were all different shades of blue.

Yet another path and wall between the shrubs.  It would be a great garden for children to run around in and hide!

The sun was starting to go down as we finished our walk around and the sky looked lovely.

I am sure that the people in the balloon that you can see in the photo above enjoyed it!

It really was a lovely garden and one that I would love to own, and, if I am honest, am a little jealous of!


Right now I am having trouble commenting on some blogs.  Either no comment box appears, or it disappears if I start to type in it.  I have discovered after trying out various tips that I have read on others blogs, that if you click the back arrow in your internet browser - I use explorer - then the box comes up and you can comment with no problems.  Just thought I would let you know in case you are having the same trouble!


Sorry about being a downer right now!  I am trying to perk up.  My friend told me today that I just have to bear with it and it will pass, and I know that it will, and she is right it will pass.  So I hope that you will bear with me while I bear with this.  I am trying to perk up!  Really!  Thank you all for your lovely comments and for cheering me along.  You know that I appreciate it!


Monday, 28 September 2015

Random thoughts of this and that...

At the moment I am blogging!  Well, reading blogs and it occurred to me that I could quickly write this post and then get back to blog reading.

Watching a programme that I recorded ages ago called Building The Ancient City.  It is quite interesting.  I am waiting until 9 o'clock for the last part All Change at Longleat which has been interesting.

For dinner we had a chilli that I had frozen and taken out earlier to defrost.  With rice and some grated "Mexican" cheese

When I finish blogging I am going to get back to working on a little surprise for someone.

Or I might try and finish my book.  Bridget Jones, Mad About The Boy, I reckon that I have less than a quarter to go.  I know.  Another book!

And I will be hoping that a cuppa will appear in my new Emma Bridgewater mug.  Or my other new Emma Bridgewater mug.  Yes.  I bought two!! 

Looking around at the autumn d├ęcor that I have been playing with.  Still needs tweaking before I show you.  I need to dust first as well.

Enjoying the candles, but wishing that "seaside" would burn faster so that I could get a new autumny one out.  Blue candles don't go with my new colour scheme!  I might just put it away tomorrow and get another one in any case....

Still not feeling quite myself.  I was first thing this morning.  I bounded out of bed and started gogging the apples that I bought home from a weekend away.  Gogging means peeling, coring and slicing them with my special machine and then cooking them down and freezing the result for use in the winter.  Then I went to see if the November and December sign ups for shifts at work were available and the ones that I can do are all full already.  So now I am feeling down again.  The end of October will be the end of work for me this year.  Rather sad that I will miss Christmas.  So still not back to me yet.

I do wish that my mood wasn't so easily influenced.  Or perhaps it is must still me feeling sensitive and not myself so that is why I am upset.  Hey ho.  I am not going to get stressed about it, but I am sad.

I have been messing around with autumn decorating today, but it isn't right yet.  A few things need to move around and I need to rehome the ornaments that I have moved.  My wreath for the front door was horrible - really, I mean it, horrible! - so I bought (more purchases!!!) one from Homesense.  It is lovely!

The weather today was bright and sunny and cheery and there was another wonderful moon tonight.  So mother nature and I are at one and at peace with each other!  I hope it stays the same for the rest of the week.  I have 50 allium bulbs to plant.

Tomorrow is another day and I am meeting a friend for coffee so that will be good.  We are meeting at a garden centre so I might get some tulip bulbs if I remember.

The laundry is done.  Nothing else got done though.  Who knew it would take all day to mess around arranging plastic pumpkins and leaves and the like.

I have borrowed some shoes and a handbag for the wedding I am going to next month.  That saved some money thankfully.  I must look for a good pair of black shoes though it seems.

Nothing else to report.  Sausage casserole for dinner tomorrow.  I am getting well into the autumn mode!

Seeing as I appear to be in spendthrift mode I might even order a new recipe book tomorrow too!

Oy!  I better stop now!

Thank you all for the lovely thoughts you sent me on Friday and over the weekend.  They were greatly appreciated and helped to lift my mood.

Right, I am going to stop and get back to being on a blog break!  No cuppa has appeared yet, so I need to go and sort that situation out too....

