Sunday, 25 January 2015

Sunlit Sunday

Last year, about this time, I started a jar to put all my happy and good things in on a little piece of paper.  It went well to start with.  I prettied up the jar and added a label.  I even added a few things as you will see from the notes in the bottom of the jar.

These were to be things that I was thankful for, happy about or grateful for.

Sadly though there was only a very small pile of notes to myself in the jar at the end of the year.  Not because I wasn't happy or thankful or grateful last year.  I was all of those things, on many occasions.  I had let life get in the way though and stopped noting those things down.  I had stopped being aware of them.

The jar just sat there, unloved and unattended to for most of the year.

I am determined that it will not be happening again though.  So I took out the notes and read them and remembered the occasions they referred to.  Then I wrote a new little note and returned it to the jar.  Since then I have added more notes and I really do hope to keep looking for the good things and making a point of noting them down all year long.

Then in January next year I will open the jar and read the notes and remember the good times that I made sure that I took notice of.  It isn't about big, expensive or fancy.  It is about noticing the little things and really paying attention to them and being glad about them.  So that is what I will do!  Not that I am not grateful for the other things that may come along from time to time of course.

This might seem an odd choice to talk about on Sunlit Sunday, but it is all about being sunny in your outlook and thoughts.  So not so odd really!

I am joining Karen for Sunlit Sunday - go and see who else is shining some light today!


Friday, 23 January 2015

Five on Friday

Five things that have made me happy this week.

Yesterday when I was, yet again, avoiding housework, and in theory tidying up the office I wound all my bits of balls of yarn and had a good tidy up.  Unfortunately, putting everything into my two storage boxes meant that there wasn't enough room left for the yarn that is for my next crochet project. 

So I just had to put it all into a basket.  Doesn't it look pretty!  I will have to keep it like this for a while too as I have other things to work on first.  Such a shame.  It will be a real hardship just admiring it for a while...

Fortunately I have other things to do.  Any idea what it is yet?  The first go turned out horribly, and then I had some wonderful inspiration from another blogger - that I will share with you when I show the finished item.  It is going much better now.

When I was searching in the sideboard for something I discovered these forgotten about Christmas candles.  It was a lovely find and I don't know how they went unused at Christmas.  Not a problem though, we can still enjoy them now.

In all my tidying up I gathered the embroidery threads that I bought to do my quilting with.  The poor quilt is still waiting to be repined, but at least I have the threads ready now.

I made this scarf in - just a moment, going to check back on my blog... -  February last year.  I just went back to look at the post about it.  My photos are horrible.  It is amazing how far my photography has come.  Anyway, that isn't the point.  If you do go back you will see that the scarf looks rather different than it does here.  After I made it, I think that I wore it a sum total of twice.  Every time I put it on it curled up and no matter what I did I could not get it to go straight. 

This week I took the whole thing apart and then reworked the squares together with some yarn that I had left and just added a simple edge of DC crochet around the whole thing.  It is still a bit curly, but nothing like it was and hopefully a good blocking will see to that.   So now I can finally wear my scarf.  Yay!

Five little things from this week that have made me happy.


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Just to remind everyone, no Five on Friday next week.


Thursday, 22 January 2015

Thank you

Thank you EVERYONE for all of your wonderful and kind comments on my post yesterday.  I really am overwhelmed by your kindness and generosity.  Some of you were also kind enough to engage in a little e-mail correspondence about a few things that was also very kind of you.

Oh, and just to reassure you all, nothing that any of you said could possibly be even remotely considered as commentitus!

The more I blog, the more I realise that I am just like everyone else, and that is reassuring.  The same things that I take pleasure in, worry about and do are just the same as you all do and that is so calming to me.

Thank you!

As I cannot send you all flowers, I hope that you will enjoy sharing in this bunch of daffodils that is looking just perfect I think.

Everything that you said applies to all of you - that means you! - so know that you are all wonderful.

Amy  xx