Sunday, 31 August 2014

Two for one Ta Dah! Patio and House

Well, here we go, the moment for the Patio Ta Dah! has arrived at last.  The moment for the house repairs Ta Dah! has also arrived.  So it is a two for one Ta Dah!

First of all a few before pictures.


Then some finished things!


It has been a long journey to get all this done, but it all looks so good now that it has been well worth it, and more importantly, it is so good to know that the house is watertight again and that the water will all be draining away in the right direction, away from the house, not towards it!!
All credit for the hard work must go to my husband who has worked so hard on this project, I have been mainly support and design, and making sure that the cups of tea, cake and meals kept coming!  We still have more to do and next summer I will prettify the patio a little more and paint the table and chairs and bench which I never got to, but it is well on the way and looks so much better than it did!!

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Crochet Bowl Ta Dah!

Today I have a Ta Dah!  My first ever crochet bowl - too small to be a basket and too floppy as well.

I love the way that the lightweight of it means that I can fold it up into different shapes.

This was made using a single strand of Rowan cotton for the base worked in rounds of trebles and then the sides were worked again in a single strand this time of Rico Cotton in double crochet and then I whipped stitched around the edge with the last of the Rowan first one way and then the other.  I have no idea if this is how one is supposed to crochet a bowl, but there aren't any rules really are there, so I did what I wanted to do!

I am really pleased with this and it is doing a great job of squishing into my crochet basket and holding either ends or whatever I am working on.  I fear though that I could easily become hooked (sorry!) on making these.

Actually, I have some more of the Rico Cotton yarn so I am already thinking that I might make some more!  After all everyone needs some useless crochet bowls around the place don't they......


Friday, 29 August 2014

Five on Friday

Five little things.

1.  In my clearing out and sorting out I took out some pictures from behind and underneath a chest of drawers.  We took them down from the living/dining room when we redecorated.  They have been waiting for a long time now to be rehung.  I told hubby that they would be living at the top of the stairs on the floor until they were hung (a nice inconvenient place!).  It took a couple of days, and then, miraculously, up they went.  What do you think?

2.  The summer hats have gone away.  I love to have these hanging on the coat rack in the hallway in the summertime.  I think that it looks very summery and just right for the season.  Sadly though this year I haven't worn my hats at all.  In fact, I didn't take the winter coats off the coat rack either.  Not that we have worn them over the summer, but it was never hot enough for long enough to encourage me to move them.

3.  Don't tell anyone.  These are Christmas presents, bought in a sale.  Shhhhh!!!!

4.  This is for cleaning your car windows.  In theory.  It cleans the windows an awful lot better than the stuff that you are "supposed" to use.  It also does a great job on mirrors.

5.  The grass is growing back very nicely after the skip sat here for quite a few weeks.  It is amazing how grass grows back, don't you think.

Well, there we are.  Five little things.  Just life!

I hope that you all have a great weekend, especially those celebrating the Labor Day weekend.  We had our long weekend last weekend in England.  It rained on the holiday Monday!  I hope that your day is dry.

Thanks for stopping by to visit.


Thursday, 28 August 2014

All The Colours Crochet Ripple Blanket

I started this blanket ages ago and it sat doing not a lot while I finished my No Two The Same Crochet Blanket.  When that was finished I decided to get on with my Ripple Blanket.  This has been a long time in the making, I first started to write about rippling here, and showed my blanket before here and here.

The reason that it is called "All The Colours" is because I am using all 17 of the colours that come in Lucy from Attic 24's pack of Stylecraft Special DK.  In some ways I am not sure if, for me, they all go together (sorry Lucy!), and they are definitely an awful lot brighter than I would normally go for.  Originally it was intended to be for my hammock over the summer, but now that summer is ending and the blanket is no where near done it will just have to be for general snuggling and then I will have to make another one next year for the hammock won't I!!

I still have a long way to go, but I have worked out the order of the different colours to ensure that they are as random as they can be and that there are no two colours next to each other more than once.  I did try writing out the order for you, but it wasn't very exciting so I didn't include it here.

There was one exciting bit - for me! - though.  I filled in the end of the first ripple row to make a straight edge.  It was a bit tricky and took some working out, but I did it.  Trouble is that I didn't remember to write down what I did so I will have to figure it out all over again when I get to the other end.

Of course I will let you know how it progresses and show you when it is done!

Now that I am on the second round of doing the different colours I am enjoying the combination of the different shades more and when I saw this photo after I had taken it I decided that actually I really like them together more than I originally thought I would!


I'm not sponsored to mention Lucy or her yarn packs.  I bought and paid for this yarn myself.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Wordy Wednesday

Well, you know that I am quite a wordy lady by now, but today I am all out of words it seems.  I have a lot of things to write about, and a few posts in draft, but I need photos and the weather has been grey and gloomy and it doesn't do the best for photos does it.

I will give you a bit of a picture in words of what we have been up to lately, how about that instead of photos!

We spent the bank holiday weekend and yesterday working on the patio.  It has been a lot more work than either of us envisaged, and has definitely taken a lot longer than we thought that it would.  We are nearly there with stages 1 and 2 - the path round the house and the area outside the back door and the patio - just need to put in a few more slabs, haven't told hubby that bit yet, and return the furniture and plant pots from whence they came.  I love the word whence, no idea why!!

