Friday, 25 July 2014

Five on Friday

Readers of this blog will probably have picked up the fact that I am a little bit of a worrier.

OK.  OK.  Stop laughing.  Pick yourself up of the floor.  I admit, I am a great big worrier!!

So I worry that you are bored with our building work, but it has progressed apace, so I thought that I would give you an update today and cross my fingers that you won't be bored.  All of these things deserve lots of exclaiming (I think!) so I have added quite a few !!!!!!!!!!!

1. The front of the house has now been painted!!  For comparison here is a picture of how it looked before and how it looks now - you can tell which is which because the now has the scaffold up!  We are so pleased with how it looks and can't wait to have the scaffold down so that we can really see it.  The colour isn't that different, although we hope that it is a bit less yellow than the old colour was as it could look a bit odd sometimes depending on the light.  Of course the lack of stains and cracks makes a huge difference in any case.

2.  The first of the two manholes has been rebuilt!!  The top has been painted too!  This is all the work of my hubby.  No more problems with this!

3.  We didn't have to dig a soakaway or a dry well, the downpipe is reconnected as it was supposed to be!!  A new length of downpipe is in place and hubby has also worked out how to sort out the rest of the gutter so that the water goes into the gutter, not down the wall!

4.  Our new back door is in!!  I think that I told you that before, but here is a picture.  I am still enjoying going in and out with such ease and now have my sights set on someday having a new front door.  Don't tell hubby about that last bit.  He would have a fit!  There are about a thousand other things to do first.

5.  Work on the new edging for the patio/pathway is underway and when it is done we can think about ordering gravel!!  Once the other manhole is rebuilt of course!  Sorry about this fuzzy picture, I hope you can get the idea - it is the wood bit that you are looking at in case you weren't sure.

I know that none of this is exactly wildly exciting, but I am trying to look on the positive side of it after feeling a bit down about it all.  The piles of soil are not exciting at all, and we have to find a way to dispose of them - we are going to ask a neighbour if we can share their skip rather than ordering yet another one - but I can see the end starting to come in sight.

Above is the manhole still to be tackled, and below is some of the debris to be disposed of (the yellow is the hosepipe), it is a larger pile than it looks here.

Also these are some of the slabs that have been removed so far.  We will reuse some of them, but will have quite a few to find a new home for or dispose of.

Well, that is it for the DIY update.  I hope that you weren't too too bored!

I hope that you all have a happy and peaceful weekend with joy in your lives and hearts.


Thursday, 24 July 2014

Crochet Camera Strap Cover

I know, not the most thrilling title for a post, or the most thrilling thing to make, but.....  It is thrilling to have made because now that darned strap doesn't dig into my neck any more!

When I first got my camera I found that the strap really dug into me, it seemed to have very sharp edges for some reason although it is made of that webbing fabric stuff that camera straps are always made of.  I made a small piece of crochet from some acrylic yarn just big enough to go round the strap that was just big enough to go behind my neck.  It kind of worked, but it moved around and started to go bobbly, and also it was very hot, I think because of it being acrylic yarn.

So I decided that action was needed!  I cut off the old strap thingy that I had made - hubby thought that I was mad! - and decided to make something else.

I had some lovely Rico cotton yarn that I had used for making these Mandalas earlier in the year.  I thought that would be nice and soft and cool for my new strap, so I chose three colours for the main part, with a small white accent.  A bit like this Mandala really.

Then I set to work, making this long strip of crochet.  It looks a bit like a very small scarf at this stage doesn't it.

Then I sewed it with some horrible stitches onto the strap.  As you can see, it covers the whole strap so there won't be any moving up and down and not being where I want it to be.  I thought about crocheting it together, but then it would have had a lump either on the back which would not be comfortable to wear, or on the side which the old bit I made had and that didn't look to pretty either.  This way, although the stitches are ugly, it lies flat against my neck and is comfortable, and you don't really see the stitches when it is around your neck do you!  Of course if I had been more fastidious I could have used the same colour yarn as the stripe on the strap (try saying that fast!) and it would have been less obvious.

To make sure that it stayed in place, I tied on a single strand of yarn, wrapped it around the thin part of the strap and tied it back into the crochet again.  I repeated at the other end and this stops it sliding up and down, but allows me to remove the whole thing easily if I want to.

The strap is crocheted (UK terms) in alternating rows of DC and TR crochet, turning the work after each row and going into both loops of the stitch on the previous row.  At the start of each row I CH one (does not count as a stitch) and then into the last stich of the previous row.  I did 17 stitches in each row, it is best to experiment a bit to see what you need for your particular strap.

So there you have it, one Crochet Camera Strap Cover!!  If you see it coming in the future, you will know it is me!  Now, I wonder, what do you think, a flower to embellish it just to make hubby really embarrassed to be seen with me...............


Wednesday, 23 July 2014

A bit of this and that

First of all I have a few words of thanks.  I will be putting all of these into my Jar of Thanksgiving.

Thank you for sharing your weather memories in the comments on Friday's post.  It sounds as though lots of us have had some interesting weather experiences.  If you haven't read the comments that others made, some of the stories are well worth a read.  I guess that with the way that weather patterns are changing so much around the world we will all have more stories to share in the future.

I also wanted to say thank you for your thoughts about how to quilt my quilt - if that makes sense!!  I was very kindly offered some fabric for the backing and panels along the sides that I want to add, but I have decided that I want to continue the patchy look.  I thought that I had managed to earmark a few more of hubby's shirts, but he has vetoed that!  So it is on hold for now while I gather the fabrics to use.  As and when I make further progress, I will of course share it with you.

A final thank you as well for all of your kind and lovely comments on my TA DAH! post yesterday now that I have finished my No Two The Same blanket.  I was overwhelmed by all of the lovely things that you said.  It is one thing liking something yourself, but quite another when others like it and say nice things too.  Thank you!!!!

Now, in other making and crafty news...........

I bought a quilting magazine (Quilt Now) to read to get some inspiration (for my quilt!) and it came with a kit to make two strawberry pincushions, one to keep and one to give away.  I decided to keep them both though and joined them with some red and white bakers twine.  I thought they would make a nice charm to hang on a bag or perhaps my camera case.

This months Mollie Makes came as it always does with a kit.  This time it was for a little embroidered bag.  I decided to have a go as I haven't done any embroidery like this before.  Not having a fading ink pen I could not draw the design out first as per the instructions, so I just decided to freehand it.  It hasn't come out looking quite like the picture in the magazine, but I like it.  Plus, it makes a really good bag to store my little scissors in!

I don't buy magazines because of these things, but if they come along, I like to make them as they are generally pretty quick to put together and can be done without the need to buy or find other things to go along with them.
The weather is still hot and sunny here, so  I have enjoyed reading several blogs from the southern hemisphere where it has been cold, and even a little snow in Australia!  It is so odd to think of us so hot here, and others feeling so cold and chilly.  I guess that it all makes the world go round.  Tonight is the opening ceremony for the Commonwealth Games so a large number of countries from around the world will be joining together.  Let us hope that sport can bring us together, bring joy to all and perhaps foster growing relations between different nations and work towards bringing peace to the world.