Hope you are all OK!


Friday, 25 September 2015

Five On Friday

A random assortment of things this Friday!  A little of this and a little of that a little of something else too.  Perhaps a pick and mix would be a better description.


Some more crochet.  I started this on holiday and as it is turning colder I am looking forward to making good use of this.  More details will follow when I do a reveal post.


Have you ordered anything from Wool Warehouse and received it in one of these lovely organza bags and then not known what to do with the bag when your project is finished.  Well, may I suggest using them as laundry bags.  I washed something in one this week and it worked so well.  Item washed and dried and all safe and no bits caught.  I will be using the bag again.

Oh, and what is this thing I washed.  This.

It was made by my Mum - in 1975 according to the date! - and used to hang on the back of my baby brothers bedroom door when he was a child.  Hubby found it in our loft this week in the middle of a roll of posters.  You know, the obvious place to keep it!  I thought I would wash and iron it and then hang it on the back of my office door.  It likes living on the backs of doors it seems....  Just need to iron it and get a hook and.....


The yarn I ordered in July to continue to make my New England Hexi Blanket never arrived, so at the end of August I cancelled the order and got it from somewhere else.  So now I am back to work on it I thought you might like to see how it is going.  I have loads of hexies made, but I was nearly out of the creamy coloured yarn to join it all together.  Once this is done, I can do a bedroom reveal to you!  Everything seems to be waiting on something else right now....


A few little lovelies from the garden.

The yucca sprouts are doing really well!  I am very pleased with them.

There is still plenty of colour in the garden too and now that the grass has turned green again it looks lovely out of the window.

Mr Robin is very happy, although he does appear to be playing hide and seek!


Since getting back from our holiday I haven't been feeling myself.  I think because I was icky, the change of seasons and the fact that I am not back in my routine yet.  I don't know about you, but I often feel a bit flat when I get back from a holiday.  All that rushing around before then off enjoying yourself, I need to get back to me again.  I am feeling rather anxious right now actually, probably because I know that I am busy until the middle of October and I feel the loom of Christmas, which I realise is ridiculous, but sometimes I just feel the weight of things upon me.

All  I want is to feel that I have a day to myself to do nothing at all!  Silly and probably selfish, but that is how I feel.  I have a need to hibernate and hide myself away.  So I am going to give myself a few days off blogging to have a change of scene and do some decorating of the house for autumn and let myself just be in the times that I can do that.  Not a whole day, but still good!  I will be fine, you just know how it is sometimes.  Or perhaps you don't.  I am a real contradiction.  I hoard and I chuck, and I am an extrovert and a deep introvert too.  If you don't see me around for a little bit that is why.  All good, just off playing elsewhere.  But you know I will be back!  And I really am alright!!  Really.  No need for any worries!

I hope that you all have a great weekend!  Do go and read some more Five On Friday posts.  I will be by to read all of yours, see you over at your place!



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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Setting Sun

Yesterday evening about 6.30 pm I went up to my desk to do a little blogging - as you do! - and as I sat down I immediately noticed how amazing the sight out of the window was.

Of course my camera was to hand so I grabbed it and took a few shots as the rain fell and the sky continued to change through the most amazing colours and different shades of orange as the sun set.

It was raining so hard that the noise was incredible and the rain was almost coming sideways at some points.

Isn't it amazing and beautiful!  All colours are just as I shot the photos, no filters, nothing.  I just cropped the neighbours houses and most of the window frame out of the photos.

The pictures were taken over the course of about half an hour.  Then the sky cleared somewhat and just went back to grey again.  The clouds passed by and the beautiful scene was all over.

Here are the photos - sorry, quite a lot - in the order I took them so you can see how the colours changed.

A really beautiful way to start the evening!


p.s. I am having trouble leaving comments on some of your blogs right now, the comment box disappears!  So sorry if I don't appear to have stopped by and left you a message.  I am sure that it will fix itself, but I wanted to let you know that I am not ignoring you!  xx

p.p.s Since I wrote that PS the comments seem to have sorted themselves out!  Anyway, just so those of you that I missed know!  I am back to commenting now!  Technology hey!