Friday, 23 September 2016

Five On Friday

Hello Five on Fridayers!

Lovely to see you all.  Thank you for bearing with me last week even though I didn't post.  I do appreciate it.

The reason that I didn't post was because we have been away for a few days.  We had booked a holiday before all of the recent events happened and felt that it was important to still go away as we needed a break and change of scene.  I will share more about it in due course.  We had a good time and the weather was good, even though our minds were otherwise occupied.

Normally I schedule a post if I am going to be away for Five On Friday, but I had also been sick for a couple of weeks before we went so with that and everything else that has been going on I just had to let things slide last week.  I am on the mend now, but need to have some dental work done which isn't going to be fun.  Needs to be done though, but I am not looking forward to it.

As for things with Man, well we will know more by the end of next week.  The best that I can say is that he is so so.  He certainly isn't good, could be worse I suppose because things could quite often be worse, but it isn't looking good for him and I can't see that it could be much worse for the long term future.  I won't say more right now though, I will wait until we have more information.

That is all I have to share right now really.  I will tell you more about the holiday as and when as I said already.  Otherwise it is all really rather too emotional to contemplate really.

What I really want to say is thank you so much for bearing with me and for all of your kind thoughts, and prayers especially and little messages in your other comments.  I am humbled by your kindness and generosity of spirit and thankful for you all.  I can't say much else otherwise I will sob, but thank you thank you thank you.

Having said all of that, I do have some things to share this week.  Five of them in fact so that this is indeed a Five On Friday post.  Here we go.

These are all crochet related - what else did you expect!  Despite all that has been going on I have been crocheting when I can, in the car, when waiting for things and recently while travelling.  I haven't done a lot, but these are five things which are in progress or just completed.  All are, or will be scarves or shawls of some sort and are all my own patterns/designs and I will have more forthcoming about these in due course.

For now, just enjoy the pictures!

Oh, and there is a sneaky sixth!  These pumpkins which were made by loom knitting.  I still have to get the hang of it properly, but I like these in the meantime.

Sorry it isn't more exciting, I don't have much else to share right now.

Thank you for joining in, for linking your posts, for your comments and for doing the most important thing of going to visit and comment on the posts of other participants!  We all appreciate it.

Hope that you have a great weekend, whatever you are doing and that the weather is good to you.  Have fun and tell your loved ones that you love them.



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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Reading My Books - The House on Hope Street

It might seem as though I read a lot of Danielle Steel books, and that is because I do.  I get given them and have a big pile of them - along with the large pile of Agatha Christie books - so it seems to be the thing to do to actually read them.

Yes, they are sappy and formulaic and easy reading, but sometimes that is OK isn't it.  They certainly make good summer reading.

I finished this one in just over a week, which considering it has taken me months to read some books is pretty good going so I am pleased with that.  It make a light read, but was a happy story, easy to follow, and yes, with a guaranteed happy ending, but again, nothing wrong with happy endings is there?

I used to know someone who thought that if the book gave you the ending and it was a happy ending that it wasn't a good book because it didn't "challenge" you.

Personally I don't want my books to challenge me.  I want to be interested by them and to enjoy them.  I don't mind if there are some challenging ideas in the book, or things that I have to think about more deeply, but I have no desire to read books that are never happy and never give me the ending!

The House on Hope Street tells the story of Liz and her husband Jack who are both lawyers living and working in San Francisco.  Of course there is then the obligatory tradgedy, and then well, you know boy and girl meet, fall in love, fight, break up, get back together, all is well in the end.  As I said, formulaic.

It was a pleasant story though, and as I said a good summer read and I am happy with that.  Although I wouldn't suggest rushing to get this book, if it comes across your path you might well enjoy reading it.

This one is off to the charity shop, I am not going to read it again, but as I have said before that doesn't make it a bad read, I am just trying to limit the books that I keep to those I will read again and I have been there and done that with this one so it is someone else's turn now.

Another book read!

What did you enjoy about your summer reading?  Do you like your books to challenge you, or do you just prefer to enjoy reading them?

Do share and let me know.


p.s. please read this post if you haven't already done so.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Camera Strap Cover

Most of the time I carry my camera in my hand or my - rather large! - handbag.  I don't hang it  around my neck.

I find though that the strap is very itchy when I do put it round my neck and it is not very pleasant to carry the camera in my hand by the strap either.

Some years ago I made a cover for the strap out of some soft cotton yarn, but it hadn't worn well, it was rather grubby and to be honest my crochet skills have improved since then so all round it was time for a new cover for the strap.

Ta Dah!

This is the new cover.  You can see that it is much nicer than the old one which is below.

I like the fact that the design is throughout the cover, which is all due to the very clever yarn that I chose to use.

You can also see that the join is much neater too.  The first cover was made as a flat panel and then sewed - very crudely - together.  This time I worked in the round and there is no join, and the line that appears where the round are joined is very neat indeed.

I used this yarn by Patons.  It is called Smoothie DK.  The colour is 02019.  The yarn is 100% acrylic, which means it is soft, hardwearing and washable.  That makes it idea for this use.

The striping occurs because of the way the yarn is dyed.  You could not tell how it would work up just from the ball, but I am really pleased with the way it looks.

So now my camera has a new cover for the strap, my neck and hands are comfortable once again, and best of my all, my camera strap is no longer a messy disgrace!


p.s. please read this post if you haven't already done so.