Sunday, 19 October 2014

Around and about Boston

Some more views around and about Boston for you to - I hope! - enjoy.

These are some of the beautiful architectural details inside and around the Boston Public Library.  It is a beautiful building that I was delighted to come across as we were walking.  Inside it is just amazing.

Looking out from the windows on the staircase the view was lovely too.  This is in the courtyard.

The courtyard is stunning too.

Outside the building is amazing and has so many wonderful decorative details.

We know some people who don't think that there is any history in America - truly, that is what they think!! - and so we kept saying as we walked round, really, no history, really.....  This just goes to show that there is history and beautiful architecture as well doesn't it!


Thursday, 16 October 2014

You will never believe this one.....

This is a true story that happened to me today.  For real.

Third Person from my story on Monday was going on holiday today hence my visit to Lady on Monday to take over care duties from Third Person.  Third Person came to my house to be picked up and taken to the airport.  Third Person lives about 2 hours drive from me.

For some unknown reason Third Person decided to check her passport to make sure it was hers.  No idea why.  Turns out that it wasn't her passport.............  Oh no.  It was her Husbands!!!!!!!!!!  Husband is currently driving the 2 hours drive home.

What to do???

Third Persons neighbour goes to Third Person's house, collects correct passport, meets up with husband halfway between where Husband is and where passport is.

Husband then drives back towards my house.  In the meantime I have put Third Person and their luggage into my car, and am driving towards Husband to meet.  A meeting place is finally agreed upon about an hour from my house.

We meet at the agreed point, and amazingly arrive within just a few minutes of each other.  Passports are exchanged and double checked and then checked again, oh and possibly again.  Husband and Third Person hug and get back into the relevant cars.

I then drive back home to my house arriving about 2 minutes before car is due to collect Third Person to take her to the airport.  Third Person runs in to go to the loo while I take luggage from my car to the car going to the airport.

Third Person thanks me and my Hubby who has just arrived home from work and departs.

The day is saved. 

Hubby asks me while I am smiling.  I tell him that I am actually probably slightly hysterical especially given Monday and then this............

While this has been going on Hubby has also been making rearrangements himself.  Tonight is Hubby's 25th anniversary at his job and he is having a dinner with colleagues to celebrate.  I am supposed to be acting as chauffer and also going too.  Of course the fact that I am currently driving across the countryside and not knowing if I will then have to drive on to the airport or not is causing a wrinkle in the plans for tonight.

So Hubby rearranges travel plans just in case.  Then when I got home Hubby cancelled the emergency rearranging plans.  We are just sitting and having a cuppa before we get ready to go out.

Sometimes people ask me what I do all day, and do I get bored in what I do - because I don't go out to work in an office of people all day they seem to think that I don't do anything and would therefore be bored.

Take today, out tonight, this afternoons little shenanigans, this morning I washed and changed the bed linen, did a grocery shop, tidied up the house, emptied the dinner things from the dishwasher and put in the breakfast things and then the lunch things, sent some e-mails, went to check on my geraniums in the garden, fiddled with Halloween decorations and probably a load of other things I have forgotten about.  You know the kind of things.

So no, I am never bored, and I don't sit doing nothing all day!  I can make my own schedule, and just as well that I can when days like today happen.  Today was supposed to be a "free" day for me to do not a lot.  Well, that didn't happen did it!!

You know that they say that the truth is stranger than fiction, well it really is.  I could never think to make up something like this - can you imagine!!


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Trickery in Films

Thank you so much for your kind words on my last couple of posts.  They are so appreciated as are your good thoughts and wishes.  You know already I hope, but just in case you don't, you really are the nicest group of people!


I have various posts about Basildon Park sitting in drafts from time to time waiting to be posted, so I thought that today I would share this one with you.

When we have filming work done at Basildon Park sometimes they bring in their own furniture, sometimes they use ours. 

When they filmed for Pride and Prejudice they actually built a whole room inside another room.  They also used the Dining Room as the ballroom at Netherfield Park, but decided that it needed more columns.  So they added some of their own!  As you do.

This is the inside of one of the fake columns.

Here you can see three sections.

And the base of a column.

This is what the real columns look like.  You can see that the "fakes" are a very good match.

The columns in the picture are the ones that are always in the Dining Room.

There is in a way a bit of a joke to all this though.  The columns in the Dining Room aren't real.  In the 18th Century when the house was built it was more fashionable to have an artist come and paint fake columns than to have real marble.

The reason?  It meant that you were rich enough to afford to pay the artist!