If it is dry tomorrow I will take some pictures to share with you even if it isn't the full ta dah! moment.  In fact, I don't think that there will be a ta dah! now with the weather having turned the way that it has.

Stage 3 will be to do the path down the garden and will also be quite a lot of work.  Having lived here for 10 years with a path of alternating (and very dirty and seemingly uncleanable no matter what I try) pink and grey slabs I will be so very happy to see the back of this path.  That probably will not come until October though.  Or if the weather is worse by then it may have to wait until the spring, but I hope that it doesn't.

The weather here seems to have changed surprisingly early this year doesn't it.  We never really had a summer apart from the heatwave that we had for a few weeks, all hot and sunny but for about 2 weeks, and just dull and now grey and raining after that.  I have been denying to myself that summer is ending, but I fear that it probably is, I notice that leaves are changing colour and berries are starting to turn red - or already have in some cases.  Sure signs that a change is on the way.

My clearing out and sorting out of the house has mostly been done now and has been great for occupying my mind when I needed it to.  I made a trip to the charity shop with things that I could not rehome or reuse happened last week, and yes, I did come back with something!  A blue and green bowl to go in the bathroom.  I'm not sure about it now that it is there though, so it might go back to the charity shop!  I still have the kitchen cupboards to go through but that is more of a tidying and organising job than a getting rid of things job.  I don't have room to store everything in the kitchen all at once, so my plastic picnic ware lives in a plastic crate in the loft in the off season, I need to gather everything up ready to go back to the loft.  Some things haven't even seen the light of day this year due to the weather and the lack of time that we have had.

The front of the house is all looking good, the rendering, roofing and painting are all done.  The builders and other tradies really did a good job.  I have been holding off showing you a full ta dah again because I have been waiting to complete some touches here and there and we also want to paint the garage door.  Paint was bought at the weekend, so perhaps if it is dry this weekend I will have a go at it.  We also bought a lovely new plant pot for the front door and a bay tree to go in it - a very very small bay tree, those things cost a fortune it turns out!!  I have been waiting for this for a long time, so it was lovely to finally choose a pot.  We got a really good deal on it to as it was reduced to half price!

Well, for someone who started off this post by saying that they didn't know what to write about, I sure have shared a lot haven't it!!!  I told you that I could talk a lot.

That was definitely a wordy post for a Wednesday wasn't it!

Back tomorrow with pictures and more normal "stuff"!!


Tuesday, 26 August 2014

A wonderful present

I was surprised when I received an e-mail from one of you telling me that Linda over at Chalkys World had picked me for her giveaway prize, I hadn't read her post and was totally unaware.  It was a lovely surprise and on Saturday a beautifully wrapped parcel arrived from Linda.  I had no idea what it contained as it was to be a surprise package, a bit like a Christmas stocking.

Thank you so very much for your wonderful parcel Linda, it really was so lovely to receive and made me feel very happy and teary at the same time as I was rather overwhelmed by it.

The parcel was so enticing that I opened it before I took any photos, but you can guess what a beautifully wrapped parcel looked like, and probably what a cardboard box looks like too, but I will of course share all of the delightful contents of the box with you as they are just wonderful.  Linda gave no hint that the box would contain so many lovely things.

Most everything was wrapped individually inside as well, so I took these pictures after unwrapping of course, but you can see some of the beautiful bags that Linda used under the various items.

Lavender pillows for sleeping with or scenting things, a beautifully scented bar of soap - yet to be opened! - and a lovely soft washcloth and a heart - I do love hearts!

This bag is so lovely and a great size for all kinds of things.  I have a use coming up for this which I will share soon!

Lovely sewing notions, ribbons and embellishments, stitch markers and a needle book which will go so well in the little tin of things I keep in my sewing basket - I am sticking needles in a crochet flower at the moment and it isn't at all effective so I really needed another needle book!

A notebook, some envelopes to collect seeds in and some seeds too!  Poppies and sweetpeas.  I have just the right place for these in the garden next year!

Of course you know that I love mandala's!  I have been auditioning this one in various places around the house and I am going to use it in my autumn decorating, so you will see more of this soon!

This pack of handmade cards is just beautiful.  Of course they do present a dilemma, should I send them on to someone else or keep them!!  They are so pretty, very simply done in a way, but so effective, and it is actually harder to do simple I think, so I am very impressed by these.

Linda made a monsters quilt recently, so the card above reminds me of that in a way.

I love this seaside themed one as well.

A bag of buttons is always a wonderful gift to receive I think as it is lovely to top up your button tin with some new things and buttons that you might not have come across otherwise.  There are some lovely dragonflies, a little bird and some hearts that really took my fancy!

I really would recommend that anyone stops by Linda's blog and has a read, you can find it here.  Linda is an incredibly kind person who makes lots of things for charity events and fundraising and is a great crafter.  In fact, Linda's crafting activities are so infections that she has been joined by her daughter in law Charlotte who also has a lovely blog which you can find here.  Charlotte does great childrens crafts with her son and also crochets lovely blankets and other things.  If you don't already read Linda and Charlotte's blogs I hope that you will pop by and say hello sometime.

Thank you again Linda!  All of the things that you sent are so beautiful, so appreciated and will be loved, treasured and used.  You really are so kind.